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Hiring a Private Investigator-the two way expectations

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Hiring a Private Investigator-the two way expectations


Have you already found an agency or a contact number in the directory of agencies offering investigative services? Yes. From the long list you have, have you already chosen the one which seems to be the best agency that could handle your needs? Yes. Have you gone in there for a personal visit? Yes. Have you gone through hiring a Private Investigator? Yes. Have you given him what he expects from you? No. Have you had any idea what to expect from him as his client? And yet another no. So here is the process: you badly need something investigated, you acknowledge the need to avail of private investigation services, you look for an agency, and you hire someone, now what’s next? Ofcourse, you need to do is give Mr. private Investigator a starting point. Compared to building a house at which the house is the key information that you needed, the starting point would involve the necessary information that would help your Private Investigator dig up, connect, harden, and furnish whatever information he will be gathering in the course of investigatory process. And you, the owner of the house deserves to know and evaluate how reliable the house he has built for you is, if things were done as planned out. The point is here, as a client, what should you expect from your investigator? As an investigator what does he expect from you?
Upon hiring the private investigator, he expects you ofcourse to pay him for the job. Some investigators may charge a fixed price depending on the nature of the job you’re making him do. For example, finding a missing person may charge differently from following and knowing the whereabouts of someone. Also, there are those who would charge you for the food, gas, and other necessary services that they might avail while investigating such as those needed to hide their identities. Aside from this, one thing much more important that your hired investigator needs to get his hands on would be some baseline data or the foundation of the house as I put it earlier, for him to start with. If you’re having him investigate on an individual, a photograph of that person would be very vital. It would also be of great help to handle to your Private Investigator some personal information about this person such as his address, the palter number of his car, where he studies, where he usually eat or spend time, his work, his closest relatives of friends, etc. If it is a company or a business, the address of the business and its nature would usually do. You need not be pressured on giving everything; after all it is one of your investigator’s duties.
After hiring the Private Investigator, the client must also know what he ought to expect from the investigator. First, the investigator is expected to keep the business only between him and his client. The client must be assured of his privacy and safety as well as that of the job that he requests.  The Private Investigator should also lay out properly as to why he is charging the client those fees, most especially if he requires some add-on fees aside from the basic cost of the service. This would assure the client that he is properly charged and that every penny he spends is also a penny’s worth of service. Aside from this, the investigator is also expected to let the client know of his plans, the steps he will be undertaking to arrive to what the client needs as there are times when the client may be affected of the investigatory process. The Private Investigator is also expected to deliver updates to his client regularly. He must deliver reports to let his client know some developments so the client could prepare for and decide in case he wants to modify something in the investigation process. Lastly, the Private Investigator must see to it that he finishes his job at the agreed time; otherwise, it would soil his credibility.


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