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Private Investigation Fees and Cheating

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Private Investigation Fees and Cheating

Private investigation fees can differ from one company to another.  The credibility will often differ from one company to another also.  To ensure you get the best your money can afford you should do your own micro investigation into the company you plan to do business with. Word of mouth is a great place to start and you can also look online there may be reviews or testimonials from past clients.  The courts will often be aware of which company is credible over another too.  When it comes to dealing with legal issues you need to be with a company that has a history of consistently delivering quality evidence. When an investigation begins it will usually involve background checks on the named target. By doing background checks private detectives can get hold of a lot of past and present information related to the person in question. The so called skeletons in the closet all come out to play.  The type of information that is revealed when completing most background checks will include, and not limited to: Travel and immigration history, employment history, children and family members, any changes of name, credit history, marriage history, mortgage history, education and much more.
People will hire a private investigation agency (PIA) for very specific reasons.  It’s quite common for people to hire a PIA because they suspect their spouse of cheating and they need hard evidence to prove it.  When people are cheating the level of deception will generally increase depending on what may be lost if found out.  Cheaters can come up with very clever ways to cover their tracks.  Lots of us may be surprised to find out the around 50% of married women cheat and compared to 60% of men.  Because cheaters don’t generally want to get caught the average person may find it difficult to find the evidence so they hire a professional who can propose a strategy and calculate what the private investigation fees may be. Costs of running an investigation are usually chargeable by the hour and include expenses. A firm will detail all the findings and the collate the costs in an itemised invoice. Imagine you have been told that your employees maybe altering the their overtime records so that they get paid more for work they haven’t done.  This is fraud. You calculate that this could have cost the company thousands of pounds, what do you do?  You could hire the services of a private detective to do some undercover work within your company and attempt to get to the bottom of it.
Everything come it’s price and private investigation fees usually pay for themselves  in the long run.  It could be piece of mind or a actual money you will save by not having people commit fraud against your company.  General investigations usually include background checks but can be alter to te specific needs of a client and these start at around £40.00 per hour plus expenses.  The miles travelled by a private investigator whilst on the job will start around £0.60 per mile plus an hourly rate of around £40.00. a lot of cases require hours of surveillance mainly at individual locations but possibly across multiple sites. The cost of a stakeout is around £40.00 per hour plus expenses.  Another common request it to search for hidden assets that somebody may have been hiding from the taxman these may simply require the use of somebody with the knowhow, to sit an sift through hundreds and thousands of records or files.  Expenses are usually a part of any investigation and these can range from food and drink, hotel rooms, plane tickets you name it.  You will probably agree upon a budget so that you don’t end up going broke in the process. You might just agree the type of travel is standard class or the budget for meals is £50 per day and so on. 

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