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Growing Trend of Cheating Spouses in Singapore

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Growing Trend of Cheating Spouses in Singapore

These days, the news is filled with incidences of divorces, breakups and marital drifts because of the infidelity of one of the spouses. Although, different cultures have different setups for people to socialize, and in many cultures, the free mixing of opposite genders is not even allowed. Nonetheless, the number of adulterous spouses is on a rise across the globe, and considering that, Singapore is no exception to this dangerous trend.  In Singapore, equality among men and women has become a prime factor in deciding the fate of a marriage.  This is because women tend to be more conscious of their equal status these days. However, the present lifestyle makes it difficult for couples to communicate openly, and discuss their problems on a regular basis. Therefore, relationships lose faithfulness, trust and mutual respect. These factors, combined with various other reasons, have resulted in a rise of cheating spouses in Singapore.  Marriage is all about compromising, but when it comes to contributing finances to sustain one’s home Singaporean couples tend to fight with each other a lot. Moreover, when it comes to assuming responsibility of the children, Singaporean men generally expect their wives to be entirely responsible for raising their children.
Various surveys conducted on government level show that in Singapore, the rate of divorces is escalating very fast as compared to previous years. In general, Singaporean wives have become conscious of their equality and emancipation, and in the rat race to attain equal status, intimacy in a marriage is oftentimes compromised. When the husband and wife both work to make ends meet, and they reach home 

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