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Information On Moonlighting Foreign Workers

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Information On Moonlighting Foreign Workers

Majority of people living in Singapore do part time jobs. It is estimated that about three people out of every ten people employed by the government do part time jobs. These jobs are not recognized by the country’s ministry of manpower employment and so are considered to be moonlighting jobs. Many government employees have other businesses running other than the jobs they officially do, from which they earn additional income. The salaries paid to civil servants are relatively small and cannot meet their needs. This has led to many civil servants operating various income generating projects to help them meet the gap.

Some lectures teaching in government colleges run private tuitions besides their normal college classes. They claim that the private tuitions help them revise their academic work. The tuition charges they give are very low and cannot be compared with the work they do. If they were to charge for their upkeep, then the tuition charges may end up being very costly. The lecturers therefore claim that their private tuitions are not to create money. Other civil servants own small businesses which they operate when not in offices where they do fulltime jobs. Some of these businesses have been established in homes. A majority of beauty parlors are established in homes. The owners do fulltime jobs between 8am and 5pm. Such beauty parlors remain closed during these hours. They mainly operate late in the night since most people are out of official work places within such hours.

These private businesses are done by both foreigners and the locals. The total workforce in Singapore consists of a large number of foreigners. Just like the locals, the foreigners also have established private businesses which operate behind the regulations of the country’s working policies. The running of such private businesses has led to a large population of moonlighting foreign workers in Singapore. Majority of residents of Singapore say that moonlighting is a must in Singapore for one to get enough money to make ends meet. Besides the low wages paid by the government of Singapore, the cost of living is proving to be costly and as a result one must go an extra mile to get better earnings that can support ones meaningful lifestyle.

As the country’s economic status increases, there is an increase in the number of young people replacing the old generation in occupying the job vacancies. The desires and plans of the younger generation are varied. As they plan to do large investments, their salaries alone cannot meet their desires. Relying on salaries alone will ensure that they save for a long time before obtaining the desired amounts. The only short cut to this is through having several moonlighting jobs besides the fulltime jobs they are officially registered in. The young generation end up working in many areas to get good savings for their desired projects. The salaries earned from the so called part time jobs are not taxed by the government. This leads to huge losses on the government collection revenue. A couple with wedding plans puts a budget on their estimated cost of the wedding. Salaries earned from formal jobs alone are very little to meet the overall cost of wedding. Majority of such couples are forced to do part time jobs to make ends meet .Such couples are part of the large population involved in moonlight jobs.

Many people may think that it is only the foreigners who do moonlighting jobs in Singapore. Latest reports indicate that even the locals largely do moonlighting jobs. The bulk of businesses operating illegally are owned by the locals who employ foreigners to work while the owners are attending legal government jobs. The locals therefore create room for the foreigners to do the moonlighting jobs.

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