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Singapore is one of the smallest countries in the world. Its area is about seven hundreds square kilometer. Though it is small in area it is one of the strongest countries in the world in economic side. There are lots of companies whose are come from different parts of the world. Crime rate in Singapore is very low. In a statistics it is found that crime rate in Singapore is decreasing day by day. In first look it may seems that there is low work density for detectives in Singapore. But there are lots of demands for detectives. They may get task for industrialized espionage. In Singapore, detectives have great demand for catching cheating spouse. There are opportunities for detectives to work with govt. agencies against narcotics or drug suppliers. Demand of a detective for catching a cheating spouse in Singapore is so high.
Fees of detectives in Singapore are reliable considering other well economized country. Cost of hiring a detective depends on many matters & condition. Generally they are hiring for hourly rate. But sometimes, they may work for irregular hour. You must bear the extra expenses during investigation. If you want to hire a skilled & experienced detective for your investigation you should be expense more. You should care to choose your detective. Because if you want more privacy & secrecy, you should hire a honest & experienced detective. Singaporean people are feeling hesitate when they want to hire a detective. Most of the people in Singapore are in Buddhism. Second religion is Islam. So, most of the people are in conservative minded in their personal matter though the situation is developed day by day. Singaporean detectives are doing various types of investigation. Most of them are background check or criminal record check.
Detectives in Singapore are often doing with kidnapping or missing person or background checking assignment. Now a day’s Singaporean detectives meet with new crime that is called cyber crime. Hacking e-mail or website of various companies’ likely banks or other insurance companies problems are coming to Singaporean detectives. For solving this kinds of problem detective should knowledge about internet, programming. Most of the cases detective agencies are recruit computer analyst & programmer for solving this kind of jobs. Many govt. agencies recruit their country’s talented programmer for this kind of job. More often, those hackers who have broken the website security or email security are recruited by the agencies after investigation. Singaporean detectives hire for mainly commercial investigation. For this kind of investigation they may go to abroad. For this kind of situation they should have knowledge about other’s country for their investigation. They should also know about other languages, other cultures etc.
There are some top class investigation agency’s branch offices in Singapore. They want attractive, educated & talented guys for their agencies. Young people whose are loving adventure & want to serve their country directly may choose this profession. A remarkable number of women are entering this profession & some of them are showing great performance in this job. Many agencies prefer girl operator in several specific assignments. So, it is a great opportunity for Singaporean women to enter a challenging profession. Salary & fees are suitable for a detective in Singaporean economical condition. If a detective wants to a better career he/she can take training from abroad. Now a day’s one of the most common task for a detective is catching cheating spouse. People are taking decision about their relationship on the basis of detective’s report. These cases a detective must be careful and must be honest about their tasks. The job of investigation by the detectives in Singapore is one of the most valuable & enjoyable.

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