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How a Modern Singapore Investigator May Look For Evidence

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How a Modern Singapore Investigator May Look For Evidence

The modern techniques used today by investigators include a whole range of computerized gadgets, a variety of software, web-tools, a sharp eye and plain old intuition. In solving a case, the gadgets that may be used by a Singapore investigator may include a spy microphone probably shaped like a pen; many types of telephone monitors and recorders; voice changers that transform a man’s voice into a woman’s and vice versa; sonic ears that are sound amplifiers and let the investigator easily hear things said barely above a whisper. The listening devices are also known as “bugs” and telephone monitoring is commonly called “taps” – both are forms of the electronic investigation technique. When monitoring from a remote area, the apparatus is set up such that it has four components, a microphone; a transmitter; a receiver; a recorder. The microphones and transmitter are both very small in size (as small as 5mm x 5mm x 10mm) and so they are not detectable. Recorders are not necessary for hearing a conversation a single time, but for future evidence they are crucial.
Four interesting modern gadgets that a Singapore investigator may make use of include (1) Digital camera spy binocular (2) The Slim Spy Pen (3) The Q-Phone (4) X-Reflex Camera. Describing these further, a digital camera spy binocular can be used as a binocular, a digital camera, a digital camcorder or a webcam. It has a marvelous in-built digital camera that is capable of storing up to 300 photographs which can be transferred to the PC by a USB cable. The spy pen looks like a regular fountain pen but is actually a good, easy-to-use voice recorder. The Q-phone is like any usual cell phone but the catch is that it contains software which allows that a call on it is picked automatically without a ring. It even has no range limit and remote spying on conversations in a room it is placed in is easily possible. The X-reflex camera has a special optic lens that allows seeing what lies beneath a certain object.
Modern investigators also use the internet in following their leads and digging out information. If an investigator can get hold of the user IDs of their target persons used in a certain online website, it is easier to guess the email address as well, because if mary288 is the user ID of a woman on say, a travelling forum, her email probably would be etc. Similarly, the display picture/avatar on one website can be traced to see what other websites contain the same display pictures, by making use of Google’s “search as image” feature. This could lead to the target’s presence on multiple dating websites if applicable. A Singapore investigator could also use Advance Google Search Operator to dig out files uploaded on the internet by the target user. Everything counts when gathering evidence, nothing can be declared as less important or unnecessary. Another feature of Google that could prove helpful is Google Alerts. Setting up alerts on the target’s name would help in staying informed about their latest activities.
There is also some interesting software that could be used by a Singapore investigator to collect evidence. Computer monitoring could be done by programs like advanced key-logger software that provides data of not only the keystrokes entered on a computer with the time and date stamp but also screen shots taken at various times, the applications used on the computer etc. This information can be sent over to the investigator through an email, wherever he may be operating from. Mobile phone spy software enables recording of cell phone activity. Common online search software, aids in background checking of the target, by looking up personal information, home addresses and contact numbers of the target. There are also genealogy software that helps in tracing and putting together family trees for future references. Special face reading software is even available that analyzes facial features from a scanned photograph of the target and gives a report on his/her behavioral characteristics and personality traits. Unless a plastic surgery is done, this software is claimed to be 92% reliable. 

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