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Litigation Support Services

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Litigation Support Services


Most attorneys have a lot on their plate and they need all the help they can get in order to ensure that the preparation for their cases goes on smoothly. They may also need an extra set of hands during civil and criminal trials to ensure that all their bases are covered. For these reasons, an attorney may hire a private investigator for litigation support. This is the process of providing support and consultative services before, during and after the completion of a case to an attorney or law firm. The support and consultative services may range from a simple background check to the more complex surveillance and field work to corroborate evidence acquired as well as uncover new evidence where necessary. A private investigator will do preliminary research and documentation of evidence and other relevant materials before the case starts, interview witnesses to check for inconsistencies in their accounts and verify information given as well as maintain a database of all the relevant information as pertains to the case. The private investigator will also provide support services before the commencement of the trial by examining previous legal actions that may be relevant to the nature of the case and the current law status that may have a bearing on the legal action itself.

The private investigator will record all the details surrounding the case so as to help the attorney come up with strategies that may help him or her present the case in a favourable manner for their client in a court of law. A private investigator has the necessary analytical and logical skills as well as keen eye that will help him or her wade through the mountain of data presented in the case and will be able to note irregularities and inconsistencies as well as uncover new leads that will fortify the position of the attorney in court. The private investigator will also track down hidden assets in case of a divorce proceeding, digital forensics in fraud and harassment cases, verification of alibis in criminal cases as well as surveillance services where more evidence is needed to prove or disprove guilt. The consultation services provided as litigation support by a private investigator may include training the staff in handling of surveillance technology, being called upon as expert witnesses in a court of law, helping in establishing data management strategies as well as administering polygraphs tests.

The litigation support services provided does not end when the case ends and a ruling is made. If the attorney won the case, the private investigator will assist in determining the precise process for the collection of any compensation that are awarded or any interrelated legal action that may be essential now that the primary case has been settled. In case the attorney lost the case, the private investigator will comb through the data in the trial to establish whether there is new information or other factors that may be used to facilitate a new trial or an appeal process. The investigator will also go through the court transcripts to establish a gap in witness statements, or inconsistencies that the attorney may use in case an appeal is granted. He or she will also be required to go over all the facts surrounding the case and trial and establish if there is any additional information that can be retrieved to come up with a new defence or counter defence strategies as well as if there is any information that needs to be corroborated and finding witnesses that can do that. The private investigator may also be required to go back to the scene of the crime or incidence to verify timelines and other relevant data that may help the attorney in their case presentation. This is no easy task but a private investigator has the skills to carry through.


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