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The Nature of Your Singapore Private Detective’s Job

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The Nature of Your Singapore Private Detective’s Job

Being a private detective is challenging; one must endure the laborious tasks of gathering data, facts, information, etc. to arrive at a particular finding, or to find the missing piece of the puzzle. In addition, he must also possess the skill and agility to conduct field work like undercover surveillance, spying or tailing, etc. It is required of him to also think critically and be a brilliant solution finder. He must be a planner; it is way to risky to jump to actual surveillance or investigation without prior planning. Another important thing that an investigator must have as a trait or characteristic is that he must be able to maintain high sense of professionalism with respect to his dealings or communications with the clients. The nature of their relationship is fiduciary in nature; one that is based on trust, hence, it should be dealt with utmost confidentiality. These are tasks that demand accuracy and precision. Not one single individual would hire you if you are a lousy or unskilled detective. This is a job where you ought to show off your strengths, otherwise, it will adversely affect your career. A Singapore private detective must act accordingly; otherwise, he loses his credibility. He must know the law with all its bounds and limits. He must be an exemplary law-abiding citizen, in the first place. But more particularly, there are formal requisites before one can be considered a private detective.

In Singapore jurisdiction, in order for a private detective agency to be allowed to carry out or conduct its business, there must be a license issued by the Security Industry Regulatory Department (SIRD) of the Singapore Police Force. It is of utmost importance that the agency be licensed, if not, their continued practice of profession will be considered illegal. Singapore private detectives, who are mostly former police or military officers, are expected to know the law and to dutifully abide by them. No one is exempted from securing a license before practicing the profession. It must be emphasized, though, that they are former law enforcers but not anymore. They are no longer in the service as police officers or military men who work for the state or the government. They are now part of the private sector whose clients are not the public in general but those who come to them and seek their professional services. Unlike law enforcers who can readily effect arrest, or search and seizure, private investigators have limited scope when it comes to arresting persons or searching for materials relevant to their case.

Moreover, there are a number of acts that, though they may form part of the investigation phase, the Singapore private detectives cannot execute by the very reason that it is not allowed by law. For instance stalking is not permitted as it is not tantamount to conducting surveillance. Hacking and wiretapping are also prohibited acts. In the same vein, possession of unlicensed equipment is not tolerated. The law is clear and unambiguous on which of private individuals shall not, in any event, be allowed, even if they are licensed to conduct investigation. If they resort to these mentioned acts, they are deemed to have committed a crime; this is an outright violation of the law, hence, punishable. Finally, a private investigation company must have a qualified staff of well-trained investigators to function as full-time workers who are competent to carry out the tasks as a team. Each must have a specific function and must be adept in his or her own field. The individual performances affect the overall result; and a plausible overall performance is what clients anticipate and highly expect. It may not be as simple as putting into words what you can do for your clientele. Actions speak louder than words, so they say.

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