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Need of Surveillance measure

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Need of Surveillance measure


The word surveillance means ‘keep something under watch’ or ‘close monitoring’. In one sense, observe something from a nearer view for investigation is called surveillance. In aspect of modern context, it terms spying or observing something from a close range. There are different reasons for doing this surveillance. One of the important facts of general surveillance is law enforcement issue. The main aim of police and law agencies is to stop crime. For this purpose, they have to monitor closely the sensitive spots to monitor these places and detect the criminals. It is the most significant evidence of every crime. In developed countries in almost every street there are close circuit cameras to monitor every street and location. After a crime, police and investigation department detects the location of the criminals through it.

Different types of equipment are used in general surveillance. One of the most dependable and universal accepted equipment is the camera. These cameras are designed specially to monitor the specified location and can zoom on the targeted objects. The most important and beneficial feature of these cameras faces recognition and quick identification of objects. Sometimes these cameras are kept hiding to avoid the street passengers view. Not only, in the street but also in different banks, shops, and offices, these cameras are used to monitor the activity of both the employee and the customers. Actually, the origin of the usage of the camera came from the security purpose. By the side of law enforcement agencies, other security-related departments, detective agencies investigate in different operations through this equipment.

In the law enforcement agencies like CIA and FBI, spy surveillance equipment is used for monitoring purpose. Though this equipment is also available to public, some equipment is designed especially for law enforcement agencies. Sometimes spy surveillance equipment is very small, and it’s invisible to human eye. The cameras deigned for crime department are of different shapes like nanny, pinhole, wearable, etc. These cameras are not only for the crime department but also its using invariably in some other purposes. Investigation and new operation include several tasks like monitoring the object activity, detect the location, etc. All these things directly calculated under the surveillance measure. In home or other places phone is used to communicate. To confirm the identity and security reason, a hidden or small camera is used in the telephone set to monitor the caller’s identity. Though a few companies intended to produce such equipment in the past, at present many companies produce these things to increase the security and public safety. By the side of telephone, mobile operators also are offering at the moment video calls to ensure the callers identity.

Another important fact for general surveillance is the personal or home issue. People usually use camera in home to monitor and increase security. To count and monitor the number of visitors and to detect the identity people generally use the cameras at their main gate. It is common almost all over the world. In the western countries, these cameras are also used inside the house to monitor all activity inside the house. For any type of criminal act and occurrence, people get the justice through this surveillance. In business purpose like big company, organization, office, market, shop video surveillance is commonly used. In maximum areas, it is maintained under the Government rules and regulation. You have got all the need of these types of general surveillance equipment. People always try to use these things for their safety. However, criminals use these things also to perform their operation smoothly. Sometimes with the video footage, they blackmail people and as well perform extortion. These illegal activities in often endanger people life.


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