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Applying for Maintenance With The Help Of A private Detective In Singapore

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Applying for Maintenance With The Help Of A private Detective In Singapore

After the child custody battle and one has been given full rights to the child, the next topic would be the support given to the child by the parents, with the help of a private investigator in Singapore who has the background of the Family Laws, the party who had full custody over the children (those who had not reached 21 years old or had not been financially stable or who may be 21 years old and above but has mental illness/disability are considered to be the children who are subject to the custody battle) has the right to apply for maintenance. Maintenance can also be applied before the separation with the payment to be given to the parent with full custody. If needed urgently, maintenance order may be given by the family court of Singapore that would give the order even without the decision for the divorce which has been filed in court.Private Detective In Singapore child custody
There are several factors that would lead to the decision of a judge to whom that the maintenance claim has been filed with the help of a private detective in Singapore: He would look upon the needs of the child like the education, food, clothing and the daily expenses incurred by the child through lodging or board. It does not include if the child has mental disability/disorder which must be taken cared upon as it is given a necessary amount for it to be taken cared upon depending on the average expense of the child. The period of the maintenance for the custody expires when the child has reached the age of 21 wherein he has been declared by court as financially independent, completing his tertiary education or has been declared physically fit to be able to stand on his own. What is important to be settled in this child custody case is that all the needs are provided or accounted for.
Another purpose of applying for maintenance in Singapore is by the ex-wife/wife during the course of the marriage and the divorce case. The evidences or proofs of the claim of the wife gathered through the help of the private investigator in Singapore. The judge would decide based on your standing and your husband and what kind of lifestyle had you have before the marriage has broken down. The judge would want the wife to have the kind of life that she had when they were still happy. The order for this maintenance applies until the wife has remarried where the order would automatically be stopped. This should be followed or other affairs/arrears may be taken place just to be able to follow that order.
A private detective in Singapore may help classify how law would enforce the ruling regarding maintenance for both child custody and the wife. They could also act as witness if needed when asked if they could describe the relationship of the husband and the wife on certain stages based on the evidence he has gathered through surveillance – either by following where the unfaithful spouse has been going through based on the information he got from his client or through the business trips or even checking computer sources for information like credit cards, banking statements and the like. Private detectives are more than just those that are found in mystery tales, they are already an asset to any case and even to filing maintenance claims if you are the aggrieved party, they could help you as the ex-wife get what you deserved or had helped your husband earn or even secure the future of your kids to whom you both loved.

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