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This is the second part of the story catch a cheating spouse story. So, if you didn’t read the first part I’ll suggest you that you should read the episode 1 first.

Previously on catch a cheating spouse story, Roman’s brother Ricky was blackmailed by their maid Lira after she saw Ricky masturbating. Ricky had no choice but to listen what Lira says. Several days later one day were caught having coitus by Ricky’s sister. Now continues.

After getting caught by Rachel, Ricky thought that he was totally dead. Rachel at that time left the room and went to garden. Ricky decided that he should also talk to Rachel and should tell the truth to Rachel before she tells everyone. So he went to the garden and sat beside Rachel.
Rachel: How heinous you are? You had intercourse with our maid. You’re disgusting.
Ricky: That is not my fault sister. She forced me to do it.
Rachel: Why a maid would force you to have sex?
Then Ricky told her everything and asked not to tell anyone.
Rachel: But you should do your personal satisfaction secretly. That was your fault.
Ricky: I understand it was my fault. Now what should I do?
Rachel: Okay. I won’t tell anyone.
Ricky then felt little bit safe and thought that he would be safe. At that moment Victoria returned home. At night when ever sat for dinner Lira came in front of everyone and said she will not stay here and she wasn’t feeling good working there. She will live the house tomorrow. Everyone was surprised. They asked many question and requested her to stay because all on sudden where would they get a new maid. But alas! They couldn’t convince her. Victoria was little bit suspicious about her. She thought why would a maid who was working here for 3years would live the house all on sudden just the next day. After having dinner Victoria went to Lira and asked what the matter was. Lira told there was nothing just she wasn’t feeling well there. Victoria repeated the question and asked her to swear of God. Lira felt guilty and told her everything truth. Victoria realized what was happening in the garden at evening. Victoria also realized the maid was not good she should live. The next day maid left the house and everyone was out for college and office. Victoria took Mr and Mrs Hudson to their younger child’s house. They said they would stay there for few days. So after staying few hours she went back to the house and saw the door wasn’t lock. That’s mean someone got back to the house. She thought Rachel went to a picnic and Ricky would be in class. Probably Roman is back. So she went to their room but Roman was not there. So she went Ricky’s room thinking that might be he was back. She opened the door without a knock. She couldn’t believe her eyes what she just saw. She remembered that same thing had happened to Lira. Ricky was caught again doing masturbate. Ricky was feeling so shame. But probably Victoria just couldn’t control herself and was attracted to his manhood. She just ran and jumped on Ricky. Ricky was fully shocked but he was again clueless. He couldn’t resist himself from having coitus with his brother’s wife who was 6 year older than him. But the thing happened then. Roman was back at the house and after searching the whole house he went to Ricky’s room and saw what they was doing. And what happened next you can guess. Ricky was abandoned and Victoria was divorced. As you can see catch a cheating spouse is not that easy. It just favoured Romans luck.

This was the end of the story of catch a cheating spouse. Hope you guys liked it.

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