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More On Infidelity Investigations

Infidelity exists and seems to be more common in married partners than in single partners who are still courting. The married couples stay together most of the time and get used to each other’s characters and mode of operation. Before marriage, the couple is expected to have gone through courtship process where they are required to learn each other’s particular way of life. When single, one can decide to keep more than one lover, but on making a decision to get married, a choice is made amongst the many partners. After marriage, an individual may still keep in touch with...

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Infidelity Investigation , Do You Need It ?

The thought of a loved one being unfaithful is such a painful thing. This thought also creates a lot of disruption in the normal running of issues in one’s lifestyle .It is therefore better for an individual to know the truth of the matter and continue with life. When using the help of an investigator to do the investigations, one needs to choose a reliable and competent investigator. The confidentiality of the matter is one key aspect of the investigation procedure. The private investigator engaged must show high level of confidentiality. The investigation process should not cause any pain to...

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Infidelity Investigation

Infidelity is a devastating situation in any relationship. It causes mistrust between any two people with special affection. It results into breakage of engagements and marriages. Before one is accused of infidelity, the accusing partner should have enough evidence to put his or her claims right. Recent studies indicate that about 70 percent of married women are ignorant on the status their husbands infidelity. The percentage of married men is slightly lower at a value of about 54. As much as the partners’ infidelity status may not matter, a good number of the married partners cheat on each other. Results...

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Moonlighting Foreign Workers Concerns

The increased number of moonlighting foreign workers raised concern to the local residents of Singapore. The government tried to respond to the complaints and in the year 2012, officials from the ministry of manpower patrolled certain regions to make arrests. In January 2012, some foreigners were arrested in busy Tampines central business region. The region consists of many pushcart stalls where a variety of merchandise is sold .Many people do purchases from these stalls and so the population around these stalls is normally high. The officials from the ministry of manpower department decided to do an impromptu search in this...

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Information On Moonlighting Foreign Workers

Majority of people living in Singapore do part time jobs. It is estimated that about three people out of every ten people employed by the government do part time jobs. These jobs are not recognized by the country’s ministry of manpower employment and so are considered to be moonlighting jobs. Many government employees have other businesses running other than the jobs they officially do, from which they earn additional income. The salaries paid to civil servants are relatively small and cannot meet their needs. This has led to many civil servants operating various income generating projects to help them...

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Moonlighting Foreign Workers

Singapore is an island with an approximate area of 42 Kilometers. The country has a population of about 5.08 million of which 1.31 million are foreigners. The country has foreign worker’s policy to maintain a controlled and revolving pool of foreign workers. The workforce provided by the locals is rated low due to several reasons. The declining birth rate in Singapore cannot counter the rate at which the aged are retiring. More people are leaving employment as compared to those joining. This has created a deficit in job replacement forcing the ministry of manpower to employ foreigners. The fast economic...

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Handwriting Forensic Investigation Method

Handwriting Forensic Investigation consists in the comparison of two or more documents in order to determine whether the same person wrote them or not. How experts can accomplish this task? Analysts check the style characteristics, composed from the writing system learned, and individual characteristics, or personal features which don’t correspond to any group. The latter are the more important part in forensic investigation. A known document written by an identified criminal is called the “exemplar” or “standard”, and it should have as much letter combinations or words as the questioned writing. The more samples available of both types are found,...

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Identifying The Criminal Using Handwriting Forensic Investigation

The stages to discover a criminal consist on determining and recording the constituting facts and circumstances of the crime; identifying the criminal and his accomplices if any; obtain, preserving and checking the evidences; providing proofs. Handwriting Forensic Investigation is a critical part in the entire process. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) develops and maintains databases which contain reference files for handwriting analysts to compare with some questionable documents. The investigators determine the patterns in writing proofs in order to check whether two or more different documents were written with the same pattern, and then identify the alleged perpetrator. When...

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Handwriting Forensic Investigation

Jack the Ripper and The Killer Clown are two famous examples of serial murderers that moved masses of polices and investigators in order to find them. The first one typically murdered prostitutes in slums of London in 1888. His victims typically presented the removal of internal organs, which suggest his knowledge in surgery. The Killer Clown was convicted of assault and murder of around 33 teenage boys and young men, between 1972 and 1978 in Chicago. Unfortunately, they made history in this way, and nowadays, these cases are studied in criminology universities around the world. One of the first applications...

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Private Investigator Singapore – Need and Purpose to Hire

Private Investigator Singapore and investigators are the detective agents that work secretly to help out businesses, individual persons and attorneys after finding and evaluating information about the given task. They tie hints and clues about economic, lawful and individual matters to expose the facts and information.You can easily find a Private Investigator Singapore Company in your area if you are living in Singapore. These private companies provide you with many services such as verifying of a person’s background profile, identity stealing, unlawful downloading of copyrighted and patent righted material and hacking e-mails.Moreover, a Private Investigator Singapore provides services in protecting rights of a corporate, management...

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