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The Singapore Detective’s job

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The Singapore Detective’s job

Have you seen a Singapore Detective in action before?  I did, quite a few times as far as I can remember.  Their job varies each and every time depending on the tasks being assigned to them by the client.  They come in simple tasks like following a person to a very complex one like finding a criminal.  There are a lot of qualities one must have to become a very good detective.  One must have a positive outlook in life and a can-do attitude.  They also have to be quick-witted to be able to think quickly in response to a situation.  They must also be detail oriented to now what is not in place in a scene, to be able to get clues no matter how minute they are. 
I have one case that never fails to remind me of how a Singapore detective does his job.  There was this friend of mine who just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.  When he was about 6 months old, an unforgettable thing happened.  While my friend went to a mall with her kid in her arms, a lady came to them and offered to lend them $10,000 cash.  My friend was not rich and was a little frustrated with how she is going to feed her child when she has no money.  That made the offer very attractive to her and so hard to resist.  She accepted the woman’s offer and went on to find the things she needed to buy.  After a while, she was having a hard time both looking for the things she needed and at the same time carrying her child in her arms.  Good thing the woman offered she could carry the child for her, which again she thought to be just a kind offer from that person and instantly gave in.  She proceeded on with her search for the items she needed with the woman carrying her son following behind her.  She was so overwhelmed with her shopping that when she looked behind to check on the woman carrying her child, she was nowhere to be found, bringing her child along with her.  She was so shocked and could hardly believe everything that happened and took quite a while for all to sink in.  She asked for help and we decided to hire a detective.
The Singapore detective gathered relevant data, everything he can find.  The first thing he considered was a sketch of the woman.  Good thing the mall has a surveillance camera and they were able to take a look at the face of the woman who took the child.  Starting from that, the detective tracked down the woman, where she went, who knew her, and who had seen her.  We also did something to help by giving a certain amount of money to those who can bring the woman to us.  The detective searched high and low, following leads and clues, until he was able to locate where the woman resides.  He followed the woman everywhere she goes, and soon found where she had sold the baby to.  Then everything is where they are supposed to be, the child in his mother’s arms and the woman behind bars.  Thanks for the detectives help, he made the things possible.  We were able to get the child back in a short period of time and catch the woman before she can have more infants to be made victims.  And for the lesson learned, we should never trust anyone.  There are a lot of modus these days and that we cannot find easy money.  Money needs to be worked hard for and does not only lie around wrapped in a box.  

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