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Moonlighting Foreign Workers Concerns

The increased number of moonlighting foreign workers raised concern to the local residents of Singapore. The government tried to respond to the complaints and in the year 2012, officials from the ministry of manpower patrolled certain regions to make arrests. In January 2012, some foreigners were arrested in busy Tampines central business region. The region consists of many pushcart stalls where a variety of merchandise is sold .Many people do purchases from these stalls and so the population around these stalls is normally high. The officials from the ministry of manpower department decided to do an impromptu search in this...

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Information On Moonlighting Foreign Workers

Majority of people living in Singapore do part time jobs. It is estimated that about three people out of every ten people employed by the government do part time jobs. These jobs are not recognized by the country’s ministry of manpower employment and so are considered to be moonlighting jobs. Many government employees have other businesses running other than the jobs they officially do, from which they earn additional income. The salaries paid to civil servants are relatively small and cannot meet their needs. This has led to many civil servants operating various income generating projects to help them...

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