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There are lots of detective agencies around the whole world. They provide private detectives for investigation. The first detective agency was established in France, than UK, than in U.S.A.  Detective agency provides their detectives for different types of investigation such as for kidnapping case, for background checking, for industrialized espionage, for catching cheating spouse and so on. Now a day’s agencies are providing security guards, bodyguard etc for their clients. Agencies are recruiting mainly young, energetic or experienced person for this job. Agencies provide training for their employers to develop their skill. There are some well known detective agencies around the world which have many branches over the world. Sometimes agencies are helping their govt. agencies like police, law enforcement division for investigation purposes. In the recent statistics, catching cheating spouse and investigation for insurance claims are solving by agencies are most. Sometimes detective agencies arrange some course for their employers.
Detective agencies want qualified & energetic people for investigation. Detective agencies should have govt. clearance. Generally young officer or military personal retired from their jobs are entering on this profession. Agencies should have provided various courses for their employer. Such like zoo do karate course or computer skill course etc. Demand of hiring detectives is increasing day by day. Insurance company often hires detective to investigate their suspicious claims. Agencies should provide regular training for their employers. They may train their employers on different condition on different circumstances. They should provide various facilities for their employers if they want more from them. There are many safe houses for detective’s agencies. It should be needed for a agency for their safety. These safe houses help them in crucial situation. Such as, they may have to hide a person for their investigation work. These cases safe houses are much needed.
Cost of hiring a detective is normally selected by client & agencies agreement. Detective agency first looks the complexity of the work. Then they look how much time detective has to done the assignment. Then they estimate a cost & submit it to their client. After finishing the task they make a report including all cost and submit it to the client. Any additional costs do not bear by agencies. Such as transportation costs to go abroad, hotel costs etc are not bear by the agencies. There are different types of work done by detective agencies also. Such as supplies bodyguard, security guards etc. these cases costs are depending on various matters. For bodyguard, cost depends on the person who needs bodyguard. For security guard, cost depend on the covering area what will give security and what things need security. Costs are finally submitted by the agency in a report.
The profession of private detective is one of the challenging & risky jobs in the world. During this job, you may create some enemy for your entire life. This is not only for the detectives, but also for agencies. They also may create some enemies. These enemies may want to harm the agencies. These attacks are coming from various sides. They can attack physically with armed hostiles or they can destroy the agency’s goodwill. So, a detective agency must be prepared all-time to protect such kind of attack. Detective agencies must be honest to their work. Sometimes many illegal offers may come to them. This type of offer must be handling carefully & must be avoided carefully. Agencies must be careful about their client’s secret. Detective agencies can be well known to all if they follow professionalism & honesty. Otherwise, they cannot shine in this competitive world. For a good detective agency must need young, energetic, skilled & experienced detectives.

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