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Fighting for Child Custody using Private Detective in Singapore

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Fighting for Child Custody using Private Detective in Singapore

You may have ended your marriage with your spouse through divorce but battle would not end if you have kids. After the once married couple had parted ways, they would try to fight for child custody in court to note who gets to have full parental custody of their children. For those who are already old enough, the court leaves it up to them to decide whether to what side they are going to stay if they are not yet reaching the age of 18 but if kids are the ones who are involved, a court battle for child custody is needed to settle their affairs to be able to have peace of mind. Before the court case, the one filing for custody would need to gather requirements with the help of a private detective in Singapore.
The following can be done for the aggrieved party to note that he/she deserves the custody of his/her child with the help of a private investigator in Singapore. They can note the adultery measures given through their marriage. The aggrieved party can claim that the unfaithful spouse is not capable of taking care of their children because he/she has been spending time with the lover instead of the family. This is important in the eyes of the court as they would like to promote their interest of the children. The judge would want to decide in favor of the betterment of the concerned and not for the interest of the parents. If the child is old enough, the judge has the authority to listen to the wish of the child and study it further before giving the decision to the case. Parents are not advised to influence their children of what they would say in court.
The private detective in Singapore also has the role of enlightening their clients about the laws on filing child custody. Once that the decision is given and custody has been awarded to one parent, the other may have a visiting access depending on the arrangement given by the court or decided upon by both parties. It is best for both parents to decide on the time frame that the other parent will be given to see their children and stick with the schedule as much as possible. However, the judge may also deny the access of the other parent if he does not see it fit for the child but most of the time, they give them an access and their arrangement would be on what both parties would do to contact each other. As much as possible, the children must not be denied of access to any parent.
Once the case has been settled, the private investigator in Singapore can create a report on the strategies he has done for him to be able to use it for further cases. He also has the authority to be a witness of the case when the need arises as he may had seen the adultery evidence committed by the unfaithful spouse to his client and mostly the court would be able to use his testimony as he had been a real witness to that. They would also be able to serve as counsels to their clients to the decisions they would make throughout the “access” to their children. For example, the client can ask the investigator of the kind of authority they would give the parent whenever he wants to take his children out of the country or away for a period of time. They are a valuable asset to the child custody investigation.


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