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The Implications of Trailing and Surveillance of Private Detectives Singapore Based

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The Implications of Trailing and Surveillance of Private Detectives Singapore Based


The practices of investigators and detectives around the world are relatively unknown, shrouded in mystery by the misunderstanding of disparity between film and reality. Private detectives, Singapore based, are no different than the thousands of private investigators and detectives employed around the world. Although laws vary from place to place, country to country, the basics remain fundamentally the same. Detectives and investigators are allowed to engage in certain practices—such as tracking and surveillance—but are not able to move outside of the realm of law—meaning, they are required to follow the law. They are now allowed to break the law. Private investigative and detectives are not allowed to use illegal means to procure information, including breaking and entering, stalking, and seizing property without a warrant. Though they are correctly stereotyped as “crime-fighting” individuals who go utilize skills and practices outside of the repertoire of normal citizens, they are still bound by certain laws in terms of how far they are allowed to go to solve a case. While this proves unfortunate in many situations, it is, more often than not, beneficial for all by requiring all individuals to respect the rights of others—even if they are suspected of a crime.


What is trailing? For private detectives Singapore based, there is a fine line between trailing and stalking. Trailing is information-gathering; it involves no harm to property or the body of the person being trailed. Private detectives and investigators use trialing to gather information about subjects. Stalking is illegal; it involves following a person with the intent to harm them physically or emotionally and usually entails harm to property through the process of breaking and entering. Private investigators and detectives DO NOT stalk. When a professional chooses to use trailing as a method to solve a case, it is most often involved with a domestic dispute with divorce, infidelity, child custody, or a similar type of investigation. Trailing is learning about the schedule of a subject so as to learn more about the causes of their behavior and whether or not it is being honestly reported back to others. The most common cases involving trailing are investigations into infidelity. A suspecting spouse is noticeable and busy, unable to follow their significant other across town, observing where they go and who they talk to. A private investigator becomes their eyes and ears, following the suspected spouse to see if any of their behavior deviates from the normal behavior of a faithful partner—mainly, whether or not they can be trailed to a meeting place where they meet somebody else.


For private detectives Singapore based, trailing is a powerful tool that can be compounded with other techniques to learn more about subjects and up the chances of successfully solving a case. Trailing is learning about an individual: their schedule, their habits, their favorite places to eat and spend time. Surveillance is using the already gained knowledge to establish a system to monitor the activities of the subject and realize when they are deviating from their normal behavior. Pre-marital checks (investigations into individuals before a marriage is agreed upon; a background check) operate much the same way as investigations into infidelity, using trailing and surveillance. Investigations into business fraud, insurance fraud, and basically any other type of fraud require trailing and surveillance as well. Even though fraud is often based off of numbers and money (rather than behaviors of individuals in domestic cases), there are still individuals making business decisions that can betray forgery and general suspicion in the world of business. When a private investigator or detective trails and performs surveillance on any individual involved in business fraud, they are, once again, looking for suspicious behavior, or suspicious purchases, or suspicious meetings with people outside of their company of employment. When a business man spends a significant amount of time sneaking around banks or is suddenly finding extra money to purchase significantly pricey items like cars, boats, and other luxury items, a private investigator is able to use knowledge gained by trialing to create a case contained significant evidence that can eventually warrant a full-scale police investigation.


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