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The Need for an SG Investigator

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The Need for an SG Investigator


     Are you currently looking for someone to handle your cases in Singapore? Well, nowadays, an SG Investigator can be found anywhere, anytime and had improved their specialization to cater on different types of cases. An investigator is any trained individual either operating on his own or under a private investigation agency with a background of laws as they have the following private investigation services: Conducting background check which is nowadays done as pre-employment or financial check, Employers are using private investigators to be able to check if their perspective applicants have no criminal records and are capable to do the job with utmost honesty and integrity. They can also conduct investigations on faulty public documents, fraud, theft and private investigators can be consulted even on personal problems like the cheating spouse problem which they could work on by performing surveillance on the accused and giving reports to their clients to uncover the truth for their clients.

              Before you would become an SG investigator, you should be subjected to an application for a license within the Singapore Police Force. The Singapore Police Force would look after your training prior to your application and they would be checking if an applicant has passed the module required before deciding on application. Applicants for a license to private investigation when granted with a license must perform private investigation duties throughout the coverage of their license surmounting to 5 years and must agree to apply for a license if he has surveillance equipment available at hand. They must also not engage into debt collection business and use their powers within for illegal use. Previous applicants with background on private investigation may be exempted from the training module if the license was obtained earlier and he must show the proof that he has done so. Once they are licensed individuals, they should not engaged into any criminal acts that will harm their license as a private investigator.

              As an SG investigator, you can operate either on your own (individual) or affiliated under a private investigation agency. Either way, whenever you talk about the income of an investigator, no definite amount can be accounted for. It depends on the capacity of your client to pay for a certain project. However, investigators can price their service for the turn-around time that the client wishes to have their project decided. If the client would want to have the project at a quick turn-around time, he must pay higher than the usual. If you are an investigator which works under an agency, you may be able to get a decent pay even if your agency would not have a project for a long time, however, if you had to do it alone, it may not seem to be a stable job to look into but for those who had taken this path, it is a fulfilling job.

              Now that you know what are the requirements to become an SG investigator, you may have wanted to be a part of one as what you had watched in your favorite detective mysteries when you were a kid, this is a tough task at hand, people would be standing on your way, decisions would be based on how much you would want to protect your client. This may be a stressful path to consider as there would be limitations on how you should act but every moment matters. As an investigator, changes should strongly be documented and all the ideas should be strongly followed. You must act according to the evidences that you have and bring closure to the case the soonest time possible.


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