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Private investigation fees are based on quite a few factors. Investigators will charge you after they understand the nature of the case. If you want to hire an hourly investigator the more expense you have to carry. So, do you have any needs that you want to hire an investigator? And now you are wondering how much costs you would have to carry. Okay let me get your confusions and tensions out of your mind. Now I am going to tell how much these investigators and investigation company’s charges per investigation. It’s an average amount. But the main question is how much exactly they charge.

Here I am going to discuss some frequent asked question about private investigation fees.

Number 1: How much do you have to pay for a single investigation?
Here it is. It quite depends on the distance you are far from the investigator. So you need to find local expert investigators for cheap rates. Generally, the moderate fess of an expert investigator is around $75 to $220 per hour. The amount will vary based on the depth of the investigation, risk on the investigation and also how long the investigation will take. If the investigator wants $80-$120 per hour you should understand that he is good and expert investigator.

Number 2: Is any cortege required? If so how much cortege would I have to pay?
Generally, cortege are asked by a private investigator for a guarantee and precedent to the genesis of investigation. It may be around 60$ as average. But it will also vary according to the investigation and might rise up to 90$ to 200$.
Number 3:  Does a private investigator is attached with other detective agencies?
Obviously there is huge difference between joining agencies and not joining agencies. An investigator can easily earn 5000$ per month by working individually. But an investigator working with agencies have the salary of around 1500$-2000$. So the average income of an individual investigator’s yearly income is around 60000$.  On the other hand, an investigator working with agencies can only earn up to 20000$. However, the charge of an individual investigator is much higher than an investigator who is working for an agency.

Number 4: Do I have to pay the cost of surveillance they use in the investigation?
The answer is. You have to pay for every equipment they will use for you investigation. Usually investigators charge for every five hour they use the surveillances. And agencies includes the charges with bills.

Number 5: Do the investigators refund my money if they cannot complete the investigation? Or do they give me any less in my investigation?
Generally, the payment you have given to your investigator is not refundable. If they do not get success in investigation they probably will give you 50% of the payment. And there is not less after giving payment. If you can convince them you should ask for less before completing the payment.

So this was the discussion about frequently asked question about private investigation fees. You shouldn’t have other questions in your mind I guess. So if you want to hire a private investigator you should complete the full discussion with the investigator.

However, I will give you suggestion to hire investigator from agencies rather than hiring a private investigator. Because the cost of private agencies is much lower than a private investigator. Agencies provide good and new surveillance like GPS tracker, Hidden camera, Microphone etc.  On the top of that, agencies provide less on special occasion. So, ultimately agencies private investigation fees are little lower with great facilities than private investigators.

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