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Infidelity Investigation , Do You Need It ?

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Infidelity Investigation , Do You Need It ?

The thought of a loved one being unfaithful is such a painful thing. This thought also creates a lot of disruption in the normal running of issues in one’s lifestyle .It is therefore better for an individual to know the truth of the matter and continue with life. When using the help of an investigator to do the investigations, one needs to choose a reliable and competent investigator. The confidentiality of the matter is one key aspect of the investigation procedure. The private investigator engaged must show high level of confidentiality. The investigation process should not cause any pain to the complainant and the process should remain a secret to the victim. If the victim gets to know that he or she is being investigated, he or she may interfere with the process and create scenes which might lead to the breakup of the relationship before the investigations are completed. To the complainant, the process might prove to be painful to contain and lead to a breakup prematurely. The reason for initiating the investigation will require a lot of tolerance and accommodation from the complainant. The complainant may need the truth to help him or her make adjustments in his or her lifestyle. Or the results of the investigations may be used in a court of law as evidence to attaché ones income for upkeep purposes. Such results can also provide evidence in a case of divorce.

A private investigator may rely on certain behavioral changes in a suspect to help him or her do his investigations well. Some behavioral changes an investigator may need to note include;   -Changes in the time the suspect takes to be at home. The suspect may form a habit of staying away from home for long hours. This can be blamed on an increase in emergency work which needs his or her attention. – The suspect may show signs of daydreaming when in the company of the spouse. The suspect is readily distracted and shows little concern or concentration when he or she is with the spouse. – The suspect will show less interest in sexual interactions. He or she will give excuses to the partner to avoid sexual intercourse.    – The suspect may not receive the partners’ phone calls in time. – If the suspect has a car, there will be an increase in the mileage of the car yet the distance between the residence and the office remains constant. – The clothes of the suspect will have smell of perfume or cologne which is new to the partner. – When the partner probes the suspect by asking if he or she is seeing someone, the suspect will be defensive. In some instances he or she may try to dodge the question and change the topic of discussion.    – The suspect may form the habit of receiving calls away from you. When you check through the bills, then you discover that his or her phone call bills show long hours of communication.

Many private investigators use a tool known as the spousal surveillance. The surveillance technique is designed to give the best results in investigation procedures. It may involve use of vehicles or building tracking devices. A tracking device may be attached to a vehicle used by the suspect to record all that happens in the vehicle and the surrounding the vehicle. It can also be attached to a building where the suspect frequents visiting like an office or social place. An investigator can also give software that can monitor the e-mails that the suspect sends and the ones that are received as well. This software can also be used to monitor discussions in a chat room as well as internet activity.

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