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How private investigators help in maintenance claims

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How private investigators help in maintenance claims

Many cases that involve maintenance claims are so crucial. If they are not handled properly, they can even lead to conflicts between the parties involved. Many people who file their maintenance claims in court do not succeed without a helping hand. Some of these cases includes; child maintenance, insurance maintenance, land maintenance claims and many more. Some cases are more sensitive than others and this is the main reason as to why a private investigator is needed. Cases that involves life like child maintenance requires a long process and can be appealed even thrice.
Not many people understand what exactly we mean by child maintenance. Child maintenance mostly refers to money that is provided by parents to cater for the child. Child maintenance claims are court cases since for many years it has brought about negative effect to the child especially when parents try to solve this matter in their own way. Depending with the proceedings, one or both parent is given the responsibility to take care of the child until the child is old enough to take care or him or herself. In many communities a child is not considered to belong to a certain family rather, they say that child belongs to the community. Due to this fact, the members of the family are not left out. They are also given the responsibility to take care of the child by contributing a certain percentage of their earning each month.
In many countries like South Africa, if parents want maintenance claims for their children, they are required to first apply to the magistrate court. In most cases, this involves financial reports from both parents and other peoples who are involved in this case like family members. There are certain procedures that are followed and therefore it is important to have a private investigator to ensure that information provided by all parties involved is true. The investigator in this case needs to be experienced and knows how to carry out investigations especially when it comes to cases that involves money. Maintenance claims cases do not necessarily require one to have a lawyer. A private investigator or maintenance officer can carry on with the case. A meeting is set aside where both parents are required to attend to conclude the whole issue. When the matter runs out of hand, this is the time when the maintenance claims are forwarded to the court. In the court, the magistrate uses the information provided by the private investigator to make the final decision.
When all is said and done, there are some penalties that are set by the magistrate and a private investigator can not say anything or disagree with the magistrate. He holds the final decision for maintenance cases. There are some instances that happen and one parent fails to show up in the court case. This does not hinder the magistrate from ordering child maintenance. It is the duty of a private investigator to know the reason as to why one person did not attend the meeting.
There is a certain time set for the parent responsible for child maintenance. The magistrate can order the payment be paid within 20 days. Failure to do this leads to the goods being sold in order to raise the dues as agreed. Some parents excuses themselves claiming that they did not receive child maintenance claims statement. In such cases the court must be notified immediately by the parent responsible or the private investigator.
Some maintenance claims are not easy to handle especially where a child is born out of wedlock. In such cases the family members are supposed to attend the meeting since they have a role to play. 

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