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Intellectual property- what is it and how to preserve it

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Intellectual property- what is it and how to preserve it


The word property means something people understand easily. Property is real objects which a person can feel. But the word intellectual property is quite different than it. It usually terms as an idea which is taken either from books, films, TV or something else. It refers to knowledge or information regarding a topic which is collected from different sources all over the world. The information is not directly copied from those sources but also a summaries or rewritten statements or information from them. This is actually the reflected data from the collected information. The patents and copyright of the idea is also limited in the aspect of publication.
IP differs from the real sources in several ways. It is the outcome of imagination which is very difficult to measure. It can be easily stolen, ripped off or pirated. There is no significant rule of pirating the IP of any purpose either in media or business. No agreements are found for preventing this thing.  Like other materials intellectual property can be sold and bought. It occurs everywhere every day. It can be sold in parts or in full or as stocks which normally deliver revenue to the owner.
Many people think that an idea is the IP. But that’s not right. An idea can’t be copyrighted or got trademark. If other innovators mixed with the exact one so it is called as IP. An idea turns to intellectual property when you prefer to work on the idea. After writing, designing and putting it in a work. After these processes a simple idea can turned into an intellectual property. After complete the work your work should need security to prevent it from infringement of theft. This protection can be taken as a registered trademark, license, patent, contract or some other documentation. The need of storing your IP is important in different form to protect its copyright. Without legal protection your IP is unsecure and unprotected.
If you are new to the state of IP, but if you are a writer and share your ideas in different documentation or work you have to start protecting it by legal protection during this development process. Now a day an IP is like a currency. It is bought, sold and built incredibly. After successful complete, fi you don’t realize the value of signature mark or trademark, you will not be able to preserve your thought s and IP. After a certain period, you will find that your work in not yours. Some others have accessed it and put the trademark of their own. Law of IP is quite complex and it is not practiced by all lawyers. Only a few attorneys practice through it. This law sometimes crosses the international boundaries in the modern world. It may engage publishers, dealers, distributers etc. If you are involved in creating an IP, you may not be aware of other things.
Remember that an idea is just an idea. Once you have developed it and put it in work you must need it to protect. In short it can be said that you can make the creative work with the help of your surroundings but in case of something incredible there is a chance of stealing. So in the purpose of IP, you should always consult with an attorney or lawyers about the protection of your Property. It is not like money. If you lose money you may earn at any times of your life, but if you lose one of your IP you may not be able to create it in rest of your life. So move forward and protect it. 



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