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Tips and Tricks to Overseas Assignment

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Tips and Tricks to Overseas Assignment

Nowadays, private investigation doesn’t only mean that you should do so in your own country, there is a term such as “overseas assignment”. Overseas assignment is getting to do work outside your country wherein you would be reporting back to your mother country. In the field of private investigation, whenever an overseas assignment is planned, all objectives must be carried out and security must be taken to consideration very well for a successful assignment. The next part would be tips on how to succeed in an overseas assignment and go home mission accomplished.
• Know the objectives of your private investigation – A private investigator must be able to do the objectives of the said mission and nothing more than that. It may be expensive and time-consuming if you would dwell on other details.
• Get authorization from proper authorities – Every country has a different set of laws and it is possible that they would not allow any foreign investigator to conduct investigation in their country. You wouldn’t take a risk of being in the papers because of your negligence to the laws.
• Always have your travel documents in order and sufficient cash in foreign currency ready. This would come in handy whenever authorities would be looking for your documents. You should avoid using credit cards because it has the ability of giving your true identity to the operatives. You can always use your debit cards if you run out of cash and foreign exchange units would be always around the block if you would run out of cash.
• As a private investigator, you should make sure that you would use simpler equipment that can do the job on your country of visit – less hassle and avoiding people to look at you all the time.
• Prepare in advance fictitious business cards and IDs and arrive ahead of the one who would be under surveillance. You should have several sets of business cards and be prepared to write a story that would make your target believe you. If the one you would be doing surveillance is in a faraway place, arrive ahead of him so you can make arrangements before doing the surveillance campaign unless you would need to do surveillance in the exact same flight, train ride or bus ride.
• Going in advance is your gain – An investigator’s time in advance is a gem in an overseas assignment.
• If you would have to converse with people in a foreign language, make good friends with the locals who can speak English.
• If you were to talk with the local private investigation agency of your country of visit, do make sure they come from a reputable source before talking to them. They have the tendency of protecting their fellow citizens rather than foreign investigators like you.
• Stick with your cover – if ever you would be interacting with people, do have  your fictitious cards ready and your cover story well written.
• Security is the key, do not compromise it – Avoid having to come across with the local law enforcement group of your country of visit, if ever, do stick with your cover story.
• Always maintain communication with your client, last minute changes, troubles and problems should be informed directly to the client or to his/her representative. n
These are the tips and tricks on how a private investigation team can successfully run an overseas assignment without the risks of getting caught on board.  What is important in an overseas assignment is PLANNING on how would things work out and how they are supposed to be handled and of course, COMMUNICATION between the client and the private investigator is the key to any overseas assignment. 

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