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Private Investigation Fees and Costs

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Private Investigation Fees and Costs

Private investigators are used in a wide range of investigations. It may surprise you that Infidelity and cheating spouse cases only cover a small part of what is offered by this industry. But if we consider the infidelity case for a moment it may allow us to understand why people take these extreme measures. Unfortunately the rate of infidelity seems to be on the rise and more and more people are filing for divorce.  When people are cheating on their spouse they will tend to do so being fully aware they could get caught at any time. The sense of feeling that they may get caught will add to the excitement and possibly fuel urge to continue.  It has been reported in a number of studies that have been carried out and found that women are just as likely to cheat on their spouse then men.  The problem with women cheating is we often don’t suspect them. The problem with catching somebody cheating is that they will hide their tracks making it difficult to get hard evidence if you don’t know where to start.   By calling an agency or looking online you can easily get a idea of how much private investigation fees may add up to.
Private investigation fees will often combined of hourly rates and expenses during the contract.  Different tasks may also require the deployment of tracking devices, so the application and removal of these items will incur an additional cost.  The fees an agency may charge can vary and the rate often reflects how much credibility the agency has. Using a credible agency could be vital when it comes to getting a court to believe the information put to them.  The courts generally know which firms are credible and the ones with poor records.  It’s not just the courts that need to believe them you do too.  Let’s say you’re an employer working in the finance and you’re looking to employ/promote somebody whose job may involve the direct handling large amounts of cash.  You could get a private investigator to do background checks on a individual.  Background checks could dig up the person’s Criminal history, credit status, address history, marriage history amongst other related information.  Background checks form the basis of most investigation.  In the end a report will be compiled including all the findings and an invoice detailing the private investigation  for expenses, hours worked and all activities whilst under that particular contract.
I will now provide some specific details of services offered and the cost that you may be charge.  The type of services offered by private investigation agencies include: Hidden asset searching, which may require for searching into undisclosed or lost accounts may require hours of looking through records.  Searching for hidden assets cost between £500.00-2000.00  General investigations as mentioned early can be used if you just require a background for somebody that you need details of that you wouldn’t normally get from just asking. General investigations are generally charged at an hourly rate around £40.00 per hour plus expenses.  Surveillance is a common request  which can involve hours of stakeout time at 1 or multiple locations this can cost around £40.00 per hour plus expenses.  As mentioned earlier private investigation fees will include travel expenses, these can be  around £0.60 per mile and around £40.00 per hour on top of that.  Any investigations that need to be conducted overseas cost around 70 per hour plus expenses.  Tracking/ Tracing of vehicles will incur a charge for the application and removal of such devices starting at about £500.00 and a separate hourly rate for the monitoring.  The cost to have a consultation with a investigation agency is between £100.00 and £200.00.  There are lots of services and costs and most of the information will be available on the website of the agency, so if you’re interested go an check them out.

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