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Categories of Private Investigation Services

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Categories of Private Investigation Services


In the todays globalized world, there is a fast trend moving from the public sector towards the private sector. The major sectors in which the privatization has been done is airlines, railways, electricity, communication, defense and so on. Earlier all the investigation work was under government , but now privatization in this sector has also come. In the proposed article, we are going to discuss the what are the various private investigation services and their different categories. The different services under this can be categorized into three parts- the first is the service which is provided to the individual person i.e.  to a common man, the second category is service provided to the large business organizations and corporate houses and the third is the service which is related to the technology. When a person hires an investigation agency, they are often in need for assistance with very private issues. Certain circumstances in which  investigators help is required consists of: Firstly locating and finding lost persons  , the police can not provide assistance you until a certain period of time has passed. That persons nears and dears may know that something is not good much faster and then it's advantageous  to hire an agency. Secondly providing break up – this is the most common motive for hiring a private agency when someone needs evidence of their spouses disloyalty.
When trades, organizations and large corporate houses find that they are in the need of assistance private investigation services it comprises of much less emotional  and sensitive issues means they are not related to individual persons. An investigation agency can provide help on the issues including: Firstly it provides background checks – usually organizations uses online services  in order to find out  present or future staffs, workers and personnels. Sometimes that information provided by online services is  not authenticated. So in that case they can hire an agency which can provide his background depth details and records of someone. Secondly, it can prevent losses  Certain warehouses cannot have funds  to appoint a full time security guards to protect their warehouse  from theft,  so, in that case, a private investigator is reasonable option. Thirdly it can help the organizations to provide compensations to deserved workers only for example someone injured on duty deserves compensation, some workers may lie about an incident to get aids and assistances and not have to work more.  Lastly handling and checking for the various frauds – like in the same manner, this work includes identifying the truth and the deceiving person who  frauds against various loans etc.
The last but not the least reason which demands private investigation services is for the computer experts and  forensic labs and the need for this  is increasing day by day. So much of  crime and theft  is done with the help computers that an investigator  needs to get training in how to track security access, ethical hacking and different ways to recover information which may be deleted or erased from the hard disks due to different reasons or might have been formatted. Ethical hacking is a new branch now a days used by various investigators, in which hacking is done not to take advantage , but intruding is done to help people for example tracking computer activities of a partner, by installing various softwares in order to get  access to the partners email account and this process is to prove and get evidences that  partner is cheating and misleading. Sometimes they also hack the databases of mobile companies to get the phone details, call logs of various persons, their contact details so that they can find out the evidences against them. Though the time is changing in a continuous manner, the methods of investigation is also changing day by day but one thing can be taken for guaranteed that in this modern world, we will always be in the need these investigating agencies.


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