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SK Caught My Cheating Spouse Red Handed!

I had been married for the past ten years to my wife Mara. I had this nagging feeling that all was not well in my marital union as Mara started working late and taking out of town business trips every fortnight. I had expressed my concerns to her but she said I was being melodramatic and paranoid. Was my wife hiding something? I contacted SK with my concerns and they gave me a good investigative package that included surveillance. After six weeks, they got back to me with their findings (both photographic and audio visual) showing Mara in compromising positions with her supervisor! Needless to say, we are now separated and I feel vindicated. I am not paranoid or melodramatic after all!

That Girl Is Not My Child!

I have always wanted to be a father. To pass on my genes and other things to my offspring was one of my greatest dreams: he or she would be part of the legacy I leave behind when I kick the bucket. I had met my wife three decades ago and we have been blessed with three children: two sons and a daughter (who is the last born and the apple of my eye). My daughter had been sick and needed a blood transfusion as part of her intensive treatment. I heard two of the nurses’ comment that there was no way I was the father as DNA does not lie. This ate at me and I decided to get to the bottom of it. SK did background checks and even facilitated a DNA testing without rousing the suspicions of my family. I discovered that she was not my biological daughter. We had had some issues earlier in our marriage and were separated for a while so I kept that discovery to myself. I may not be her biological father but I still raised her up! Thanks SK for putting my mind at ease!

My Employee Lacks The Essential Customer Care Skills!

I run a fashion store in Indonesia. I had recently employed a youthful personal shopper to help people acquire whatever merchandise they required in the store. I had realised that I was not getting return customers and most of my loyal customers were shunning my store. I asked one of them and they said they did not have a pleasant experience the last time she was in my store. I contacted SK and they gave me the mystery shopper package. They sent two of their PIs to my store who posed as customers and they had those investigative gadgets of theirs where I could see and listen in on what was going on in the store. The new personal shopper got one of the PIs and the other was served by one of the longer serving personal shoppers. The new personal shopper lacked essential customer relational skills and kept bullying the PI into buying things that were clearly not flattering to her body shape and out of the price range specified. Seeing how the PI was treated open up my eyes and I confronted the personal shopper with the evidence before firing her as she did not show any signs of remorse. Now my business is back on track and better than ever!

Fraudster On The Loose!

I have been hearing all about investments and securing our future by saving and investing wisely. I came across a seemingly nice man who told me he was not only a financial advisor but also a hedge fund manager. He even gave me the references to check out to show me just how genuine he was as a financial guru. All his references checked out and I decided to invest the little I had in the hedge fund he managed. The first three months were great as I received handsome rewards and even recruited a few people to invest with him; but things started going downhill in the sixth month. I could not locate him and his offices were closed. Phones and emails went unanswered and his references were nowhere to be found. My friends were blaming me for the loss of their savings”¦ I was in hot soup! I contacted SK and gave them all the details and information I had on that man. They were able to track him down in Taiwan where he and his associates were gearing up to steal other peoples’ hard earned money. Thanks to their investigations, fraud was uncovered, people got back a substantial amount of money and my friends are not breathing down my neck!

Are You My Biological Parents?

Ever since I was fifteen years old living in Hong Kong, I knew I was adopted. I love my mum and dad as they raised me up well and took good care of me but as a man, I wanted to know who I was, what kind of a man fathered me; are there any genetic diseases or inherited diseases in my ancestry and all that jazz! My parents had kept a copy of my adoption file as well as other information they had gathered about my biological parents. When I reached 18 years old, they gave me the files and wished me luck. A family friend referred me to SK and I contacted them with my case. I knew that it would be a daunting task and it would even take years to trace my biological parents or not even find them at all; but they assured me they will do all that is legally and ethically possibly to help me find the answers that I seek. It did take a while but SK came through! Thank you SK for helping me uncover my ancestry and gaining insight to part of my heritage!

Background Check Saved My Life!

I have always been prone to distrust. Maybe it is the line of work I am in or maybe it is just the way I was brought up. Either way, suspicion and distrust seem to be my middle name! I had met this lovely old couple (they reminded me of my grandparents) when I was on a trip to Malaysia to buy a few things and relax concurrently. They had proposed a business deal and me being me, I had to make sure they were genuine (even though they looked sweet and harmless, you can never be too careful!). I contracted the services of SK to do a background check on them and what they uncovered was mind blowing! They were on the Interpol list of wanted people who used people to transport banned merchandise. If I had not done a background check, I would be languishing in jail right about now. SK, you saved me for being a visitor of the state for three to ten years!

Once A Cheating Spouse.

I am an advocate for forgiveness and letting God being one’s avenger or letting karma taking its course. Some of my friends say I am too nice and thus easily gullible as I tend to see the good in people and trust that people are going to change. When I got married, I knew it would be forever. I knew that it was a “˜till death do us part’ commitment and I was ready. The first six years was great and two children later, I felt I was on track to showing people how a long lasting marriage looks like. My husband came home with lipstick on his shirt and when I confronted him he said it was a mistake he will never repeat again, and I forgave him after a while. The second time he cheated, he was more discreet about it but I still found out so were the other three or four other times. They say women have a sixth sense that alerts them to when something is not right. I could not put my finger on it so I contacted SK to help me place a finger on it. The evidence they brought back showed that he was not only cheating on me, but he also had fathered another child out there with two different women! That was the straw that broke the camel’s back! I am now happier, more assertive but I still believe in forgiveness!

The Enemy Within

I had wondered how my rival company always seemed a step ahead of me whenever I had a presentation to pitch! I run an advertising company in Thailand and the best pitch wins the contract. My rival companies always seemed to have thought as I did and they took the idea a notch higher. How would they know what I wanted to pitch and all the presentations were under lock and key and only I and a handful of people knew about it? I had to solve that mystery and SK was at hand to aid me in putting the puzzle pieces together. They discovered that I had a spy in my midst in form of my strategic manager! He is now serving time behind bars for corporate espionage and the rival company incurred immense penalties as well as loss of some major contracts Thanks SK for finding the enemy within!

Process Server

Thank you SK for helping me serve divorce papers to my violent husband! I know it was a great risk but you handled it well. I am now in the process of getting out of my abusive marriage as he cannot claim he was not served! Apart from that, SK has ensured that he respects the restraining order that he was served last week! You have helped me sleep better!

Nowhere To Hide!

My business partner had been dipping his hands in the company’s coffers and manipulating the financial and business records to cover it up! When he knew we were on to him, he deleted all the files from his computer and we had no evidence to prove that he was indeed the culprit who had his hand in the cookie jar! I contracted the services of SK and through digital forensics; they were able to recover data and other information from his home and office computer that was useful in the civil and criminal case against him. Just goes to show that technology is not a good place to hide!

First Love Finally Die

I had known my husband for two years before we got married ten years ago. My husband has always stuck to a particular routine and when his routine started becoming erratic, I started to worry. He has a nine to five job and is usually at home latest by eight in the night. When the weekend business trips arose as well as the coming home at ten in the night or thereabouts, my instincts told me something was amiss. I could not get the nagging feeling out of my head that he was up to no good, especially when the romance started dwindling. I was referred to SK INVESTIGATION PRIVATE LIMITED by a trusted friend whom I had shared my concerns with. Their investigations revealed that my husband was seeing his ex-girlfriend. I confronted my husband with the evidence collected.

My husband faced up to his cheating ways. I know that you will always have a connection to your first love and they have an impact, a certain hold on us; and I did understand his explanation, but in the long run, I made it clearly to him the consequences of cheating on me. I forgave him and thanks to SK, my marriage was saved in the nick of time.

A Foreign Affair In Singapore

Is it that men do not have control over their loins or do they just love sampling all a country has to offer? It was my eleventh year anniversary with my lovely husband. He decided to take me and the kids to Singapore so that we could have a fun time and spend some family time together. As you know, there is a time during family vacations that each person is allowed to go and venture out on their own as long as they do not stray too far away from the group. It reached a time on the trip that all of a sudden my husband wanted to spend time alone all the time. This was unlike him and I was quite worried. I remembered that I had seen a PI firm in one of my daily walks and I decided to contact them to get to the bottom of it. My husband had gotten himself a beautiful Singapore girl who had attracted his attention. I confronted him and he was very apologetic and promised never to stray out of the marital boundaries again. The children did not get to learn about his little indiscretion and we are still a family ten years down the line!

You one, I also Want

When you are an international business man or you are part of a company that has international presence, one of the things you have to do is entertain international guests when they come calling and show them the best time ever! They say that the customer is always right, and whatever the clients want, they will get. My husband is a business man who has business interests around the world. I am used to him entertaining guests in clubs and other social places once in a while. When he came home one day drunk and lipstick smeared on his shirt collar, my suspicion was aroused. I hired PIs from SK INVESTIGATION PRIVATE LIMITED to follow him around during his entertainment trips. They found out that my husband was involved with a club girl, who also hooked up my husband’s international business partner with another club girl! If that is what is called entertaining an international client, then I do not know what entertainment means anymore! Thanks SK for helping me discover the truth!

The Pig and The Mirror

Another rich, old man who had nothing much to do with his time but acquire himself a young girlfriend story that ended tragically. He tried to cater to all her needs and whatever she wanted, he got for her. He bought for her a nice car and also an apartment in a well to do neighbourhood. When you are in such a spending spree, you are bound to make some unsound financial decisions. To cut a long story short, his bank balance dwindled and the girl left him shortly after that. The man discovered that he was only loved because of his money and what he offered./ Thank God for the fact that family loves and takes you back no matter what!

Sleeping In The Coffin Still Lying

There are people who will never admit it when they are on the wrong. In fact they will challenge you to prove without a shadow of doubt that they are on the wrong and hence the burden of proof is left to you. I always thought that my husband was having an extra-marital affair and whenever I confronted him, he would scoff it off and tell me to show him the evidence. The lipstick on his shirt and the feminine perfume he smelled off after working late was not evidence to him. I decided to hire SK so that I would shut him up with irrefutable evidence once and for all. I produced the evidence the PI gave me and he still was not remorseful. I filed for divorce after thirty years of marriage. I do not know why I stayed for that long; I guess I was waiting for the children to grow up. He now lives in an old people’s home because his offspring do not want to deal with him. He has learnt his bitter lesson! If he had not cheated on me, he would have had someone to care for him!

The 7 Year Itch

The truth will set you free! I am now a free woman and happier at that. I got married early. I was only eighteen years old when I got married. I was a stay at home wife and a homemaker so my husband was the sole breadwinner in the household. My husband was only nineteen when we got married and he had not dated any other before me. I remained a faithful and dedicated wife through the seven years of marriage. I understood that my husband had to work late so as that we could have food on the table but when he started coming home after midnight or calling to say he will not be home for dinner or he will be sleeping over art the office, I got concerned. I contacted SK and they gave me a good deal for investigating my husband. The PI discovered that my husband was having multi affairs left, right and centre. He was enjoying his sexual freedom out there while I was at home taking care of him and his babies! When I confronted him, he said we got married too early and he did not get a chance to experience life as a single man! Can you believe that?!

Said I love You But I lied

Life is full of drama, and love and relationship must be the drama hub of the world. Women do love to be romanced and once you tell them that you love them, those three magic words can make them loose their senses! Common sense and caution is thrown to the wind all in the name of love. Men can be devious creatures (no offense), especially when it comes to getting laid. A married man had an affair with a young girl who had a bright future ahead of her. The man wooed and chased the girl and she eventually gave in to his advances. Not only did the girl discover that her prince charming was a married man but also she was the other woman.

She confronted her lover with the news of him being married and just using her for his sexual needs. He claimed that he was in the process of divorcing his wife and went as far as claiming that he and his wife did not share the same bed: they slept in different rooms and had not had sex in a long time. As I said earlier, love makes a little dumb so she stayed on in the relationship for a number of years and even got pregnant by him. She saw pregnancy as a ticket to finally getting married to her lover. Shock on her! The man told her he had no intentions of leaving neither his wife nor his children. The stress led her to have a miscarriage and at long last, the wool that was pulled over her eyes disappeared and she went on and started a new life.

No Money, No Honey

They say money is the root of all evil in this world and I agree. Money can make someone throw out their moral compass and indulge in activities that lower their self-dignity. Old men are prone to scout out for younger women so as to prove their virility. But in order to get into the pants of the young women, the men have to wine and dine them as well as buy them gifts and give them some financial assistance. By nature, women are more prone to fall in love with a man, especially if they are copulating with them. Sex is never just a physical affair to a woman; emotions are bound to kick in eventually. Men, on the other hand, are known for their expertise to separate the physical act from the emotional attachments. A man falls in sex with the girl; the girl falls in love with the man, and therein lays the problem.

If you think of it, having sex for money is still flesh trade, no matter what you tell yourself!

The Cat and The Fish

They say by the time you have your fifth beer, even an ugly duckling looks like a beautiful swan. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions and you tend to do what you have always wanted to do when you are sober but had no courage to do. The beauty of doing something under the influence is that you can blame it all on the alcohol. When you put yourself in a position to be tempted, you will have to have a strong will and loads of self-control not to yield to temptation. There was a man who used to frequent bars and other social places where there were beautiful women all around him. He loved his alcohol and he did avoid the temptation of giving into his manly desires. But one day he slipped and fell right into the hands of the temptress. If you are as drunk as a fish, you will not see the cat coming to eat you up! Thanks to his drunken escapade, he ended up contracting an STD. Lesson to all you social drinkers out there, do not be a fish and get swallowed up by the cat!

The Old Cow and the Young Grass

There are men when they reach a mid-life crisis decide to buy a sports car and start acting young again. Some want to prove that they still got it in the bedroom and they get themselves young girls, some young enough to be their daughters so as they can feel like a man in the bedroom. I remember a case of an old rich man who had abandoned his family and got himself a trophy girlfriend who made him feel like a young, virile man again. The girl was using him for his money and he thought he had found a girl who loved him. He was rather suspicious of why he only met her at night or in particular places and they never seen in public together in broad daylight. He had the girl followed and he discovered that she had a young boyfriend who was reaping from his generosity. Needless to say, he gave up and went back to his family, ego shattered and a little poorer!