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Since 1988, our experienced private investigation team has been frequently traveling in South East Asia to conduct private investigation operation.

Our investigator are professionally trained and undergone intensive In-house Training Programs and had attended Private Investigation Courses conducted by Local, Foreign Expert on a regular basis and completed the Assessment under Workforce Skill Qualifications (WSQ) to perform Investigation Activites in Compliance with Legal Requirement.

We are well equipped with specialized skills and sophisticated surveillance equipment to meet the changes in the modern era of technology and means of gathering crucial evidence within the time frame.


Our Services

Overseas Assignment and Overseas Operation

From the get go, many people would think that something like an overseas assignment or an overseas operation would involve the military. It certainly has a very army-like ring when spoken, but overseas assignment and operation can actually involve investigative services and the operatives that work for any investigative service.

Why would somebody go to an investigative service for problems abroad? The answer is very simple: a professional organization has greater manpower and more connections.

Most of the problems that would lead the average individual to seek the help of a private investigator require daunting, time-consuming surveillance, archiving, and tracking. Couple the amount of work required with the fact that you are working abroad, and you’ve got yourself an impossible task. Working through a private investigative service, such as SK Investigative Services, will give you the means to carry out the all of the work that is required to carry out a successful operation as well as the manpower that is both skillful in surveillance techniques and familiar with the foreign country in which the surveillance must be carried out.

Hiring through a private investigative service to receive the help of private investigators that study abroad will also gain you the advantage of connections that you would not be able to benefit from if you were attempting to carry out an investigation on your own. Remember, private investigators working for firms are professionals—they have professional demeanor and professional contacts. They have knowledge. They have connections. Unlike you, they will be able to draw from a base of people whom they are familiar working with and interacting with to help assist the investigation and make sure that it is carried out smoothly.

SK Investigative Services will be able to provide you with any investigative services that would require overseas assignment or operations. Rather than putting your life on hold and attempting to work overseas yourself, or, in other cases, letting an investigation go by the wayside because the distance is too daunting, allow a professional firm to assist you when you need it. SK Investigative Services will be able to provide you with private investigators that are highly professional, experienced, trained, talented, and, above all, familiar with overseas investigation and the actions required to carry out this specific type of investigation successfully.

The aforementioned skills and specifications of the caliber of investigators working for SK Investigative Services may be enough to assure you of a cases success, but it may not be enough to assure you of your satisfaction. Besides being skilled in all areas of the average private investigator, the investigators that you will be working with on any overseas operation will be skilled in one very particular area of work: communication.

Communication is key.

As a professional, a private investigator and/or a private investigator firm should be able to provide clients with succinct, updated data and information on how current investigations concerning the client are proceeding. In an overseas operation or assignment, the communication element required for updates may be more difficult than in other, locally based investigations.

Therefore, SK Investigative Services will be able to provide you with the investigators that will be able to overcome the difficulty of communication to assure you of case progress and developments. They will not only be carrying out your surveillance, they will also be archiving all of the data and information that you come in contact with that may be of value to you. Therefore, distance will be of no concern; any and all information you will ever need to know will be available to you through the clandestine, and highly professional records and data kept by any private investigator.

General Surveillance

What is general surveillance? Well, to begin with: what is surveillance?

Surveillance can refer to surveillance cameras, aerial surveillance, profiling, social network analysis, computer surveillance, and, of course, human operatives that carry out surveillance. The term can be fairly ambiguous and, at the same time, fairly broad for being so vague. Therefore, individuals—such as those employed by SK Investigative Services—are highly trained and experienced in a number of different areas so as to be able to provide you—the client—the very best and the most successful of services.

Surveillance is the epitome of investigative work. It is the cornerstone of all investigations. Above all, it is a necessity in all cases and therefore paramount that all private investigators classified as professional be capable of carrying out exemplary and successful surveillance. Rest assured that all SK Investigative Services private investigators are skilled in the art of surveillance to ensure that all work they handle is carried out as successfully as possible.

Of course, you are still wondering: what is surveillance? Surveillance is the gathering of information. More specifically, it is most often used to gain information about the movements and actions of persons and, at times, establish routines. This can be done in a number of ways, utilizing a number of different technologies. For the most part, surveillance is a job based on the skill of the private investigator; it is the private investigators job to stake out the individual and observe their actions, movements and habits. Sometimes this will require them to follow—or, engage in moving surveillance—of the individual target. Other times, private investigators will have to employ various technologies in order to document or gain knowledge of the actions, movements, and habits of the individuals who they are trying to survey.

Why do you need surveillance? Surveillance is all about gaining information—for yourself, for another, or about another. In almost all cases that are brought to private investigative services, the single most important detail that clients are missing is information. Surveillance is the way to gain that information. Simple by watching the movements and actions of individuals and asking questions—Who are they meeting? What are they saying? Where are they going? What are they doing?—private investigators, working with the client, combining their knowledge bases, will be able to provide clients the opportunity to learn information that they would be otherwise unaware of without surveillance technology of skills.

All evidence and information that is collected through surveillance will help clients in a variety of different situations. Domestic, personal, and businesses based cases can all be solved (or, at the very least, helped) by the information and evidence that can be gained through surveillance. With information gained, you can better influence, direct, protect, or manage—the outcome of the surveillance depends on what is done with the information.

So, after realizing the importance of surveillance, you’re probably starting to realize that you want your surveillance to be done correctly, professionally, and, above all, secretly. SK Investigative Services will be able to provide you with all that and more—they will be able to provide you with the skilled, professional private investigators that can do the work for you and do the work well. For most individuals interested in surveillance, it is not a good idea to attempt surveillance alone. Technology and experience are not on your side; you are not a trained professional. Furthermore, you are not as familiar with the law and what types of surveillance are permissible within the boundaries of the law. A private investigative firm—for example, SK Investigative Services—will provide you with private investigators with skills as well as with access to technology to allow them to carry out more thorough, secret, and effective surveillance.

Corporate Investigation and Business Intelligence

How does private investigation connect to the business world?

Well, let’s face it, the business world can be a messy, competitive place. As you are attempting to get ahead of competitors, competitors are trying to get ahead of you. In the business world, a little bit of information can go a long way—and that’s where private investigation can come in.

Utilizing private investigative services in the business realm is a method of furthering business prospects and success through information gained through private investigation.

For many people, business surveillance refers to the surveillance of employees. You, as the manager or one of a group of managers, want to ensure that your employees are staying on task, getting work done, and performing to the best of their ability without distractions or unneeded interruptions. Surveillance of employees is the easiest way to make this dream a reality, and, for many companies, surveillance of employees has become the number one concern.

Business surveillance can also, of course, refer to cameras and security measures. Businesses want to be able to protect their assets—whether those assets are physical property or the information contained within files stored at business sites, it does not matter. Nowadays, when many people say surveillance, they are thinking about surveillance or security cameras. In fact, the most generally used answer to any question querying “What is business surveillance” will be a plethora of suggestions and explanation of security options.

Last by not least, business surveillance can also refer to investigations involving the collection of information pertaining to business ownership, business assets, financial standing of a business, and investigations executed to gain many other sorts of other information on many other aspects of a particular business. Some private investigators or investigative firms will provide analytical services that will review information with you and your business partners and help formulate a plan that will allow you to further your company’s goals or get ahead of your competitors. Of course, it is not necessary to involve private investigative services once you have your information. What you do with the information gained is completely up to you.

Business surveillance can refer to any number of things. It can be surveillance of employees, surveillance of physical premise, surveillance of information, competitors, finances—almost anything that you need information on! It is the third type of surveillance that a private investigator or a private investigative firm will be most able to help you on. Surveillance of employees and the physical premise are often easily managed by yourself, but broader, more expansive investigations often require the help of a professional. This is where an investigative service like SK Investigative Services will be able to help you.

SK Investigative Services will be able to provide you with highly trained, highly professional, and highly knowledgeable private investigators that will be able to help you find, collect, and analyze any information that you need. SK Investigative Services will be able to match you up with a private investigator that has an applicable working knowledge of your business and your business needs. After all, not all businesses are alike and not all businesses need the same information. SK Investigative Services will be able to specialize it services to you—the client. You and your business will be treated with respect and dignity, and you will be able to expect the proposed outcomes of any investigation conducted. Most importantly, SK Investigative Services will be able to work as clandestinely as possible. Like it was said before, the business world is a messy, secretive place; you don’t want knowledge of a shoddy private investigation reaching the ears of your competitors. It is best to work with a professional.

Business Feasibility Study

A business feasibility study is not what falls into the “norm” of what encompasses private investigative services. Most private investigators and private investigative services are shrouded with a stigma of mystery. They track people through the dead of night, gathering information through hardly-legal means and return to speak to clients in a poorly lit office, smoking a cigar.

The reality is quite different.

A business feasibility study does not involve any of the clandestine watching, seeking, or gathering. The means by which any information used in a business feasibility study is gained may, of course, involve clandestine watching, seeking, or gathering, but that is beside the point. If it is the information that you are focusing on, then SK Investigative Services will be able to provide you the services necessary to find that information.

Information required for a business feasibility study can be gained from a number of different sources. Sometimes surveillance and intelligence of competitors, their plans, and their plans is required. Sometimes a survey of the general population—the marketplace of the business—is the information that is needed. And, of course, there are many other sources that could yield information.

The gathering of this information may sometimes be hard for an individual—especially a busy individual involved in the business world who has other things to deal with. SK Investigative Services has the proper private investigators at their disposal who will be able to gain this information for you. The individuals that are hired by the firm (and could potentially be hired by you) are highly trained professionals equipped with the knowledge, technology, and tools to gain you the information that could make the difference for your business. While you are fully capable of conducting a business feasibility study, the average individual is not always capable and equipped to conduct widespread surveillance of market bases, competitors, or any other aspect that may want to be investigated by a corporation or individual.

Of course, a business feasibility study refers to the study itself—not the investigations. It is important to understand what the word “feasible” means when trying to understand what a business feasibility study is. Feasible has many definitions. It means successful. It means capable of being done or being carried out. It means reasonable. Most of all, it means suitable. The purpose of a business feasibility study is to create a strategic plan from gathered data. A business conducts a feasibility study to find the plan of action that they will most benefit from—and what is needed to make a successful study? Information.

While business feasibility does require the gathering of data (much like an investigation) it more heavily focuses and analysis and interpretation. Whatever information has been gathered is analyzed by professionals, members of the business, or a combination of both. After analysis, the information is interpreted to draw a conclusion about the business’ current standing in any number of fields.

Business feasibility studies can be conducted on a number of different things. A study can concern a target, market, subject matter, or product. Sometimes a business may want to know the feasibility of a new product, the attitude of a certain targeted market towards a new product, or any combination of the aforementioned concerns a business may have. A business feasibility study will provide business workers a model with which to analyze information and draw conclusion that can be used for strategic planning purposes. Businesses want to know: How does the public like our product? What is our public’s attitude? Who should our target audience be? What are our competitors doing? Should we be like our competitors? A business feasibility study is what is conducted to gain a clearer answer to such questions.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property can refer to a number of things. When looking at broad definition, it can refer to any creative work of the mind for which an individual can receive exclusive rights under protection of the law. On a less generalized level, intellectual property (and intellectual property rights) can refer to the following specifics: copyrights, trademarks, patents, geographical indication, moral rights, utility models, indigenous intellectual property, industrial design work, database rights, plant breeders’ rights, and supplementary protection certificates.

The three most important forms of intellectual property are copyright, patent, and trademark.

A copyright is the “right to copy”. It was created with the intention of controlling printing and is now used by authors, writers, and any other individual who has created a publishable piece of original creative work the exclusive right to the copying of their work.

A patent, like copyright, is a form of intellectual property. A patent grants exclusive rights to an inventor for a limited period of time in exchange for the inventor sharing their invention with the public. Patents are created with the intent of stopping other individuals from creating, selling, or distributing the work of the original creator. A patent allows the creator to benefit from his or her work and does not allow copycats to get rich off of the ideas of others.

A trademark is any type of mark that can be placed on a product or be used in the advertising of a service that will advertise the company or business that made the product or service. It is supposed to service the purpose of distinguishing the products and services of one company from those of another. Infringement of trademark rights occurs when a trademark is forged or falsely placed on a product that the company did not produce in an attempt to steal customers from the original company.

A company will seek out the services of a private investigator if they suspect that their rights have been infringed upon. Often, those suspected of infringing on the company’s rights most often include competitors, but it can also include distributors or other associated companies that the original company does business with. In some cases, trademark, copyright, or patent rights will be infringed upon by the work of a single individual or a small, fake company that is attempting to make quick money off of counterfeit products.

All of the different aforementioned types of intellectual property rights (and many others besides that) are protected by law. This means that anybody found to be in violation of another’s intellectual property rights can be prosecuted through legal action.

The job of a private investigator is to, of course, investigate. A company will hire them to investigate suspected cases of intellectual property right infringement (most often counterfeit cases), survey, and collect evidence so that the original company may then seek out legal counsel and legal action against the perpetrators. Cases of intellectual property right infringement can be incredibly detrimental to the finances of a company—especially a small company—as well as incredibly harmful to a company name. When customers unknowingly buy shoddy counterfeit products or buy untested, unregulated, or otherwise sub-par products or services that have a company name attached to it, the company will begin to garner a bad reputation based on products and services that they did not, in fact, produce. In taking away a company’s customer base, property right infringement also harms a company financially.

SK Investigative Services is able to provide investigators that can collect the proper information and the necessary evidence for a company to be able to take legal action against those who have violated their property rights.

Employee Fraud

Employee fraud can be devastating to a company. Unfortunately, it is during economic troubles, when your company and you will suffering from the most stress, that employee fraud is most likely to occur. It is important to be able to recognize the “red flags” of employees who are most likely to be committing employee fraud. Make sure to watch certain employees carefully, especially ones that consistently work late for no apparent reason, never take holidays, show unusual and sudden rises in wealth, have unusually close relationships with suppliers, or employees that cause consistent complaints from clients that may, along with you, be the victim of a fraud scheme. As a rule of thumb, make sure to be wary of employees that seem intent of working by themselves or are secretive, quiet, and do not disclose their work information easily. This is the best way to recognize somebody who may be operating their own illegal fraud empire within the confines of your reputable business.

There are many different types of employee fraud, and it is important to be familiar with each one so as to be able to recognize it and fix it.

One of the most common types of employee fraud is fraud of financial statements. Employees working with a company’s finances or in another position of high authority where financial statements and dealings are open and available to them must be watched. Financial statement fraud occurs when an employee forges financial information, creating fake assets, inflating assets, hiding accounts, hiding money, expenses, or any number of fraudulent financial dealings that require them to hide information from you, the employer.

Another very common type of fraud that runs rampant through all levels of a company is asset misappropriation, otherwise known as using company property inappropriately. Oftentimes, asset misappropriation seems innocent; an employee decides to use the company car for a non-work related excursion or borrows company technology for their own personal use. Other times, it is much more serious and can involve an employee misappropriating—or misusing or taking—company assets like money and checks. The consequences of asset misappropriation are dependent on the severity of the fraud.

Another, very common, type of fraud is often vaguely coined “corruption”. Corruption, or the acceptance of bribes and kickbacks, is a type of employee fraud that, like financial statement fraud, is found in the upper levels of a company where employees have more power. When an employee accepts bribes, that is considered corruption. When an employee gives special discounts or free services to somebody in exchange for gifts or kickbacks, that is considered corruption. In an employee offers any sort of unauthorized, special service to a customer or client in exchange for goods or services for themselves (at the cost of the company) then they are engaging in a type of employee fraud called corruption.

Of course, there are many other types of employee fraud. These are only the most common three main types. If you, as an employer, feel as though your employees may be engaging in any of the aforementioned fraudulent behavior then it is your right to seek out investigative services in order to facilitate an investigation to gain information.

SK Investigative Services will be able to offer you the proper services to investigate suspicions of employee fraud in order to prevent damage and, most importantly, prevent fraud in the future. SK Investigative Services will help your company gain the evidence necessary in order to take proper legal action against the detrimental actions of fraudulent employees and they will also help you conduct a full scale investigation and, with the information gathered, analysis of the current systems in place to try and detect employee fraud. In this way, with the information and help of SK Investigative Services, your company will gain the opportunity to reform systems and processes to better catch fraudulent employees in the future and, most importantly, prevent it from ever happening.

Background and Pre-Employment Check

What is a background or a pre-employment check?

Your future employees are, more than likely, going to be handling a massive amount of confidential and intimate data about you, your company, other employees, or any number of other classified sources of information. Additionally, as your employees, they are going to be the livelihood of your company. As much as you may want to believe that their resume and interview answers were honest and trustworthy, you can’t always be sure that they are telling the truth. That is why background, or pre-employment checks, are sometimes necessary.

Let’s look at a scenario. You, the employer, are looking to hire Jim for a job at a bank that you are the manager of. From his resume, Jim seems to be a stellar worker. He has had a lot of experience and he does a lot of volunteer work in his community in his free time. Obviously, he is a dedicated worker and cares about other people. In the interview, your thoughts of Jim are confirmed and you hire him on the spot. However, within only a few weeks, you discover that Jim has been illegally siphoning money off of an account that he has been working with. Your company loses a lot of money from the account and also in having to deal with the legal troubles after the illegal dealings are found out. Jim lost your company tons of money.

How can you prevent this from happening?

You can prevent this from happening with background and pre-employment checks. Background and pre-employment checks are investigations into different aspects of potential employees. You can have their history investigated. You can have their past work experience investigated. In some countries, you can have their assets investigated. Whatever the specifics of the investigation are, the background and pre-employment check is conducted with the intent of learning valuable information about somebody before you actually hire them.

What are some things you could learn? You could learn about the criminal past of a potential employee. If a background check had been conducted on Jim in the scenario, you, the employer, could have learned that Jim had a criminal history in financial or checking fraud and known that he as prone to cause your business financial trouble. You could learn that the potential employee did not have good relations with their past employers, preventing any unneeded squabbles or problems in the workplace as well as assuring you a better, more hardworking employee. You could learn that your potential employee was involved with drugs, robbery, or other forms of criminal activity and, thus, had the information to make an informed decision over whether or not the potential employee was to be trusts.

Knowledge if power, and a background and pre-employment check is what can give you the proper knowledge.

Background and pre-employment checks are one of the many services the SK Investigative Services can offer you. Much like they can offer you highly professional private investigators, they can also offer you highly professional and thorough background checking services. After all, a background and pre-employment check is something of an investigation, and investigations are something that ST Investigative Services is good at.

Additionally SK Investigative Services will be able to give you options regarding the thoroughness of background and pre-employment checks you want conduced on your future employees. The depth of the investigation as well as the specific content that you are searching for can be specialized so that the needs of your individual company can be met. SK Investigative Services knows that information is important, and they make it their job to ensure that you get the information that you need.

Insurance Claims and Worker Compensation Investigations

When any worker suffers an accident that occurs in the workplace, it is your job, as an employer, to seek legal counsel and investigative services both for your and the employees sake. It is important that you seek help in order to avoid the risks of fraudulent insurance claim and ensure that you are not cheated out of money by a lying, cheating employee. Conversely, as a good employer, it is also important that investigations are conducted so that your employees know that they are cared for and that you want to make sure they receive the right amount of compensation.

The specificities of a workman compensation case are highly dependent on the field your company operates in. However, the generals are in most cases the same.

When an employee gets hurt on the job, on company property, they have the right to file for workman’s compensation if they are seriously injured or are left unable to work and earn money for a certain amount of time. An investigation must be conducted into the particulars of the incident in order to ascertain the amount of money the company owes the employee.

Insurance cases are a bit more difficult and much more dependent on the field of your company. However, in general, insurance claims made by employees that get insurance through your company may sometimes warrant an investigation. The investigation, in general, is conducted to try and prevent insurance fraud. The most common cases of insurance fraud incur an employee claiming suspicious benefits on an insurance plan. An investigation must be conducted to discover the validity of the employee’s claim. On the other hand, insurance fraud can also be committed by a company that is attempting to deny employees certain benefits that they should, under the law, be entitled too. An insurance investigation is, once again, one of the only ways to discover the validity of a company’s actions and, for employees, one of the only ways to gain legitimate evidence against an employer that otherwise holds most of the power.

Once an employee has filed a claim, an investigation must be conducted. Particulars must be discovered, people must be talked to, and a whole host of questions and specific nuances must be recorded in order to report a clear presentation of the situation. The employee will be investigated. Their name, place of residence, etc. must be recorded. Ultimately, everything about the employee, your company, and you must be verified. Additionally, the nature of the incident will be investigated so that the size and legality of the compensation can be determined before any compensation is actually paid. All of this is done to try and prevent insurance fraud that could cost your company thousands of dollars. Also, all of this must take place before litigation, and other legal trials.

SK Investigative Services will be able to offer you help with the investigation of insurance claims and worker compensation. It is important that you seek professional help with highly complicated legal issues such as these. When things must be handled delicately, you want to make sure you know what you are doing, which is why professional work best. SK Investigative Services will be able to conduct a full scale verification investigation into the particulars of your employee and the particulars of the incident that warranted the filing of the claim. In this way, your employee will receive what he or she is due and, in the case of fraud, you will protected from a lie that could cost your company thousands of dollars. Taking action against fraud is also a good way to avoid a huge amount of government involvement in illegal practices.

Undercover and Infiltration Operations

With undercover and infiltration operations, the realm of private investigators begins to delve deeper into more “picturesque” ideas of investigation. Oftentimes, in movies and pop culture, investigators are seen as “actors” who play a specific role, lying, and being deceptive in order to gain information. They create a false persona in order to infiltrate a group, company, or secrete society and gain the confidences of specific persons and convince them to share incredibly important information. Behind the persona of an innocent, friendly employee, private investigators are able to make suspects disclose information that would otherwise never be found.

This is, in most cases, exactly what undercover and infiltration operations entail.

Unlike many other cases that require the help of private investigators, undercover and infiltration operations require oftentimes require the use of more than one private investigator. Of course, it is quite possible for a single private investigator to carry out an undercover or infiltration operation, but most cautious individuals will be willing to sacrifice the glamour of working alone to work with a team.

Undercover and infiltration operations are carried out for one reason: somebody such as an employee, co-worker, group member, or other person somehow affiliated with a group is acting suspicious. They begin with the selected private investigators going undercover, assuming different personas, and often inserting themselves into the company system by acting as new employees of a company, thereby diverting suspicion and attention from themselves.

Once an undercover private investigation group has successfully infiltrated a company and assumed roles as employees they use sophisticated, high-tech, and professional surveillance equipment to survey employees, monitor their activities, document evidence, and gain information. As they begin to learn more, they will be able to identify “problematic employees”. These problematic employees are the people that a company should watch out for; they are disgruntled, ambitious, or, for some other reason, at risk for disclosing company secrets or working with competitors for their own personal gain. These problematic employees are marked as suspects and carefully monitored by the private investigation infiltration team.

Once problematic employees or co-workers have been identified, a private investigation team may go their separate ways. Information can be turned over to the company for their analysis and the company may choose to continue closely monitoring problematic employees or terminate them based on gathered evidence. Additionally, a private investigation team may partially disband. Once the difficulty of tracking down problematic employees has been completed and their general routine has been established, it is not always necessary for the entire team to remain on the premises in their disguises. The length and course of the undercover and infiltration operation is a decision that is made at the discretion of the client.

SK Investigative Services is one of many private investigative services that will be able to help you successfully conduct an undercover or infiltration operation. However, unlike many other investigative services, SK Investigative Services will be able to provide clients with highly professional, experienced private investigators with up to date, powerful technology at their disposal. Unlike many issues that could potentially call for the help of private investigative services, undercover and infiltration operations require two things that are unavailable to non-professionals: manpower and technology. Private investigative services are able to provide a team that would be otherwise unavailable to amateurs that were attempting to act on their own. Additionally, private investigative services are able to provide the high-tech surveillance technology that is required to discover suspect employees, track their movements, and document actions in such a way that information would stand up in court if a company chooses to pursue legal action.

Matrimonial Investigations

A cheating spouse can be devastating. What can be even more devastating, however, is the insecurity felt by an individual lacking the knowledge necessary to know for sure whether their spouse is cheating and what should be done in such a situation. Doubt, mistrust, insecurity, and all of the emotions associated with cases of infidelity can be life-altering and incredibly damaging to an individual, mentally, physically, and emotionally. However, above all of these emotions, there is one more that can be felt: helplessness.

SK Investigative Services classifies their clients that require matrimonial assistance as individuals who are suffering. Daily, they experience fear, pain, and confusion. They are scared of the present and future. They feel pain for how they have been wronged. And they experience confusion for a number of reasons. They wonder many things: Did I do something wrong? Should I have done something differently? How should I handle this situation? Where do I go from here? All of these questions culminate into crushing amounts of physical, mental, and emotional stress.

Sometimes, this stress and pain may seem inescapable, so individuals turn to professionals to help them find answers to their questions and solutions to their problems.

Here is a bit of clarification: matrimonial services within an investigative service are not focused on finding out whether or not a spouse is cheating. Rather, it involves an investigation into finding evidence of cheating that could lead to a legal divorce. Individuals who are seeking matrimonial investigation services have already made a decision on the topic of divorce, but are unsure of how to proceed on such a course of action.

A matrimonial investigation can mean the difference between a messy, costly divorce and quick, simple divorce. After all of the pain and suffering that individuals have gone through in the relationship breakdown leading up to a divorce, the last thing either of them wants is to suffer through messy legal proceedings where they have to pay up to thousands of dollars in order to legally cut ties with one another. They want a clean cut. A matrimonial investigation will be able to produce the evidence necessary to make a clean cut possible.

At SK Investigative Services, the professionals that you come in contact with will be able to understand the emotional hardships that you are suffering. Besides offering care and support, they will be able to offer you all of the investigative services required in order to help you end your emotional stressing and suffering. Just like with every other sort of case you may bring to them, SK Investigative Services will provide you with the highest caliber of professionals to work with you on a case that is tailored to fit your needs. Additionally, SK Investigative Services will be able to understand the nature of your case and act accordingly.

For many people, matrimonial investigations that are associated with impending divorce proceedings are not something to be proud of. While, SK Investigative Services assures you that there is nothing wrong with seeking out professional help, they also understand that the feelings you experience must be absolutely taken into consideration. While many other cases call for a certain level of secretive operations, matrimonial investigations are on an even higher level. SK Investigative Services wants to assure you that your privacy will be maintained; no secrets will be leaked, no information will be sold, and reports of the investigation will be discussed with only you. Clients of SK Investigative Services can be assured that, though they are experiencing a very difficult time in their life, SK Investigative Services will do everything in their power to help them through it.

Adultery Evidence

Every individual experiences the shock of adultery news with different emotions; fear, pain, shame, anger, sadness. In some cases, you may only suspect a partner of committing adultery and thus are forced to live with a mind numbing, inescapable sense of suspicion. Whatever stage you are experiencing, it is important to remember that you are not alone. There are professionals out there waiting to help you. SK Investigative Services in one such source of professionals.

Oftentimes, after the discovery of adultery, the next step is divorce. Unfortunately, when divorce cases are brought to court, evidence must be produced, which is why it is important to seek out professional investigative help in order to ensure that, when the time comes, you are able to produce conclusive, professional evidence that will help you win your case. Your word alone will not stand on its own in court. You need evidence.

SK Investigative Services will be able to help you get the evidence that you need.

There are many different types of adultery evidence. Most of it can be classified into two forms: inclination and opportunity. Inclination evidence is any documented photos, video, or other form of media that showcases two people holding hands, kissing, or showing some other form of affection that denotes their relationship as being intimate, romantic, or sexual in nature. Opportunity evidence is any similarly documented photos, video, or other form of media that showcases two people entering a motel, house, building, or other residence where adultery can then be committed. When put together, the two different types of adultery evidence will be able to help you make a solid case in any divorce proceedings.

Additionally, there are other categories of adultery evidence. Direct evidence and circumstantial evidence serve as another set that can be used to categorize evidence. Direct evidence is generally limited to first person and eye-witness accounts. Somebody who testifies in court is an example of direct evidence. Circumstantial evidence includes photographs or other media documentation of one spouse with another person, interacting romantically in a way that would easily allow one to infer that they had, at some point, interacted sexually. Therefore, inclination and opportunity forms of evidence are most often classified as circumstantial evidence. Read on in order to learn more about possible sources of powerful circumstantial evidence.

Phone records, computer records, travel records; all of these are sorts of things that can also be considered forms of circumstantial evidence that could be valuable to your case. Unfortunately, in a reality outside of movies, it isn’t likely that you will be able to come across concrete, conclusive photos and documentation that will undoubtedly prove your spouse’s infidelity. Because of this, it is important that you pay attention to the aforementioned sources.

While still being able to understand the delicate nature of proceedings and respecting your privacy, SK Investigative Services can provide you with the evidence you need to win your divorce case. After suffering through all the pain of learning of your spouse’s infidelity the last thing you want is a messy divorce case. Evidence is important. It is imperative that you find professionals that can offer you two things: trained, experienced private investigators that can gather evidence and technology that will help them gather said evidence. Fortunately for you, SK Investigative Services has already gathered and combined these two factors. When you work with SK Investigative Services you can be assured of good treatments and good results, which allows you more time to focus on yourself, your children, and the proceedings of your divorce case without having to worry about whether or not your evidence will stand up in court.

Custody of Children

Infidelity and adultery inevitably lead to one thing: divorce. While divorce and the gathering of evidence is, in itself, a whole complex, time consuming mess that requires the help of professionals, the decisions that take place after a divorce has been decided upon may prove to be of equal importance. During divorce proceedings, both parties are at war with one another, fighting for money, property, assets, and most important children.

In the eyes of either party, it is their job to ensure that they prove themselves to be worthier of parenthood than the other. Sometimes, a bit of professional investigative help may be valuable in proving your point.

Here are some factors that may influence the granting of custody of children:

For the courts that are making the decision, the best interests of the child are what is important. For this reason, full or the majority of custody is granted to the parent that is able to showcase him or herself as being a better parent.

Courts take the sex, mental, and physical health of the child into consideration. More often than not, a child is placed with the same sex parent. A daughter will be given to her mother. A son will be given to his father. However, more often than not, mothers are granted custody of their children for the simple fact that they are the mothers.

The lifestyle and social habits of parents are taken into consideration when decisions about child custody are made. Does the parent smoke? Does the parent drink? How many people are over at the parent’s house on a regular basis? Does the parent associate with friends that drink? How much does the parent smoke? How much does the parent work? Does the parent have a history of child abuse? Of course, a non-smoking, non-drinking parent who has no history of child abuse will be granted custody of children over a parent that is a frequent smoker and drinker who has occasionally abused his or her children or has been abused in his or her childhood.

Another factor taken into consideration is the ability of the parent to provide for the child. The court wants to make sure that the parent has sufficient financial means to provide a child food, water, clothing, shelter, medical care, and emotional support and availability. This means that a court will favor a parent who has a higher paying job. Conversely, this also means a court will not favor a parent who is a workaholic who makes too much money. A parent that spends too much time at work will be absent from a child’s life and unable to provide him or her with emotional support.

The courts also look at the factor of continuity. Which parent will be able to keep the child’s life as normal as possible? The courts want the child to maintain their education, school, and friends. They court will not favor giving custody to a parent that would require a child to move out of state, away from loved ones and their normal lifestyle.

If the child is old enough, their preference is also taken into consideration. As a general rule of thumb, any child over the age of 12 is considered capable of choosing which parent they would prefer to have custody of them. In cases such as these, however, a child wishes to remain in the custody of both of his or her parents, which often results in joint-custody where the child must move back and forth between parents.

In many of the decisions the court must make about child custody, a little evidence can go a long way in convincing the court of the social habits and responsibility of your spouse. If you have documented evidence of their irresponsibility, partying habits, or lack of cleanliness, you are at an advantage.

Maintenance Claims

What are maintenance claims? That is a very important question to be asking before anything else. After all, you need to know what something is before you know why you would ever need investigative services to be involved in it.

Maintenance claims are claims that are made about care, sustainment, or upkeep. In most cases, maintenance claims have to do with a property or certain elements of a property that is rented out or on contract to be cared for by a company of individual. When said property or certain elements are not cared for as per a contract or agreement, a maintenance claim is filed.

In some cases, maintenance claims are also involved with post divorce cases. During divorce proceedings, maintenance agreements will be reached whereby one spouse may agree to provide a certain amount of money or pay for certain things for another spouse or for a child that will be in the custody of said spouse. When these maintenance stipulations are not fulfilled by one of the spouses, a maintenance claim can be filed to try and regain lost maintenance money and to ensure that maintenance fees will continue to be paid.

Let’s look at an example. After saving up money, Tina decides to move into a condo complex at the edge of town. She buys her condo, but, as part of the agreement of living in the complex, she pays a certain amount of money every month that goes towards paying for upkeep of community grounds like the hallways, elevators, pool, and gardens. Tina lives in the condo for one year and pays her dues every month. At the end of the first year, she notices that the elevator nearest her condo is no longer working. She calls the building manager, tells him about the elevator, and he promises to send out a repairman to fix the elevator by the end of the week. A week passes. A month passes. Eventually, Tina and the other families that live in the condo form a group to file a maintenance claim because they have been paying their monthly maintenance dues but the building manager has not been providing them with maintenance.

The maintenance claim gets taken to court. There are lengthy legal proceedings and lots of money and time is spent. Yet, the elevator is still not fixed. Tina and the other families living in the condo complex are all very frustrated, annoyed, and sad. They are continuing to have to pay their maintenance dues, but nobody is performing maintenance on their condo!

What should Tina and everybody else do?

The best thing for them to do in this situation is seek professional investigative help. In today’s day and age, maintenance claims have become a common legal proceeding. However, though they are common, that doesn’t mean that they are easily settled or easily handled. Sometimes, all of the pushing, prodding, complaints, and demands in the world are not enough to make the legal proceedings of a maintenance claim move any faster. Many times, they are viewed as too commonplace or simply to lowly to be taken notice of. Tina and all of the families in the complex need some professional help to document and investigate the lack of maintenance of their complex.

SK Investigative Services in one such investigative company that will be able to provide you with professional help gathering evidence required for maintenance claims. Their professional private investigators will be able to help you seek out evidence and proof of maintenance problems, document, and submit it. They will also be able to investigate any individuals who are not following through on maintenance contracts. Much like with other investigation cases, private investigators that work for SK Investigative services will be able to engage in a full scale tracking investigation into any guilty individuals to learn where money from the contract is being used and where they are shirking off their maintenance duties. Substantial proof, eye witness accounts, and the involvement of a third party professional service are all great ways to get your maintenance claim noticed and get the legal proceedings surrounding your maintenance claim moving.

Maintenance Adjustment

In this particular definition, maintenance is something that is decided on during divorce proceedings. Based on employment and the dividing up of money, property, assets, and child custody, maintenance agreements may be reached whereby one spouse agrees to allot a certain amount of money each month or year to the other spouse. In this way, the other spouse may maintain his or her standard of living. They will be able to pay for certain goods and services. In the case of child custody, money may be required to be paid to the spouse with custody of the children so that the money can go towards the raising, schooling, or feeding of the children.

Therefore, maintenance adjustment refers to a changing of the predetermined amount of money that the two people had once agreed on being paid from one to the other. Readjustment can be viable for a number of reasons.

A change of employment can be the grounds for a maintenance adjustment. If an ex-spouse that was previously receiving maintenance receives a bonus, earning more money, or is demoted or even fired, earning less money, then the maintenance paid to them by the other spouse may be changed accordingly. On the other hand, if the ex that is paying the maintenance is promoted or finds him or herself suddenly without a job, then the payment that they are required to pay can be, in turn, adjusted accordingly. Obviously, it is not fair for the ex that is paying maintenance fees to be required to continue paying maintenance if they suddenly find themselves without a job, unable to pay for themselves much less another person.

Another factor that can warrant grounds for maintenance adjustment is the event of remarriage. For example, if the ex that is receiving maintenance decides to remarry, it is very likely that the maintenance being paid could be adjusted to be virtually nonexistent. The ex now has another person that they can depend on, thereby rendering the maintenance payment that was once necessary completely unnecessary. However, if a child is involved when the ex receiving maintenance payments remarries, then it is very likely that the maintenance payments will continue based on the idea that they are contributing to the raising of the child that the ex paying the maintenance is no longer participating in.

Other environmental factors such as moving or a change in the cost of living can also be considered grounds for adjustment of maintenance payments.

At first, maintenance adjustment seems very straightforward. However, after legal proceedings and issues are introduced, you may find yourself very wrong. Once of the most difficult factors of the legal proceedings surrounding maintenance adjustment is the providing of substantial evidence to prove that a maintenance adjustment is warranted. This is where the skills of a private investigator are needed.

A private investigator who is trained is tracking, surveillance, and the gathering of evidence will be able to find you just the evidence that you need to substantiate your case for a maintenance adjustment. Do you need proof that your ex is earning more money on their own? Do you need proof that your ex no longer needs maintenance payments? Do you need proof that your ex is involved with a new significant other that can provide financial stability? If any of the aforementioned questions are questions that you are currently pondering, then that means that you need the help of private investigator. Working on your own is messy and unrealistic. The best way to go about getting evidence for making a case of maintenance adjustment is hiring a private investigator to get the evidence for you.

Pre-Marital Investigation

One of the most important events of many peoples’ lives will be marriage. Therefore, it is understandable that, despite the bliss, happiness, and love experienced at such an exciting point in life, they would be wary about making such a huge commitment to another person. Sometimes, even after months and months of courtship, friendship, and dating, it is impossible to truly know another person. Your own perceptions, experiences, knowledge, and the information you gain from mutual friends will only reveal what your spouse to be was willing to disclose.

You never know what dark secrets a fiancée may be guarding until after the wedding that legally binds you two together.

It is somewhat ironic that pre-marital investigations are incredibly similar to pre-employment investigations. It is important that you understand that, though similar, the two types of investigations are still very different. After all, being in a relationship is not the same as turning in an application for a position at a business firm. SK investigative Services understands the emotional nature of pre-marital investigations and will be able to handle any such investigations accordingly in a professional and understanding manner.

So, what is a pre-marital investigation?

To put it plainly, a pre-marital investigation is an investigation that is conducted on a fiancée before the other chooses to commit and follow through with an actual marriage. There are a number of reasons that somebody would choose to have a premarital investigation conducted, including (but not limited too) a desire to protect financial assets, a desire to protect children, and a desire to protect one’s own self from possibly preventable future harm. After legally committing yourself to another person, the last thing that you want to interrupt your wedded bliss is the horrible realization of a horrible mistake.

Regardless of the specific reason that you choose to seek out professional services, SK Investigative Services will be able to help you. Using the experience of any number of highly trained private investigative professionals, professional contacts, technology, and skills, SK Investigative Services will be able to find you the information you need to assure yourself of your decision, or, conversely, reveal the trap that you may be walking into.

A pre-marital investigation seeks out information concerning a fiancée’s financial history, employment history, medical history, and criminal history. Using information that you choose to disclose at your own discretion, SK Investigative Services will be able to compare information and substantiate any suspicious claims made by your future partner. Be aware: sometimes, what is discovered by SK Investigative Service professionals is not always pleasant. Anybody that is serious about a pre-marital investigation must be willing to suffer any consequences that could result from knowledge gained. At times, it could mean the end of a relationship or the calling off of a wedding. Other times, it could be nothing more than assurance and you will find looking towards your future commitment with even more happiness.

In the past, pre-marital investigations have been able to uncover information in time to stop individuals from making horrible life decisions. For example, conducted investigations have sometimes uncovered information regarding the criminal histories of fiancées. Without a pre-marital investigation, a woman would have never been able learn (until it was too late) that her fiancée was an ex-con, a business man who had engaged in embezzlement. In some cases, pre-marital investigations could reveal past relationships and marriages that had never been disclosed by the fiancée before.

All of this is the sort of information that is necessary in the decision making process required by as big a commitment as marriage. And, of course, all of this information will be available to you if you choose to seek help from SK Investigative Services.

Undesired Behavior of Children

It’s a common fact: children of any age are prone to misbehavior. It is an inevitable fact of life. As children age, they begin to question their autonomy, seeking out their own hobbies, interests, and social circles. In some cases, this may lead children to rebel against the wishes of their parents. They want to “distance” themselves from adults. They want their own life!

However, there are times when the undesired behavior of children resulting from rebellion may put themselves, their parents, or their family’s reputation in danger.

Many people often have a difficult time understanding investigations of undesired behavior of children or, in other cases, simply think that it is wrong or unnecessary. Certainly, many people feel uncomfortable bringing a professional services into an issue that is commonly regarded as a simple parenting matter, but it is important to remember that it is better to be safe than sorry; when in doubt make sure to seek help.

Here is a brief example explaining the danger of the undesired behavior of children:

John, the son of a well-off lawyer, has recently turned sixteen. He has begun to drive and he has begun to hang out with a new group of friends that are identified as “delinquents” by almost any adult in the community. John’s new group of friends enjoys drinking, smoking and partying. However, they have also been known to commit various petty crimes such as vandalism throughout the neighborhood. John’s father has warned him to stop associating with his new group of friends, but John, wishing to assert his own independence, continues to run around in public with hooligans.

Because of John’s misbehavior, his father’s law firm begins to suffer. Parents that once looked up to John now sneer at him, claiming that he cannot be a good lawyer if he cannot control his own son. Co-workers that once respected John now openly disdain him, saying that he cannot be a lawyer if he cannot teach his own son to respect the law. Additionally, John has been stealing money from his father without his father’s knowledge and has been using this money to buy and sell drugs. If John gets caught he will be arrested, expelled from school, and sully his family’s name.

If John’s father had sought out professional help (such as the help that is offered by SK Investigative Services) he would have become privy to the fact that his own son was stealing money from him. Using this knowledge to his advantage, he could have confronted his son more directly and given him an ultimatum.

An investigation into the undesirable behavior of children is conducted much the same as any surveillance expedition. However, an investigation following a child of a client is different in a few ways. First, a parent is able to provide much more insight into the activities of the target than in most other cases. Second, investigations are much more limited in scope. Third, investigators must seek to be twice as careful in their investigative practices. SK Investigative Services understands that most parents do not want the child or the larger community to gain knowledge of the investigation. After all, nobody wants to broadcast their problems to the rest of the world.

An investigation into the undesirable behavior of children will require a highly trained professional to trail the target child. By following them throughout their day from home, school, and whatever other activities they attend, investigators will gain knowledge that could reveal falsehoods, laws, and any sort of undesired activity that the child is engaging in. Armed with the knowledge, parents will be able to confront their children and once again gain control of their behavior, preventing any future harm that could have been done to themselves, their family name, or, most importantly, their child.

Vandalism and Mischief

In highly populated areas (specifically cities or other urban locales) things like vandalism are a reality. Like most realities that we must be forced to acknowledge, we must find a way to deal with them. For the most part, professionals would warn private citizens away from taking action against vandalism and the hooligans that commit vandalism. Though vandalism of personal or public property isn’t generally incredibly detrimental and is replaceable (graffiti, broken windows etc.) it is still incredibly annoying to the point that an angered denizen, annoyed by the fact that his house has been egged for the fourth time or his car window was smashed again, may try to take violent physical action against known perpetrators.

Be warned, it is best to seek professional help when trying to deal with vandals and other mischief makers.

What many people don’t realize is that vandalism can be carried out by gangs or other more professional styles of organized crime. Many of these criminal groups engage in vandalism very regularly and may organize their trips ahead of time. If these facts are recognized and exploited, you may find yourself in a much better position to seek legal justice for the multitude of petty crimes committed against you and the public property that you use on a daily basis.

Officially, vandalism refers to the deliberate and violent destruction of personal or public property. It can include anything from the defacement of buildings to the destruction of objects located in public parks, private yards, or defacement of artistic or historically important artifacts (this would include the painting of a statue of a war hero in a manner that was iconoclastic or otherwise disrespectful). Additionally, the word vandalism also refers to the spirit in which such petty crimes are committed; it refers to both willful and ignorant destruction of public or private property. This means that charges of vandalism can be carried out on gangs or other organized crime groups that willfully destroyed property and it charges of vandalism can also be carried out on individuals they may have accidentally damaged private or public property.

For the most part, SK Investigative Services will be able to help you with vandalism that is willfully committed by gangs or other organized crime groups.

Back to the aforementioned topic: by realizing that vandalism committed by gangs could be possibly premeditated and that vandalism committed by groups is generally part of a string of other petty crimes, you gain the advantage. In most countries and provinces of countries, laws regarding destruction of property grow harsher when evidence can be provided to validate a claim of premeditation or if evidence can be provided of other crimes committed by perpetrators.

This is where the assistance of SK Investigative Services will be of the greatest help for you. Obviously, gangs or hooligans who are more than likely violent individual with access to firearms are not groups that you should attempt to investigate or trail by yourself. The same goes for other organized crime groups. In situations where you want to have known criminals or criminal groups investigated or trailed, it is best to get professional help.

By asking SK Investigative Services for help, you will be able to participate in the bettering of your neighborhood all from the safety of your own home. How? Because it will be the professional private investigators employed by SK Investigative Services that will be carrying out the investigation and gathering information. However, you will be able to rest assured that you played a vital role in the trial and conviction of violent criminals that have been destroying the peace and property of your neighborhood.

Locating Missing Persons

A missing person case can be one of the most terrifying ordeals a person may ever experience in their lives. Unfortunately, the majority of missing person cases involves children.

As a result of matrimonial or divorce issues or even simply due to the fact that children are one of the most vulnerable percentages of the population, children are among the most commonly abducted. Of course, when I refer to missing persons cases that result from matrimonial or divorce issues, I speak of cases in which one spouse removes the children from the care of another spouse against the spouse or, in some cases, the law’s wishes. While it is often still known where the children are, such cases are still filed as missing persons cases and should not be deemed any less pertinent than other cases filed under different premises. Other common missing person cases involving children involve general abduction. Many people are familiar with the traditional yet terrifying tale of the child abductor: a young child is playing out in his front year when a man drives up in a truck, asks the boy to come talk to him under some ridiculous premise and then grabs the boy, throws him in the truck, and drives away. Unlike the aforementioned missing person cases involving children, such cases as these are marked by an additional level of alarm because parents are usually left with absolutely no knowledge of what has happened to their child, where they have gone, and who they are with.

It is generally with the second of the two cases that professional private investigative service are employed. (The first of the two cases generally involves nothing more than police services and perhaps some other higher ranking officials). When parents are left with no knowledge of what has become of their child and time is against them (Will their child be alive when they are found? Will they be able to find their child in time?) it is best for them to turn to professional skills and services offered by such companies as SK Investigative Services.

Using their highly skilled professionals and equipping them with the most up to date technology available, SK Investigative Services will be able to offer you the best possible chance of finding the missing loved one that you so desperately wish to be reunited with. Additionally, SK Investigative Services is able to recognize the uniqueness of your case. A missing person case (especially one that involves a child) is a case that calls for quickness. A matter of minutes or hours could mean the difference between life and death and every reuniting the child with their family ever again. SK Investigative Service professionals will be able to work to the best of their ability as fast as possible.

One important thing to note: not all missing person cases involve the abduction of children. Other common cases include spouse disappearance, adult abduction or kidnapping, or child and teenage runaways. Each different type of missing person case calls for a unique set of cares and considerations.

In the case of abducted adults, one has to wonder: why were they abducted? Do the kidnappers want a ransom? What do I have to do to get the individual back? In the case of a missing spouse, one has to wonder: did they leave of their own free will? Were they kidnapped or coerced to leave? Does this case involve infidelity? And, in the case of child or teenage runaways, parents must ask themselves: did my child leave of their own free will? Did this child choose to runaway or were they actually kidnapped? When you are unsure and must ask yourself so many questions, it can only be best to seek out the services of professionals who have experience with missing person cases.

The Global Positioning System

What is the global positioning system (GPS)?

For most people, GPS is located in a small box in their car that provides them with directions to new locations, new businesses, or restaurants. For most people, GPS is nothing more than an incredibly complex (and incredibly helpful) map service. However, the reality is that GPS is so much more.

The global positioning system is actually a system of satellites that was launched in 1973 (not fully functional until the 90s) by the US government and can be used free of charge by anybody with a GPS receiver. There are many GPS satellites orbiting the Earth, and an unobstructed line of sight to four (or more) satellites is what results in the free use of GPS services. Originally, GPS systems were designed for use only by the United States Department of Defense, but it is nowadays used by domestic and global air trafficking services and other commercial and civil uses.

The Global Positioning System refers to the US satellite system. However, other countries around the world are still working on creating their own network of satellites. Russia calls their Global Navigation System GLONASS (it became operable in 2007), and Europe’s Galileo position system is currently in the works as is China’s compass navigation system and India’s own navigation system.

So, I am sure that what you are asking is: What does this have to do with private investigation? The answer is that is has everything to do with private investigation.

Nowadays, almost every bit of high tech technology is somehow connected to the Global Positioning System. GPS devices for cars are obviously connected, but everything from video game consoles, cell phones, to computers are also connected. For many mobile devices, staying connected to GPS is what allows users to access maps and the Internet while on the go. However, what many people do not realize is that while you are connected to the GPS and utilizing its navigation capabilities, the GPS system is generally aware of you and your location.

GPS can be used to track people.

Now, in cases of missing persons, investigation, and tracking, the ability to monitor the whereabouts and activities of an individual through a computer system is one of the most valuable opportunities available. Many government programs use cell phones to track the whereabouts of highly dangerous criminals or suspected terrorists. In the hands of smaller private investigative services (such as SK Investigative Services) GPS becomes a valuable asset for the private sector that will be seeking help.

Imagine that you are a mother, divorced, middle class, who has just lost her son. He didn’t return home from school one day and you have been calling his phone repeatedly, hoping that he will answer but never receiving a call. Immediately, you seek out the help of SK Investigative Services and provide them with all of the necessary information describing your son, including his cell phone number, model, and make. With this information and clearance from businesses and government, SK Investigative Services will be able to tap into the phone records and, most importantly, possible even tap into the global positioning system and use it to navigate themselves to the position of your son.

Just as the global positioning system can be used to find a location, it can be used in the reverse to try and find a person. So long as the person keeps their phone on and the global positioning system of the phone turned on, almost any service (that deigns to call itself professional) will be able to use the global positioning system to track down the individual without the hassle of tracing their footsteps, interviewing suspects, and attempting to track the missing person.

Data Recovery

To somebody who has not been trained in a technology field or has not had extensive contact with computers, a term like “data recovery” would probably seem to have absolutely no meaning whatsoever. In reality, it has a meaning, and it is a very important meaning at that.

For many modern businessmen and women (and teenagers and non-working individuals, for that matter) a personal computer is one of the most important objects in their lives. Computers contain pictures, word files, games, information, finances, contacts, communications, and so much more. When people integrate their lives with their computer operating system, one of the most devastating things can be a computer operating failure or a computer crash. A simple restart and a trip to the hardware store may sometimes be enough to fix the failure, but, sometimes, it isn’t…

Sometimes, when a computer hard drive fails, it can lead to data become encrypted, failed, or corrupted. When data is encrypted, it often requires a professional to fix it and make it accessible to the common computer user. When data fails, it often becomes inaccessible. When data is corrupted, it is still accessible but unreadable by any program that a user may attempt to employ to read the material. Overall, data and information may become completely inaccessible and the individual may lose valuable, private information.

A data recovery is what is attempted to salvage the broken data that is otherwise unreadable.

There are three main data recovery scenarios:

Most data recovery scenarios begin with professionals searching through external hard drives, USB files, storage files or tapes, or CDs in the computer for the missing or corrupted information. Many times, the common computer user without an extensive knowledge of computers will easily overlook external hard drives that could house the information that they think they have lost. Sometimes, when computer crash, the problem is one of the original operating system and simply removing the external hard drive and connecting it to a new source will make it possible to once against access the seemingly corrupted files.

Other recovery data scenarios involve attempting to copy all of the computer files onto an external disk. If a professional realizes that the computer malfunction is one of the operating drive, he or she may attempt to back up files and read them using a new operating system to see if the problem is actually a problem of the files or one of the operating system. If the problem is found to be one of the operating system, then the files have already been backed up and the individual has only to buy a new computer with a new operating system with which to read the program files.

Other data recovery scenarios involve situations when files have been technically deleted (or removed) from the computer but leave traces behind in obscure drives and files. When material is deleted from a computer, it is not immediately deleted. One has only to delve into the inner workings of the hard drive to recover the deleted files and restore them to their proper place.

In the case of SK Investigative Services, data recovery refers to espionage services. Oftentimes, when attempting to gain digital information from an enemy or suspect, private investigators are required to “borrow” information from the computers of the individuals or attempt to hack accounts to gain information. In most of these scenarios, information will be encrypted and it will be the job of the private investigator (much like the job of a normal computer professional) to break the encryption in order to gain access to the information that could serve as potential incriminating evidence.

Due Diligence

Officially, due diligence can refer to a large number of concepts or conducts that involve something of an investigation of persons or companies that takes place before the signing of some sort of contract. Due diligence can refer to any pre-contract agreement that is required by law or entered into voluntarily.

The idea of “due diligence” became a common practice in the early to mid twentieth century. At this time, many brokers or companies were suffering from the results of what many would consider “bad” business decisions. For the most part, these brokers were making fairly intelligent business decisions in the buying, purchasing, and acquisition of stocks and smaller companies, but the overall problem was the lack of disclosure of information. Many brokers entered into deals without having proper or full knowledge of the deals that they were entering into, which resulted in the financial ruin of many well-meaning businessmen and their families. As a result of the discord, due diligence became both a legally and socially accepted practice preceding any sort of purchase or acquisition agreement.

In this way, people were able to become informed of material information, security information and any other financial information concerning any potential business dealings.

Additionally, while due diligence arms brokers planning on selling equity or properties with information, it also protects them from any legal liabilities. As long as a broker can produce proof of a due diligence investigation, they are protected by the law and will not be held accountable for any losses or harms caused by information that was not disclosed to them as it should have been.

Historically and traditionally, due diligence investigations involved only stock or equity exchanges that are publicly made. However, over time, due diligence investigations have become increasingly associated with private business mergers and acquisitions (the giving of a company or a section of a company to another). Private due diligence investigations are generally not required by law but are considered nevertheless beneficial.

A common merger or acquisition due diligence case would involve the following:

Investigators would investigate (gaining information about) values, assets and history of the company and analyze their findings using the principles of valuation. Additionally, they would conduct a shareholder value analysis. When companies are looking to merge or acquire another, smaller company, they want to make sure that they are familiar with all aspects of a business, including the shareholders that make the business money. Are the shareholders loyal? Who are shares owned by? Who owns the most shares of stock? These are all things that a potential owner or partner wants to be familiar with, and the only way that they can be sure to obtain full discloser and legal immunity is by conducting a due diligence investigation.

It is also important to remember that due diligence is just as (if not more) important when dealing with overseas companies or potential partners. Fill disclosure and extensive knowledge of the business practices and history of business practices of a company that you are planning to merge or buy out is integral. Legal diplomatic immunity is invaluable. Without due diligence, you could find your company in violation of the FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Policies Act), and that is one of the last things you want to find yourself involved in.

SK Investigative Services is one of many professional services that is able to offer you guidance and investigative operatives to conduct a due diligence investigation. However, unlike many other professional investigative services, SK Investigative Services will be able to offer you the highest chance possible for a successful, comprehensive and invaluably helpful due diligence investigation.

Forensic Accounting

Officially, forensic accounting refers to the utilization of accounting skills to investigate and analyze claims of financial fraud or embezzlement. This is done with the intent of using findings and analysis for legal proceedings. Forensic accounting is generally considered to be a highly specialized area of accounting. Thus, forensic accountants are accountants that deal specifically with investigations of suspicious activity of other accountants. They are the “accounting police”, and can also be referred to as forensic auditors or investigative auditors.

There are several categories that forensic investigations can fall into:

(These are referring to the different situations in which a forensic investigation may be called for due to suspicion or impending legal proceedings). Bankruptcy or reorganization, economic damage calculations (brought about by a breach of contract), post acquisition disputes, business valuations, and security fraud.

Here are a few examples:

If, even with a due diligence investigation having been conducted, a company finds itself post-merger or post-acquisition with a host of problems that were not disclosed or not properly disclosed, they may seek the help of a forensic investigator in order to execute gain proper legal compensation. The forensic investigator would investigate and analyze his findings of the company pre-merger and use it to prove the fallacies or lies that were told to the company despite the legal nature of due diligence.

If, during bankruptcy, suspicion of illegal or corrupt behavior on the part of some employee or partner is discovered, a forensic investigator may be hired in order to investigate the claims of corrupt activity. If the analysis of financial data reveals that bankruptcy was brought about because of the actions of an individual or a group of individuals, the people that would have received nothing from bankruptcy may be able to seek financial compensation or sue the corrupt individuals, using the findings of the forensic investigator as proof in court.

Forensic investigators can also be helpful during the due diligence process. During business valuations that may be conducted pre-merger or acquisition, a forensic investigator may be hired to look into the financial history and dealings of the potential partner company in order to predict whether or a merger or acquisition will be beneficial for either company.

In the private sector, financial accounting and the work of forensic accountants most often work with divorce issues. Forensic accountants are invaluable in determining spousal support and child support fees. Using their knowledge, they will be able assess the lifestyle of spouses and children and be able to make equitable and fair decisions that will allow both parties to continue living their lives normally with as little detrimental effects as possible.

Forensic accountants (or forensic investigators) must have a working knowledge of economic theories, laws regarding business and finances, data managements, computer technology and recovery methods, and the workings of most accountant programs and financial accounting systems. Forensic accounts must have the knowledge of the average accountant as well as stellar investigative skills. It is no simple task to be a forensic accountant or investigator; it requires a huge number of skills and abilities.

SK Investigative Services, unlike many lesser investigative services, has highly trained investigators specializing in forensic accounting and investigation at their disposal. Whether you need the help of a private forensic investigator for business, marital, or other private purposes, SK Investigative Services will be able to provide you with the professional that will help you get the best results. Additionally, SK Investigative Services understands the nature of financial dealings and the disastrous and widespread effects of financial fraud and embezzlement. Not only can undetected corruption bring about the ruin of a business that many work hard to maintain, it can also bring about the financial ruin of many individuals and the people that rely on them. SK Investigative Services is here to make sure that none of that happens.

Financial Fraud

Financial fraud can often be more broadly expanded to refer to any sort of financial crime. Seeing as most financial crimes involve financial fraud, it is often safe to say that they are more or less the same thing. Officially, financial crimes refer to anything that involves the unlawful conversion of the ownership of property. This means that one person will unlawfully and clandestinely switch ownership of money, property, or assets from another person to themselves for their own financial gain. This most often occurs in large businesses where disgruntled or corrupt employees have access to confidential business information and choose to use it to their own advantage.

Oftentimes, the only way for financial fraud to be discovered is for a widespread investigation to uncover it.

Here are some examples of common financial fraud: check fraud, credit card fraud, medical fraud, security fraud, banking fraud, mortgage fraud, bribery, embezzlement, and identity fraud. Financial fraud and crimes can also include other crimes that are involved with an attempt to commit financial fraud, such as abuse, violence, armed robbery, or murder. Thus, is somebody breaks into a house and violently attacks the owner while attempting to steal credit cards and other documents of identity, their breaking and entering and violence will be considered part of a financial crime.

It is important to realize that financial crimes are not just perpetrated against corporations or businesses. Individuals can be the victim of financial fraud. If somebody forges a check in the name of somebody else or destroys the credit of another person by stealing their identity, this is just as much a financial crime as the embezzlement of money in a large business firm.

Additionally, it is not only businesses or organized crime groups that can perpetrate financial crimes and fraud. A single individual who goes about stealing identities is guilty of financial crime. An adolescent that forges one of their parent’s checks is guilty of financial crime. Strangely (and scarily) enough, entire economies and government can be guilty of financial crime and fraud if they are corrupt enough.

Nowadays, a few more facets have been added to the realm of financial fraud and crime. Money laundering is now considered a financial fraud, is the funding of terrorist organizations and attacks. Money laundering refers to the “cleaning” of money that is gained through criminal activity such as drug sales. The money is disguised to hide its origin so that it can be used in the market. Terrorist financing refers to the giving of money to an organization while possessing the knowledge that the money will be used to finance a scheme that would fall under the category of terrorism. Unlike other financial crimes, money laundering and terrorist financing occur almost exclusively over international borders, which adds a new level to the complexity of the crime as well as the punishment that the guilty will receive if they are caught engaging in such illict acts.

As you can see, the realm of financial crimes and fraud is incredibly broad. Many people would even call it confusing.

SK Investigative Services is here to help with any of your financial fraud and crime concerns. They will be able to provide you with the technology, contacts, manpower, and assets necessary for a full scale investigation of criminal activity. Whether you are speaking on behalf of your corporation of business or you are simply an individual who has suffered from the effects of a financial crime, SK Investigative Services is here to help. They know that the world of financial fraud is often daunting, and they will be with you every step of the way to make sure that you get the legal compensation that you need.

Computer Forensics

Computer forensics (or computer forensic science) is unique in that it refers to both data recovery and the investigation of criminal activity. While data recovery is rather simple in that it only involves the recovery of data that was lost to an individual or business, the investigation of criminal activity is much more complex in that it involves laws, legal systems, and the finding of evidence that can be produced in court.

The investigation of computer crimes is actually very similar in practice to the recovery of computer data; both involve trying to find something that now seems lost in the technologic world. In computer data recovery, the information was accidentally lost. However, in the investigation of computer crimes, the information was purposefully hidden or deleted.

It is important to realize the validity (and subsequent importance) of information that is gathered through computer forensics. Almost all courts around the world accept computer forensics evidence information as valid evidence along with almost all other types of digital information.

It is also important to realize one other thing: those who work in computer forensics are more than IT specialists. They are also investigators.

There are a few common techniques employed by computer forensic specialists to try and uncover hidden or deleted data. These include cross-drive analysis, live analysis, deleted files, and stenography. Cross-drive analysis is a method that is still being researched and practiced, but the other three techniques are rather widespread. Live analysis is most often employed when encountering encrypted file systems and involves the live extraction of information before computer shutdown. Techniques involving deleted files are probably the easiest technique and also the most similar to simple data recovery. When file are deleted, computers retain information somewhere within the hard drive; it is the job of the investigator to extract it.

Stenography is unique. Stenography actually refers to the criminal practice of hiding information within pictures or media files. Therefore, stenography is not a technique employed by computer forensics specialists. Rather, they employ techniques to combat it. They must find information stored within pictures or digital images, recover them, and clean them up for presentation as evidence.

Whatever the technique a computer forensic specialist chooses to employ to gain covered up or destroyed material, they must make sure to work with the greatest possible speed, recognizing the volatile nature of the information they are working with. A computer shutdown may mean the complete destruction of information. Often, when a computer reboots, no trace of certain types of material will ever be able to be found again. This was mentioned before in live analysis, but it is also incredibly important for deleted file recovery as many of the temporary files the forensic specialists use are emptied when computers reboot.

Among the various operatives and specialists employed by SK Investigative Services are highly trained and, most importantly, certified computer forensic specialists. Not only do they possess extensive knowledge as IT workers, they also possess extensive and invaluable knowledge as investigators. After all, they are both.

Whatever it is that you need help with, be it criminal activity and recovery or simple data recovery, SK Investigative Services will be able to offer you the specialists armed with the right technology to get the job done. You will have no need to find the right forensic tools, the right manuals, or the right skills. If you choose SK Investigative Services as your provider for private investigative needs, all that you need to get the job done will be at your disposal. All SK Investigative operatives that specialize in computer forensics are highly trained to work with all the forensic materials they could ever need to make sure the job is completed successfully.

Litigation Support

Before you are able to understand what litigation support is, you must understand what litigation is.

So, what is litigation?

Litigation refers to any and all legal proceedings in court. And the court itself is described as a “judicial contest” to enforce legal, private, and personal rights. Therefore, litigation is court proceedings; the hearings, the speeches given by lawyers, the calling of witnesses to the stand, the presentation of evidence, and the work of the jury. Though the litigation process is often glamorized by television and movies, it is actually a thoroughly complex and confusing process that could very easily overwhelm an amateur individual that is not aware of what he is getting him or herself into.

Therefore, litigation support is support during litigation. Of course, that isn’t a very helpful description so let me explain litigation support a little bit more.

Support does not only occur in court. Those offering litigation support do not only attend court hearings to offer moral support in the form of attendance or legal support in the presentation or testimony of evidence, but also refers to many procedures that occur before any litigation hearings actually occur. Organization, analysis and preparation of presentation (as well as the actual presentation itself) fall under the jurisdiction of litigation support.

Support is broken up into three steps:

1. Information from investigations is analyzed and organized. It is reviewed processed, and judged as to whether it is worthy and worthwhile to be shown in court. This step is unfortunately the most lengthy, but also the most important. Without this step, plaintiffs would not know what information was relevant and what information should be presented as evidence in the courtroom.

2. The second step involves post-analysis and pre-courtroom paperwork. Paper documents or electronic files are manages, maintained, and kept up to date as the day of the litigation hearing looms closer and closer.

3. The third step is the presentation of the information itself in a courtroom setting.

Remember: the method of presentation, organization, or paperwork may vary from country to country, state, to state, district to district, and court to court. It is important to keep up to date on proceedings. However, if you choose to seek out professional help that will accompany you on your journey, the complicated and taxing process of preparing for and actually presenting evidence in court can be greatly alleviated.

Most people who are somewhat familiar with the work of investigative services probably think that investigative agencies such as SK investigative Services help out with the investigation process and nothing more. This is horribly false. As claimed before, SK Investigative Services is there to help you every step of the way, and if one of those steps involves court then SK Investigative professionals will certainly be able to help you with court proceedings as well.

All of the difficulties that you may encounter while attempting to process and analyze information post-investigation will vanish. Professionals will be able to take over for you, and, besides simply removing the burned of work, they will also be able to provide you with more scholarly, professional, and thorough analysis results than an amateur individual could have ever produced on their own. Rather than having to worry about maintaining electronic or paper records while you are already nerve-wracked and confused by your approaching litigation hearing, let SK Investigative Services handle all the trouble for you. What you need to do is relax and allow yourself the chance to collect your thoughts, feelings, and emotions before you must appear in court to learn the outcome of all of your hard work.

Remember, SK Investigative Services will be here for you every step of the way.

Interviewing of Employees and Witnesses

Oftentimes, the interview process if not as highly regarded as it should be.

Remember, in many pre-employment cases (such as the employment of new individuals), the only chance you have to learn about a potential employee and gauge their work ethic and ability to mesh with current employees is during an interview. An amateur interviewer will often miss very important verbal and nonverbal messages conveyed by a potential employee during an interview.

Nonverbal cues refer to everything beside spoken word that may affect a conversation. Eye contact, posture, hand movement, and many other basic, almost innate and invisible movements have a profound effect on a conversation. Many inexperienced interviewers may not catch on to the nonverbal messages being conveyed by applicants and thus miss out on a very important wealth of information that could gain them valuable insight.

Verbal cues and messages refer to anything spoken; word choice, rate of speech, amount of pauses etc. Did you know that the rate of speech of an individual can betray nervousness as well as convey intelligence? Did you know that word choice could betray history, nationality and origin? Did you know that the amount of pauses during speech could reveal a less broad or deep pool of knowledge concerning the job that a potential employee is applying for? All of these things must be taken into account, analyzed, and taken into consideration, and it is often very difficult for a first time interviewer to catch the potential red flags that could be betrayed by verbal cues and messages.

Here is an example. Shirley is conducting her first interview with a potential employee that wants to work at the bank that she is manager of. She only recently became manager, so she hasn’t had the chance to hire anybody yet, but she is very excited about the prospect of a new employee that she gets to hire. She reads through the application of the first interviewer and notes that it says that he lives in New York. During the interview, she asks him about New York, what he thinks of it, and if he likes living there. He replies that he certainly does and that he has lived in New York his whole life. Shirley is left with a very positive impression of this “New Yorker” and decides to hire him on the spot. However, Shirley has made a horrible mistake.

Being inexperienced, Shirley thought nothing of the fact that the potential employee speaks with a southern accent. Obviously, he has not lived in New York his whole life and is lying. Whatever reason he has for lying about his birthplace and residence is a mystery, but it certainly can’t be a good thing. If Shirley had worked with an experienced interviewer or had simply been more experienced herself she might have caught the discrepancy.

SK Investigative Services is here to help train, fill in, and work with companies or individuals that need help with the interview process. SK Investigative Services will be able to supply you or your company with a highly trained interview professional that can sit in on or help conduct an interview with a potential employee and, later, give you valuable insight into the temperament and nature of the applicant.

Also, besides employee interviewing services, SK Investigative services can also help you with the interviewing of witnesses that may be involved in court litigations. As mentioned before, SK Investigative Services is there for you every step of the way, and is willing to offer you invaluable help in the witness interview process in order to ensure that your litigation processes are carried out as smoothly and effectively as possible.

Locating an Eye Witness

What do you think of when you think of litigation proceedings (otherwise commonly referred to as “being in court”? There is the prosecutor, the defendant, the lawyers (giving their speeches, trying to win the case for their clients), the jury, and, of course, the judge.

What are we missing?

Many people forget one very important facet of any court proceedings or hearing: the eyewitnesses. What is a court without eyewitnesses? Eyewitnesses are a valuable source of knowledge for both the prosecutor and defendant. They are able to provide accurate, emotional, and detailed testimonies or occurrences, actions, conversations, or any other event that may be relevant to the hearing.

It is also important to remember that eyewitnesses provide a little something more than simple statistics, phone records, photos, or other bits and pieces of tangible data; eyewitnesses provide a questionable source of knowledge that is able to emotionally and charismatically regale the jury with tales that they have witnessed. It is a proven fact that juries are more compelled by eyewitness accounts than cold, unfeeling statistics. Despite the fact that eyewitnesses may sometimes provide distorted, exaggerated, and sometimes even completely changed or falsified accounts of occurrences, there is something about human emotion and delivery that is able to make eyewitnesses into a very compelling form of evidence to present to juries and the judge.

However, though eyewitnesses are very important assets in court cases, there is one important problem that many people (be it defendant or prosecutor) encounter on the topic of eyewitnesses: they do not know where to find them. And, while a lawyer may be helpful when it comes to all things legal and oratorical in the courtroom, it often takes nothing less than a private investigator to track down the right eyewitnesses and compel them to testify in court.

Let’s look at an example:

Susan’s husband, Harold, is struck by a car as he is crossing the street, knocked out, and seriously injured. He ends up in the hospital, in severe pain and unable to work to try and pay his medical bills. Susan and her husband attempt to sue the driver of the vehicle, but he claims that Harold jumped in front of his car and that he could do nothing to avoid hitting him.

He claims that it is Harold’s fault.

Of course, there is no way for a jury or judge to know for sure who is telling the truth. What is helpful in situations such as these is eyewitnesses. An eyewitness, especially an unrelated, innocent bystander, will be able to provide a truthful account. Harold did not jump in front of the car.

However, in the chaos that followed the accident and the onslaught of pressing issues of medical care, legal action, and bills that Susan and her husband are trying to keep up with, neither of them have the time nor an idea of how to go about finding and recruiting any eyewitnesses of the accident. It has close to week since Harold entered the hospital. How are they supposed to find eyewitnesses?

Their answer is SK Investigative Services because SK Investigative Services will be able to provide them with professional, highly trained private investigators that will be able to understand the case that is presented to them and deliver results. Using accounts from Susan and her husband, documented records, police reports, newspapers, and whatever knowledge they have access too, they will be able to track down eyewitnesses that will be willing to testify in court. The private investigators of SK Investigative Services will be able to ensure that Harold gets the justice that he deserves.

TCSM (Technical Counter Surveillance Measures)

TCSM, or technical counter surveillance measures, refers to a very specific type of surveillance. In fact, it refers to something that is almost more anti-surveillance than surveillance. Technical counter surveillance is the seeking out, detecting of, and removal of surveillance devices. These surveillance devices can refer to anything from recording devices, hidden video cameras, or other transmission devices that have been implanted for the purpose of stealing information or documenting the whereabouts and habits of an individual.

Traditionally, technical counter surveillance measures have always been used to in reference to bugs or other devices installed in physically tangible places or in software in order to steal company information, funds, or passwords. Technical counter surveillance could also be used against devices that employers install in order to monitor the productivity and habits of their employees, but the chances of employees catching onto surveillance, hiring a professional, and paying to have the devices removed is very unlikely.

However, over recent years as personal recording devices (auditory and visual) have become much more accessible, there has been a growing number of citizens in the private sector seeking out technical counter surveillance measures. Some of the most common cases involve nosey or perverted landlords. Nowadays, many young women, men, and couples must be wary of the installation of hidden video cameras and recording devices in apartments or other spaces that they rent. Sometimes landlords want to be able to monitor the activities of their renters in order to ensure that they are not damaging property, but sometimes they wish to monitor the activities of their renters for less savory purposes.

It is important to realize that is both business and personal cases, surveillance measures used to monitor the activities and steal information from individuals or corporations is a gross and illegal invasion of privacy. It is important for you to realize that such practices are almost always illegal and finding proof of their existence will give you legal grounds to sue, receive legal compensation, and regain control of your privacy.

However, if it also important to realize that the individuals possessing the skills set necessary to carry out technical counter surveillance measures are very rare.

Individuals that are skills in technical counter surveillance measures are valuable for two reasons: they are skills in the art of surveillance and they are skilled in the art of removing surveillance. In order to know where surveillance devices are concealed, what to look for, and how to remove them, one must first be familiar with the installation of surveillance devices. Many individuals that are skilled at technical counter surveillance measures had to first gain their skills at simple surveillance.

Considering the professional skill set required for technical counter surveillance, a professional or a professional service is one of your best bets. SK Investigative Services is one such service that will be able to supply you with just the professional that you are looking for. SK Investigative Service professionals are skilled in a number of TCSM areas, including: computers, cellular devices, and personal property. SK Investigative Service operatives will be able to help you find, locate, document and remove any and all bugs that could have infiltrated your personal computer system, cellphone or other cellular device, and all recording devices that could have been hidden throughout your rented or owned property.

SK Investigative Services recognizes that your privacy and personal well being is important. Sometimes, surveillance measures can be a gross invasion and violation of your rights and peace of mind. When you feel that you have been wronged or suspect somebody of having wronged you, be sure to seek out the help of SK Investigative Services.

Mystery Shopper Investigation

To many people, the idea of mystery shopper investigation is confusing and, often, misleading. At first guess, many people believe that a mystery shopper investigation is an investigation conducted into the identity of an unknown shopper. This idea seems silly, unnecessary, and, to those that value their privacy, scary. However, rest assured that a mystery shopper investigation is not concerned with the identity of any shopper.

In fact, a mystery shopper investigation is actually an investigation into the store that the mystery shopper enters.

Here is a little explanation:

A mystery shopper is not, in fact, a shopper. A mystery shopper is a hired professional that dresses as a civilian and assumed the persona of an innocent, average shopper who has wandered into some store. They act like any other person, browsing racks, checking out the sales, and occasionally asking questions of store employees. However the mystery shopper has an agenda that is much different than the agenda of every other shopper in the store; the mystery shopper is there to judge.

As the mystery shopper interacts with customer service personnel, asks questions, and purchases merchandise, they are examining, analyzing and judging their shopping experience. This information is used in fraud detection and, most importantly, in a judgment of the competency and agreeableness of customer service and employee personnel.

Why is this done?

Many people are surprised to learn that a mystery shopper is often hired by none other than the company that they mystery shopper investigates. Many companies want to gain a truthful outside perspective on their business practices and employees. The best way to do this is to get an opinion straight from the customer. A mystery shopper provides this customer opinion as well as an added level of professionalism and experience that will be invaluable when compounded with the advice and analysis that he or she will be able to provide the company.

When it comes to mystery shoppers, don’t just hire any freelancer. SK Investigative Services has experienced professionals with years of experience, validity, and training that they will be able to provide you with to get the opinion you need. The help of a private investigator in a mystery shopper case is integral if you wish to improve the customer service, experience, and employee attitude or your shop.

Another good reason to hire a private investigator as your mystery shopper is legality.

In many countries it is illegal to hire anybody but a licensed private investigator as a mystery shopper. For a variety of reasons, and for the sake of acting within the law so as to avoid lawsuits, fines, and jail time, it is best act within the bounds of the law and hire a professional private investigator.

Additionally, private investigators are legally able to collect evidence of employee fraud. A regular mystery shopper will be able to give you feedback on company performance, but a professional private investigator that is hired to be a mystery shopper will be able to provide evidence of employee fraud.

Remember how you were so confused about the amount of discounts that were being used in the jewelry section of your department store? After hiring a private investigator and listening to his accounts and reviewing evidence, you learn that one of your employees has been handing out discounts to customers in an attempt to increase number of sales and commissions. He has been costing your company hundreds of dollars without you even being aware of the fraudulent discounts!

Though a private investigator may be a more expensive mystery shopper, it is important to realize that the information they can give you is something you cannot afford to live without!

Asset Investigation

An asset investigation can also be referred to as an asset check or an asset search.

Asset investigations become a reality when you are attempting to collect debt or due payment from another individual for services rendered, bought, transferred, or owed, and you find yourself not receiving money. In some cases, the individual that owes you money for whatever reason may plead bankruptcy or may fraudulently claim to not have access to proper funds in order to pay you back. This could result in you receiving your money late or, in extreme cases, not at all.

Other situations that involve asset investigations occur when borrowing or merging may take place between companies. Asset investigations are conducted with the intent of gaining further knowledge of property and assets of the individual or business. This information can be used to gauge value of decisions and predict future liabilities that could prevent you or your business from incurring further debt and damages.

It is important to note that asset investigations can be conducted on both individual and corporate entities.

There are a number of realms (mostly financial) that are searched when an asset investigation is conducted on either an individual or a business. All of this is done with the intent of piecing together the different pieces that is the financial history of whatever it is that you wish to learn more about. Any and all bits of history are searched our and analyzed to figure out all of the hidden assets that an individual or business may be hiding from you. This information can be gained through a number of avenues, including (but not limited to) basic surveillance, financial and business background checks, personal interviews with past and present employees or clients, computer investigations and surveillance, and basic background checks on all members involved in the business transactions.

Concerning individuals, there are a number of things that you could uncover that could prevent you from making a bad business decision. You could discover that the individual who was attempting to borrow money from your business is actually using an alias, acting under a fake name. A search or his or her real name may reveal many criminal charges related to fraudulent financing or other criminal charges.

Concerning business, there are also a number of things that you could uncover that could prevent you from making a bad business decision. After the asset investigations has run its course, perhaps you may uncover the fact that the business with whom you are potentially working has an enormous amount of hidden debt and does not, in fact, own any of the assets that they are attempting to use to lure you into a business deal.

Another great thing about asset investigations: they are still helpful after the fact. Even if you find yourself in the disastrous after-effects of a bad business decision, an asset investigation may still be helpful for you if you wish to find evidence of assets that could contribute to your case in court. There is still a chance that you could earn back some of your hard earned money and reputation.

It takes a good, trained, professional private investigator to get the best results from an asset investigation. The scope of an asset investigation is very broad and all encompassing; it takes a versatile individual and, ideally, many individuals to maintain and analyze all of the information that must be taken into consideration when trying to uncover hidden assets.

SK Investigative Services may be one of your best services for the professional private investigators that you need when it comes to conducting an asset investigation. SK Investigative Services is here to help you.

Polygraph Investigation

Before you can even being to consider the implications of a polygraph investigation, it is important to understand just what a polygraph is. Perhaps you may be familiar with some aspects of a polygraph machine (or lie-detector) from movies and other pop culture sources. Be warned, not only are polygraphs tests actually quite different than they are usually depicted in the mass media, but they are also in reality quite inaccurate (especially when compared to the results they get in the movies).

Theoretically, a polygraph test is supposed to be able to detect when somebody is lying. The individual that will be tested sits in the chair and is hooked up to a machine that is usually meant to measure various aspects of their physical being (breathing rate, blood pressure etc.). The individual is then asked a series of questions and the polygraph machine records the changes in the various physical aspects that are being monitored.

When the test is being conducted, the individual is usually asked very different types of questions. The first types of questions are known to be true. The second type of questions is known to be false. The third type consists of the questions that the individuals conducting the test are most interested in knowing to be true or false. In this way, the reader of the polygraph test will have measurements that depict known true and false physical responses that can be compared to the physical responses produced by answers to the unknown questions.

Machine error can occur for a number of reasons, including machine malfunction, an untrained polygraph reader, incorrect reading of data, or simple unpreparedness on the part of either (or both) the subject and the reader. Because of all the different aspects that could negatively affect a polygraph test’s results, many people disregard it as a viable option when it comes to gauging the validity of testimonies and eyewitness accounts.

There is, however, one way in which you can ensure your results are more viable.

Hiring a private investigator that is trained in the art of polygraph machines and is skilled in reading results produced by said machine can drastically improve your chances of properly using a polygraph test. A skilled, trained, and experienced private investigator will be able to properly interpret results to gauge whether or not the interrogated individual is lying or telling the truth. Of course, it is still important to acknowledge the fact that many people still have trouble accepting a polygraph test as proof of legitimacy, but taking the extra step by hiring a professional can do nothing but strengthen your cause.

As a bonus, hiring a private investigator for a polygraph test will also gain you a valuable operative that is skilled at interrogation techniques and tactics. A private investigator will know just what questions to ask and just when to ask them; they know how to try and get an individual to contradict themselves, become nervous, and perhaps slip up and reveal the truth. Even if a private investigator is unable to get a confession out of an individual, they have a better chance of getting the individual to reveal their falsehoods through the physical readings produced by the polygraph machine.

Either way, a private investigator is a valuable asset when it comes to the use of polygraph machines.

Of course, there is always the question of where to get a good private investigator. And, of course, SK Investigative Services is here to help you answer just that question. Especially in the case of providing operatives skilled in interrogative techniques and experienced in reading polygraph tests, SK Investigative Services is here to offer you just the services that you need.

Process Server Service

What is process server? It is a known fact that many people are, at the very least, less familiar with such a term than they should be. Many consider it to be part of the realm of court-room jargon that only very educated and trained lawyers know anything about.

However, the fact is that anybody is very capable of understand what process server is. However, an equally important fact also exists: sometimes the individual needs help when it comes to legal things. Even if things can be understood, it never hurts to seek out professional help and get a second, more trained and experienced opinion to help you out.

SK Investigative Services is here to do just that!

Any question about process server or process server service? Make sure to make SK investigative Services your first stop for all things of this nature. SK Investigative Services has some of the friendliest, and most skilled employees and operatives at their disposal, and the only thing you have to do to make sure that these employees are working for you is to ask SK Investigative Services for a bit of help.

Most private citizens have a special right: the right to be informed of being summoned. These “summons” refer to court. Meaning, an individual generally has the right to know when he or she is being taken to court and for what reason they are being asked to appear in a court room.

Process servers have the job of notifying the individual that he or she must appear in court.

However, process servers do more than simply server papers to somebody that has been asked to appear in court. Of course, one of the most important parts of their job is to make sure that the individual receives their summons to court. If an individual is not made aware of the fact that they have been asked to appear in court, this could mean that (in some cases) the case can no longer proceed and the individual is acquitted! Of course, this in an extreme example of what can happen if papers are not properly served to the individual, but things can get just as messy if somebody is not made properly aware of the fact that they are supposed to be appearing in court.

Process severs also serve as individuals in charge of document retrieval. Not only must they serve papers, but they must first retrieve, create, and go about the filing process necessary before papers can be served. After (or during) the serving of the papers, they must also make sure to provide proof that papers have been properly served. This information must then in turn be filed away properly.

Of course, the nuances of the job of a process server will vary from state to state and country to country. The differences can be menial, but they are nevertheless important. It is best for you to familiarize yourself with the laws in your area concerning process servers. Even if you do choose to seek out professional help when dealing with this facet of the judicial system, a beginning knowledge of what you are dealing with is always beneficial.

Many businesses try to advertise process server services from shady online websites that are dedicated to finding an individual a process server. Though some people may choose to go this route, others wish for better customer service and a more personalized approach.

SK Investigative Services is a viable alternative to massive website searches. Unlike search engines, SK Investigative Services can help you with all your legal needs and make sure that can get the process server that fits your legal needs.

Hidden Asset Tracing

In almost all cases that SK Investigative Services has encounter that requires hidden asset tracing, a company (more often than an individual) has been the victim of fraud and is attempting to seek monetary retribution for the wrongs that have been committed against them. If you are currently in a situation similar to this, rest assured that SK Investigative Services is here to help you ever step of the way in the quest to receive retribution for the wrongs that have been committed against you.

To begin with, hidden asset tracing is completed on a strictly confidential level. All operative involves in the investigation do their utmost best to ensure that their actions are not detected and the fraudulent individuals or business that is being investigated does not learn of the investigation. The last thing that you or the operatives want is a business with already hidden assets to want to hide their assets even more.

All private investigators involved in the case will seek out any and all financial information, forms, and correspondences related to the transaction that brought about your financial damages. This could include anything from recovery of checks, emails, letters, and other financial forms that were involved in the fraudulent transactions. Though files from your business may be readily available, it will take a professional level of searching, surveillance, and recovery to gain access to the information the fraudulent business has on the transaction that took place between them and your business.

In some cases, you and your business (if still on good terms with the fraudulent business) may provide a valuable asset of communication for investigators. If investigators can be introduced (with disguises) to the perpetrators of the crime and gain their confidences through various means, they can potentially gain greater access to information concerning the company’s assets and, most importantly, any hidden assets.

Remember: the fraudulent business will be doing everything in its power to keep its assets hidden. Even if they are unaware that an investigation is taking place, the defenses in place to protect their assets will still be formidable. Private investigators will be doing everything in their power to seek out every bit of information possible. You never know what might lead you to the hidden asset you need to make a case against the company!

Operatives that are involved in asset tracing investigations are generally forensic accountants (or consultants) and corporate investigators.

Forensic accountants are required for their skills in tracing the path of financial information.

The “tracing” in hidden asset tracing is imperative to an understanding of the goal of hidden asset tracing investigations. The point is not to simply uncover an asset. Rather, the point is to try and connect a hidden asset to a company in order to reveal their fraudulent activity. As said before, the fraudulent company will have already done everything in its power to ensure that the asset cannot be traced back to them. It could be owned under another name if not entirely hidden from public view altogether. Whatever the manner in which it has been hidden, you can be ensure that SK Investigative Services will be doing everything in its power to ensure that the assets are brought out into the open. Once out in the open, assets can be documented and used as evidence as you seek out monetary retribution through legal avenues.

If you choose SK Investigative Services as your private investigator provider, you can rest assured of the best and most comprehensive results. Every facet that is required of a unique hidden asset tracing investigation will be taken into consideration and thought of every step of the way. As your provider, SK Investigative Services wants you to get the retribution that you need and deserve.

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid)

Most people are familiar with deoxyribonucleic acid, or, if not that, then it’s more recognizable counterpart: DNA. DNA is the building blocks of human life. It determines everything from your hair color, to your height, your taste buds, your preferences, hearing abilities, and span of life. Scientists are still in the process of learning everything there is to know about DNA. It seems like every new fact reveals another new mystery, feeding the every growing fascination with the little strands of proteins that are the genetic makeup of every human being on this planet.

DNA is important in the realm of private investigation for one very simple reason: each and every person on this planet has a different type of DNA than every other person.

Modern technology has brought about a way to “test” DNA. In this way, it has become possible to “test” various pieces of the human body (hair, teeth, skin, saliva, semen, blood, etc.) and determine what person the DNA came from.

The advent of DNA testing has done wonders for the criminal justice systems of every country in the world. Though eyewitness testimonies and other forms of evidence still serve an important role in court proceedings and the decisions of sentencing, nothing can be as conclusive as DNA testing. Nowadays, it can be conclusively determined who committed what crime based on the skin cells, fingerprints, and pieces of hair that are found at the scene of the crime. In some cases, a murderer can be found simply by testing the bits of foreign hair that are found on the body of a victim.

Overall, nothing has been so revolutionary as the streamlining of DNA testing.

And, while DNA testing has been exaggerated as simple in pop culture, it still remains a very confusing, time consuming, and costly procedure. It is confusing both scientifically and legally. Very few others than scientists are able to derive information from bits of dead matter from another human being, but there are equally few (besides lawyers) who know the laws regarding DNA gathering, testing, and presentation in court.

How can DNA be gathered? How must it be tested to stand up in court? How can one get a DNA sample from suspects? How must one present DNA evidence in court?

All of these are very serious and very confusing questions. An amateur in the world of the justice system will him or herself confused and lost. Rest assured, this is not a result of an deficit; DNA testing is confusing and it is recommended that you seek professional help regardless of your understanding of the processed involved with DNA testing.

SK Investigative Services can offer you comprehensive DNA gathering, testing, and analyzing services. With all of the legal issues and scientific labs involved in DNA testing, its best to let professional with professional connections and experience do the dirty work. It takes a painstaking eye for detail to search about for the tiniest bit of hair that could eventually serve as the most conclusive of DNA evidence possible. It takes a highly knowledgeable brain to understand the legal nuances involved with gathering DNA samples from possible suspects that can be compared to DNA samples found at the scene of the crime. Additionally, it takes a highly trained mind to understand the scientific results that can be possibly expected from any DNA testing that is ordered from a lab.

The process of DNA testing is time-consuming, lengthy, and costly. To make sure that your money is well spent and that you have a good case for presentation in court, we recommend SK Investigative Services for all of your private investigative needs.

Handwriting Forensic Investigation

At present, the most of the cultures teach their children to write in a correct manner, according to a specific language use, trying to develop the correct spelling and grammar, and a legible calligraphy. Therefore, at the very beginning, we are taught to develop the skills that our culture standardizes. Only one of them is modified by us, due to our personality: the calligraphy or handwriting. It is clear that there are no two people with the same handwriting, even if they are twins, but how much information can we obtain from the handwriting, and how critical is it? Actually, this particular individuality can be studied under several patterns and characteristics that we will note in the following paragraphs. In addition, we can think in the vast utility of handwriting analysis: we can be identified, and even located, thus the main field, where this analysis is applied, is criminology, so we talk about Handwriting Forensic Investigation.

Investigators, criminologists, forensic document examiners need to know the clues obtained from handwriting. In fact, it is used to determine the perpetrators of several kinds of crimes like homicide, suicide, fraud, sexual offences, drug trafficking, and clandestine laboratories. The first requirement a professional of this field has to cover is accurately distinguishing between the style characteristics and the individual characteristics because the latter are the key to characterize the author. One of the tasks that handwriting analysts must be able to do is checking the differences between one text written by a known author, and one by an unknown author. The differences aim to know whether one person can write two texts in a different way. Comparing both writings, the investigator can find important differences (investigators always look for individual characteristics) which indicate that the two texts were written by different persons, because one person cannot simulate as much individual characteristics as he or she wants. On the other hand, if both texts have several characteristics which match, then the authority of the writing is almost assured. This provides model specimen handwriting forms. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) develops and maintains writings databases which contain reference files for handwriting analyst to compare with some questionable documents. Let’s suppose investigators find a note in a suicide scene, how can they determine whether the note was written by the deceased or by someone else? The first step is to find a known handwriting from the deceased. Then, the investigator look for content: grammar, punctuation and diction. The analyst pays attention in frequent misspellings, repeated sentences, typical expressions, and other characteristics that could identify the ethnic origin of the author and his or her level of education. The next step is to analyze the general form: size, inclination, proportion and initial and final style of scripts, these are an integral part of the author’s general form. Next, the format and margins: the size of the margins, the consistency in the spaces between words, the inclination of the lines which determine the handwriting style. Lines features follows: writing speed, fluidity, and the pressure of the pen are clues about the characteristics of the line, and the space between the letters and the words and the connectivity between the letters.

Handwriting analysts check previous characteristics by comparison between documents and signatures, and they can determine whether proceed from the same person. Based on what they figure out, they can conclude whether the documents are perfectly matching, they are mostly matching, there are some coincidences or there are no coincidences. As we can imagine, not all the investigations leads to a solution. However, these kinds of analysis usually give the right answer: italic letters and signatures are the best clues. On the other hand, printed documents are more difficult since most of the individual characteristics are not presented in the printed material. Fortunately, grammar mistakes are usual proofs and handwriting analysts take advantage of that. Alleged perpetuators are asked to sign or write the same text that in the forged document in order to compare their writings, and they tend to make the same mistakes in the spelling of the same words. The solution from these investigations must be accompanied by additional scientific evidences which support claims against the accused but they are key clues in the investigation, and sometimes, they can confirm the authority of the crime.

Foreign Workers Moonlighting

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) of Singapore has the goals of developing the workforce’s capacities and productivity, in order to improve the employment, achieve more incomes, and guarantee retirement in Singapore. They try to enlarge their workforce by introducing foreign workers, and creating progressive workplaces. They manage The Employment Act, which is a document which provides the basic terms and working conditions for all types of employees except those employed in managerial or executive positions, seamen and domestic workers. Therefore, it covers both local and foreign employees. In Singapore, the latter are usually employed as construction worker, maids, cleaners, and other jobs that don’t require higher qualifications. Furthermore, in most of the cases, the recruiters are freelancers, so they are suspicious to hire many foreign workers in an illegal way: foreign people without a permission to work in Singapore and no contracts signed. Actually, these foreign workers normally have more than one job in order to get an extra-money, so in this article; we will see the reasons and the consequences of these facts.

Foreign workers can be moonlighted if work-time slots are compatible. Actually, it is perfectly possible for two companies to provide services, if it is agreed by both, and there are competition covenants. Moonlighting is not allowed, it is completely illegal, even the foreign workers have a valid work passes. Why moonlighting is becoming a negative reality? The problems come when the following situation happens: freelancer recruiters ask for between $ 1400 and $ 2000, for each maid they hired; it takes four months of the salary of the foreign worker to get these quantities. When the contract is full time, the recruiter asks for between $ 2150 and $2500, five months of the salary of a foreign worker. This is an illegally punished reality in Singapore. One more interesting question could be: why moonlighted foreign workers could be negative?

Taxes for workers and employers, plus the minimum salaries to be paid are the main issues that cause the previous situations. The Foreign Workers Law, known as the “levy” is mechanism to regulate the number of foreign workers in Singapore. Employees are not required to pay Central Provident Fund (CPF) contributions for Foreign Workers, but employers are liable to pay monthly levies to hire employees who have Work Permits. If the workers achieve the status of Permanent Resident, they will be placed in the CPF framework, too. The factors which determine the amount of levy to be paid, applied to Work Permit holders are the worker’s qualification and the dependency ceiling. Therefore, Ministry of Manpower checks the worker’s skills, by looking for academic records, or certificates. Mid-level skilled foreigners, for instance technicians, who wish to work in Singapore, may apply for an S Pass. Employers have to pay a sub-quota of 15% of their current total workforce, in the case of hiring workers with an S pass permission. If workers have the Worker Permit, the quota is 8%. In addition, there is a reduced quota for those who have hired less than five foreign workers with a Work Permit, which is reduced in a 5%. As it was mentioned earlier, there is also a minimum salary established by the Ministry of Manpower. For instance, S pass holders must be paid, at least, $ 2,200. However, this increment enlarges also the value of levies.

Convicted employers or foreign workers can be fined up to $15,000, jailed up to 12 months, or both in case of illegal deployment. Ministry of Manpower can debar errant employers from hiring an excessive number of foreign workers. The Ministry’s goal is enforcement against employers and foreign employees who elude the Work Pass framework.

Infidelity Investigation

Adultery is one of the most traumatic and devastating experiences that a person can suffer: being sure that your partner is cheating is painful, but knowing this situation is happening provides lots of future possibilities. The pain at some point ceases and life goes on. Unfortunately, in most cases the spouse begins to have strange attitudes, hide things, become aggressive or indifferent, so he or she might be committing adultery, and here is where infidelity and private detectives are linked. It is important that you can notice that suspecting that the person you love is cheating on you is no less painful that being sure of it. The people affected by this issue need to move on with their lives. In order to help to achieve this, the researchers will supply the needed evidences. Many people feel that being in contact with a private detective or a detective agency is an uncommon practice, and therefore, they may not feel comfortable at the time of taking the first step, and deciding what they really need. There are detectives who merely investigate and deliver their reports, but we must not forget that what is being investigated can be very sensitive and painful for the client, especially when it comes to infidelity. Therefore, it is necessary that you, as a client, require keeping informed of any developments to go understanding what your situation is, and obtain guidance, once the research is done, so you know which alternatives to take. This is critical when choosing who will conduct the investigation, because this person should be cautious, since the issues of infidelity and private detectives are very common today and people under infidelity investigations often realize that they are being followed. The client really feels scared, so the better idea is hiring a detective specialized in cases of infidelity who take their suffering seriously.

Private investigators use new technologies in accordance with applicable law in order to obtain valid proofs to present to the courts. Text messages, content in social networks and emails are some of the strongest evidences. Text messages and their contents are considered serious injuries. Text messages and their contents, as proofs, are those containing, wishes, appointments, sex encounters, love messages, all of them for women or men different to the spouse or partner than the one with a shared life for at least two years. This is not considered violation of privacy, violation of correspondence, violation of privacy and / or personal affairs, because the person that sends the message via phone, via messenger, via email, or via social networks, is betraying the marriage contract, betraying the right constitutional of his or her partner and children if any, and violating the sacred right of home and family. In addition, these messages lead to prevent misleading, deceptive, and malicious acts; prevent the spouse/partner from entering these extra-marital activities: a single text message in the cell phone, mail, messenger, or social networking, implies that a person has an extra marital relationship, thus he or she loses its absolute right as a couple, and may be subject to civil and criminal trial.

Several websites and printed advertising present services are provided by private individuals, unscrupulous, who are not licensed by the State to conduct investigations. Hiring these people has the consequences of not doing a serious research, only getting the payment of the cost of labor, without providing any contract that guarantees fulfillment. Then, these “investigators” disappear without possibility of being found. In addition, the research is performed as a low quality process, perhaps, by doing a wrong research, and they don’t accomplish the agreed times and days. Moreover, they could give false information, don’t answer the phone, and don’t provide information or evidence to show that they were doing the investigation. It is important that the clients make sure that the development of the case and confidential information are being carried by licensed professionals.

Semen Detection Test


Do you have a clothing item or stain you need to test for the presence of semen?

The Semen Detection Test Strip gives instant result. A positive result turns the test strip bright to purple colour.

The semen detection test is a real evidence test from “Forensic Scientists” uses these tests in the field and in laboratories.

Moisten Stain: Activate stain with water.

Collect Stain: Rub stain with provided cotton swab.

Apply Test Strip: Test stain by rubbing moistened swab onto the test strip.

Purple=Semen: Semen is present, if it turns purple after 2 minutes.

Cheating Spouse

Do you suspect that your spouse is being unfaithful? If so, the test can provide evidence of him/her infidelity. It is recommended to conduct the test below 100 hours for accuracy.

Possible Complications

Condoms: If your spouse and her lover are using condoms, there probably will not be any semen to test. In this case, you must use other means of surveillance.

Vasectomy: A vasectomy will NOT affect the outcome of the test, because a man still produces semen. 

Menstrual period: A woman’s menstrual period does not interfere the result with the detection of the test.

False Alarm: Vaginal fluid some time contains small amounts of acid phosphatase, and may turn the test strip to blue colour. Therefore, it is important to perform another test to confirm the presence of semen.

Note: The product are made from United State of America.