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How do Singapore Investigators do their Job?

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How do Singapore Investigators do their Job?

There are a lot of things to be done by a Singapore Investigator.  Specifically the crimes scene investigators, they study the crime scene and evidence, and interrogate the witnesses to know what happened.  They carry stuffs along with them to help analyze the crime scene such as cameras, powder and brush, specimen bottles, cotton swabs, chemicals to help them tell if the stuff found is human blood or not and even blue lights to help them see if the objects such as linen have bodily fluids in them.  There are also a lot of things found in their laboratory.  They have DNA testing machines, machines that extract DNA and fingerprints from evidence they obtained, ballistics room where they get to sample bullets if these were fired by the same exact gun.  They also have rooms to interrogate suspects and witnesses and a separate room also called as morgue where the coroner analyzes the victim’s dead body for further investigation and evidence gathering.  They are also able to predict the time of death of the victim based on his body characteristics.  They have a computer room where they could search for potential suspects and know the background each. 
Do you know what happens in an investigation?  First and foremost, the Singapore Investigator analyzes the scene, getting relevant clues like blood samples if there is any, fingerprints, finding something that does not fit in the crime scene, however small it is as it may be the clue they are looking for to solve the case.  They also take pictures of the actual crime scene, the location of the evidence they gathered and everything they see that seem relevant.  They bring evidence in their laboratory for further investigation and data gathering.  They will extract DNA from the evidence, if possible.  They also look for fingerprints and find a match among individuals using computer program.  And if they find pieces of something, they will get all the parts and try to make it a whole.  That is how they do their job.    And if they find a match among some individuals, they invite them for interrogation.  They have a way of interrogating to make the suspect say something that is relevant to the investigation without him knowing it.  Some investigators are very effective interrogators that they can even make the suspect admit of the crime made.  The coroner too will gather information as to what happened with the help of the dead body.  Based on the decomposition of the body, he will know the time he died.  He will also study the body for any bruise, the cause of death, and any signs of struggle and defense.  These clues are relevant to solving the case since they will be able to know if the victim fought back or not, who was he with in his time of death and how did he die and what weapon was used.  Getting to the root of this case will be easier with these facts. 
The Singapore investigators will then present the data gathered to the trial to help the judges with their decision regarding the crime.  The investigators will even be brought to the stand for further questioning on the data they gathered, and the conclusion they made and the bases of making the conclusion.  And with the help of the facts they gathered, it would be more possible to catch the person responsible for the crime.  The different departments of the government work together to bring justice and peace to Singapore, each having different tasks and responsibilities but all are directed to one main goal.

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