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This is the second part of the story named catch a cheating spouse in Singapore: story of Monica.

Previously on catch a cheating spouse in Singapore: story of Monica, Monica was suspicious about her husband terry after he told that he cheated on his first wife for many times. Monica searched for some help in internet and she applied everything on her husband but nothing was found. So, she thought probably she was little bit too suspicious. Then, she threw that matter out of her mind. Everything was going well but one day she saw her husband with a girl in Chinese restaurant. Her suspect was proved when she saw he husband kissing that girl. Now continues.

I came back home. I was totally exhausted and out of my mind. I directly went to the bathroom. My face was matte red. I couldn’t resist myself from crying. After 1hour I came out of bathroom. My kids were playing games on PlayStation. I went to bed and started thinking what should I do now? What will be family’s future? Why did my husband cheated on me? There was no answer of those questions. In evening, my spouse came back from office or where only he knew. I had no words in my mind to express anything. I just started ignoring him. Couple of days passed. He tried to talk with me and asked what was wrong? I just replied I was not feeling good. He told me to go to hospital with him. But I refused. Only this speech was happened on last few days. Then I thought for something. I decided living with that man will not bring happiness in my life. That man was a masked animal. He couldn’t change himself if thousand times he tries. So I decided to divorce him. And keep my only child with me. So I started thinking for a plan. I knew that without any proofs I can’t file a case against him. So I surfed on internet and took some advices. In a forum I met a lawyer named Davis. Davis gave me some advice which I thought might work. But I was inexperienced. So I took the number of Davis from is profile and called her. I thought he was a lawyer. It may be an easy job for him. I make an appointment with him. The next day, I went to his office. Her secretary led me to his cabin. When I saw him for the first time his look attracted me. However, after our introduction I started to tell everything what happened to me. He was listening carefully. After listening to my problem, he told me not to worry; he will do as I want. I gave me a GPS tracker and a hidden camera and told me to put those in my husband’s car; he will handle rest of the things. So I did what he said. From the next day everywhere my spouse went everything was being recorded. Two days passed but Davis couldn’t notify me with any information. But the next day all on a sudden he called me and told me to meet him in 20minitues in front of Frontal Hotel. I quickly left the house and went there. My kids were in school that time. Davis told me that he tracked Terry’s car and terry came here 30minitues ago. Davis told me to wait in the lobby. Davis came out after five minutes in a waiter costume. I checked the room number where Terry where booked in. Davis took a tray of chicken fries with drinks and went there. He hid the camera in his waiter tie. He went to the room and knocked for permission to come inside. I was back at the door. He went inside and started to move around to take some good position for video. Terry was in the bed with that girl. So it was an easy job and successful one. The video was used as a proof in the court. I won the appeal and got the charge of my kid with Terry. And court also declared to give me monthly alimony. After few months I married Davis. He is a good human being. So it was my story catch a cheating spouse in Singapore.

This is the end of the article named catch a cheating spouse in Singapore: story of Monica.

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