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You have probably read plenty of cheating spouse story which were written by me. I hope that you liked all the stories. So here is another story.
It’s a story where husband cheats on wife because he is tired of quarrelling with his wife. So, enjoy the cheating spouse story. Here it starts.
Linda Parker and Ethan Waugh were married for six years. They had no kids though had plan to have kids next year. Ethan was a teacher of a University. Linda used to teach Piano but she stopped that few years ago. Linda and Ethan used to be a happy couple. But for few months Linda became very hyper. She began to confront Ethan for everything. Though Ethan was a good husband he always tried to make Linda calm down. Linda began to confront Ethan from that day when one of the female students of Ethan’s at Ethan’s home and gave some fake information. Though Ethan made believe of that to Linda it was fake information’s. Because some of the students have failed in the examination they wanted to have revenge with Ethan. So they called his wife and told that he do intercourse with his students in private class. But it was passed a long time ago. Still Linda confronts him for that when they had quarrels. That’s why sometimes Ethan gets frustrated though he never had wrong thoughts about Linda in his minds. One day Ethan was walking along the street after college. One of his girl students came and asked for some tips on accounting. So he thought his student might need help. He gave her some tips. After that she asked for a private lesson. In the mind of a teacher he accepted and told her to meet tomorrow after class. He didn’t know that it was a plan. The last line of the conversation “Meet me tomorrow at laboratory after class in private” was recorded. The recorded tape was delivered to Linda at that night by a postman. Listening to the recording Linda thought that her husband is a cheating spouse. Then and there Linda went to her husband and started the recording. Ethan had no clue what was going on. Ethan then understood that it was that girl who called Linda few months ago. Ethan tried to make Linda believe that it was all misunderstanding. Someone wanted to take revenge. But Linda didn’t believe Ethan. She threw the recorder on the television and started to pack the bag. Ethan started crying to make her believe but she wasn’t in the mood of taking requests. She packed her bag and left the house and before leaving she said she will send the divorce paper by tomorrow. Ethan was totally exhausted. He cried all night long. Next day he hadn’t gone to university. That day, he made a plan. He thought by himself that he was already been called cheater though he wasn’t. The next day he went to university. He didn’t make his expression bad. He didn’t make other’s believe that something wrong was with him. After the class he called that girl in his cabin and told that he was busy yesterday because, his wife was in hospital. The girl asked what was wrong. Ethan replied that a post was delivered by a postman. He and his wife had a cat-fight to decide who was going to open it. During cat fight the delivered box was accidently fall in house chimney. The girl then thought that her all efforts were failure. Then Ethan said that he was not going to teach her the lessons that time because he had to go to hospital because her wife had headache after that fight. Ethan asked her to come to his house for lesson. The girl couldn’t resist that thought it was plan. Ethan thought that he would teach her a good lesson. At night the girl went to Ethan’s house. After welcoming her and closing the door Ethan directly slapped her and dragged her to bed room. Ethan took revenge by having coitus with that girl. He also recorded that it was a plan of her which made the divorce between him and Linda. Linda understood that it was her fault. But Ethan said you had no belief in me. With belief there is no love and without love our marriage cannot go on.


So it was the end of the cheating spouse story. Hope you all liked it. I have to write more of cheating spouse story.

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