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Registration of Private Detectives in Singapore

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Registration of Private Detectives in Singapore


Are you a retired security worker or have links with the police and thinking of becoming a private detective, you will have to follow some guidelines. Private Detectives in Singapore are organized under a body licensed by the Police force, specifically under the Police Licensing and regulatory Department. The number one criteria that an applicant must fulfill is the applicant should have done relevant investigation work for at least three years and a minimum of two years in investigation work. Shear interest is not enough to make it in the work of private investigation; one needs some expertise in the field of investigation and the policies relating to the same. The applicant should also be holding a personal private investigator license and passed the WSQ module. You should also be licensed under the body of private investigators with a license after meeting the requirements particular to them. The applicant should have at least two years experience in a supervisory job. This ensures that the applicant possesses sufficient management skills to run a business. The applicant should have starting capital of $50,000. Money notwithstanding the applicant should be learned to a three GCE ‘O’ level passes, brains being essential to private investigative work and also a sharp mind. Integrity of the highest order is required for private detectives hence one should not possess a criminal record.

Passed the above criteria, you are not out of the woods yet. You should be a Singapore citizen or a permanent resident of Singapore. A national identification card may come in handy at this stage or your birth certification, failure to which you are considered a foreigner. If you are considering starting a partnership or private company, then you and your partner or director must meet the guidelines given in the above paragraph. Furthermore, if you are considering starting a private company you must be one of the directors. Sole ownership or partnership is also permitted but a set of guidelines should be followed such as if your application is accepted, you should not be employed elsewhere and must be employed in the agency on full-time. In registration of private detectives in Singapore especially foreigners, who are directors or partners, one must make a Statutory Declaration before the local Commissioner of Oaths that they have never been convicted of any criminal offence. High levels of integrity are required in private investigative work. The foreign directors or partners, those that do not reside inside Singapore, should submit a certificate of no criminal conviction from their country of origin. The foreign directors/partners must give a written account that they will not undertake private investigative work on the side.

The approval of the office premises to be used in private investigation work is given by the appropriate body for example HDB. In the event that you change your business from partnership to company, a fresh application should be for a new license. The reason for this is that the license specific to the type of business. You may wonder how much it would cost you for a license; a license fee of $400 is charged for a year. A document most people forget to carry when presenting their application is the business plan. The business plan should entail the market research, financial outlay of the company, standard operation procedures, audit and internal procedures and the identity of the person who will be involved in the day to day running of the firm. One may wonder what the apparent importance of the business plan is. A business plan specifies the hierarchy, sources of capital, the day to day running and the face of the company in terms of the private detectives. Worth mentioning is the need to acquire and apply for a license. A license is required for most undertakings of private detectives in Singapore.  All in all, the registration process is quite elaborate and all the criteria must be met in order to become an elite member.


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