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Mr. Ron was working with the Intelligence Department of MINDEF in the early 90. He held an operational position in various Combat Units and Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Infantry Leader Class 1A. Based on his years of experience with the Singapore’s Government. He was certified as an Examiner Certification on Polygraph and Advance Polygraph Examiner Certification from United State of American. He was graduated as a Basic Polygraph Examiner from Criminal Investigation Department (CID-Singapore). A polygraph popularly referred to as a lie detector measures and records several physiological indices such as blood pressure, pulse,respiration, and skin conductivity while the subject is asked and answers a series of questions.The belief is that deceptive answers will produce physiological responses that can be differentiated from those associated with non-deceptive answers. Our polygraphist is approved by the International Bodies of American Polygraph Association and Singapore Polygraph Association. Our full range of computerized polygraphs system is complied with the International’s Standards and Calibrated. We offers Polygraph Exams, Lie Detection and Lie Detector Test to local/overseas Individual Client, Law Firms and Multi-National Corporations in the Asia Pacific Region and extended our professional services to the Enforcement Department. Our examiners are fully trained and with many years of experience to handed every type of polygraphist tests.

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Certified Forensic Psychophysiology

Advance Forensic Psychophysiology

Certified Examiner

What are the investigation fees for a polygraph test?

Our professional fees are depending on the complexities of the case and your requirement.

What type of document has to be signed from the client and the examinee who seat for the test?

A volunteer examination form is compulsory to be signed by both parties.

What is the content of the service contract?

It’s a one page data whereby it says that the hirer and the examinee given us the consent to provider them a polygraph examination, including of date, time and place to be test.

How long will a polygraph test take?

The duration of a test is about 2.5 hours and will be conducted in our testing facilities in a private and comfortable room conditioned.

How many questioned will be asked during the polygraph test.

A total 5 questions will be prepared by the examiner. The other 5 questions will be related to the nature of client’s preference.

What are the accuracies of the polygraph test results?

The accuracies are approximately at 92%.

Have anyone till today proven the polygraph test machine fail?

So far, not we know of in Singapore police force and military’s intelligent.

Can the polygraph results used as Court evidence?

Currently not in Singapore. It is used as an investigative tool in some Singapore government’s authority. In other country, there are cases that the polygraph evidence was brought to court as an evidence, which accepted by the judges.

Do you conduct a polygraph test in overseas?

We can arrange for a polygraph test in any countries.