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Evidence in its broadest sense includes everything that is used to determine ordemonstrate the truth of an assertion.

Giving or procuring evidence is the process of using those things that are either (a) presumed to be true, or (b) were themselves proven via evidence, to demonstrate an assertion’s truth.

Evidence is the currency by which one fulfills the burden of proof. Many issues surround evidence, making it the subject of muchdiscussion and disagreement.

In addition to its subtlety, evidence plays an important role in many academic disciplines, including science and law, adding to the discourse surrounding it.

An important distinction in the field of evidence is that between circumstantial evidence and direct evidence or evidence that suggests truth as opposed to evidence that directly proves truth.

Many have seen this line to be less-than-clear and significant arguments have arisen over the difference.


Truth has a variety of meanings, such as the state of being in accord with fact or reality. It can also mean having fidelity to an original or to a standard or ideal. In a common usage, it also means constancy or sincerity in action or character.

The direct opposite of truth is falsehood, which can correspondingly take logical, factual or ethical meanings.

Various theories and views of truth continue to be debated among scholars and philosophers.

There are differing claims on such questions as what constitutes truth; what things are truth bearers capable of being true or false; how to define and identify truth; the roles that revealed and acquired knowledge play; and whether truth is subjective or objective, relative or absolute.

Direct evidence supports the truth of an assertion (in criminal law, an assertion of guilt or of innocence) directly, i.e., without an intervening inference.

Circumstantial evidence by contrast, directly supports the truth of evidence, from which the truth of the assertion may be inferred.

The law of evidence encompasses the rules and legal principles that govern the proof of facts in a legal proceeding.

These rules determine what evidence can be considered by the trier of fact in reaching its decision and, sometimes, the weight that may be given to that evidence.

frequently asked questions

What kind of service standards do you expect from your investigation firm?

What overall impression do you receive from this person? Is his first concern money? You needs come first. Can you trust him? What are his thoughts on confidentiality? Has this person shown an ethical nature, a sense of decency? A good PI will honor this. He will never surrender an informant or information, and will keep private everything shared between the two of you beside you case investigator. Some clients worry that their identities may be revealed, if PIs is confronted by the person being investigated. A good PI would never disclose his/her Client’s name. This protects you. If the surveillance fails, you at least haven’t suffered any repercussions because of it.

Why are there so many differences between quotations given by different investigation firm? All is about Quality VS Quantity

The common element of the business definitions is that the quality of a service refers to the perception of the degree to which the service meets the customer’s expectations. Investigation fees are usually based on the complexity of the case, time and effort of the private investigator/s put in and the requirement degree of evidence the client require. A reputable private investigation firm might not be necessary charging a higher price compared to a smaller private investigation firm.

Does the investigation firm really look into your problem, study your case carefully and provide you with detailed professional advice in all legal aspects?

When a private investigator accept your assignment and collected your fees, usually they have to carrying out your assignment, which is obligated to you, but do they really put in their effort and study your case well to archive your objectives and advice you in all aspects?We are sure you want to be the same as our happy client walking out from our office.

Why do some of the investigations assignments fail and do not satisfy their client?

Any investigation assignment only got one main objective, found out the hidden truth. Non experience private investigator and no proper planning are the main factor to cause an investigation operation fail. Investigation fees are part of the main factor. Running a business and personate in their job can give you different results.

Does the investigation firm handle your job in a professional manner?

Strategic planning is an organization’s process of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy. In order to determine the direction of the organization, it is necessary to understand its current position and the possible avenues through which it can pursue a particular course of action. While strategic planning may be used to effectively plot a company’s longer-term direction, one cannot use it to reliably forecast how the market will evolve and what issues will surface in the immediate future. Therefore, strategic innovation and tinkering with the “strategic plan” have to be a cornerstone strategy for an organization to survive the turbulent business climate.

How, if your case were to be ``Exposed`` by the Private Investigators during the course of their surveillance, will your private investigators are able to archive your objectives and collect the crucial evidence you need most?

Many of the consumers do not know or have the experience to choose or look for in a private investigation firm. A few guidelines you may choose from; Proper Company Website, Core Business in Private Investigation Services, Certified Members of International Private Investigation Association or Good Credentials. Of- cause, including reasonable rate.

Are you incurring large amounts of investigation fees by engaging two investigation firms?

Diffidently the answer is Yes. Not only large monetary was involve, it could ended up paying another few Top Private Investigation Firm and at the end no curial evidence could be establish.

Will engaging a second investigation firm ensure your objectives are fulfilled?

Diffidently the answer is No, once a case had been expose, it will be very difficult for the private investigator to immediately continue with their surveillance as the person are usually very caution and alert. Perhaps rest the case for 3-6 month might help.

Can a good investigation firm provide you with an accurate quotation even without knowing your case background?

A consumer usually will first ask you how much it will cost them to conduct surveillance. These are very common question we hear every day. The fees of a good private investigator are based on the complexity of the case, background of the Subject, degree of evidence and objectives to achieve. Last, the professional time they put in your case.

Can a good investigation firm guarantee you evidence before commencing the assignment?

Yes, No for all type of cases. For a very senior private investigator, no doubts they can’t give you 100% guarantee results, but through their years of experience in the industry, they will know where and how to find the evidence and provide you an estimation of how much time they need to achieve the results for you, if there is.

Are you entitled to a proper copy of the service contract upon engaging their services?

Contract is a form of agreement to protect each party’s interest. In-case, later part there is a misunderstanding or disagreement of the services or payment. A proper and details contract should be sign by both parties state every clause clearing in the service contract. The investigation firm shall provide a copy of the singed contract for their client reference that is only fair to them.

Are you entitled to have copies of the investigation reports, DVD disc or photographs at the end of your payment?

Different company had different policy and practice.Certain company will provide you with free log investigation report, DVD disc and photographs as a package. Some will bill you for extra copies. Do check with you investigation agency.