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A Singapore Detective’s Role in Infidelity Cases

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A Singapore Detective’s Role in Infidelity Cases

In Singapore, as well as in other Asian countries, it is said that family is the foundation of society. But there are marriages which really do not turn out the way you imagine them to be. There comes a time in a couple’s life when neither of the spouses is still sure about their relationship. Of course, it is important to build your relationship on trust. Trust is a very heavy and powerful word. It can make or break a marriage; it can even make or break a family. Spouses need to earn each other’s trust to maintain their marriage bond. Once that trust is broken, it causes irreparable injury. This sometimes even lead to one spouse spying on the other, to the extent of hiring a Singapore detective to find out if he or she has been lied to by the other.

Divorce rate in Singapore has been recorded at 10%. One out of ten marriages ends up in severance. Although this is considerably a small figure compared to other countries in the world, it is still an indication of broken trusts and broken homes. One woman admitted that this is the result of lost affection brought about by eroded trust. This was, in her case, originally lit up when her husband cheated on her. A Singapore detective helped her find out about it. There were photographs which are physical evidences. She could still recall how he yelled at her when she asked incriminating questions about his unfaithfulness. The husband, nevertheless, denied having an affair with another woman. He even swore to his mother’s life that he was not doing anything fishy. Now, the husband regrets, the kids endure the situation, but the wife feels empowered. Not that she was proud of their broken family, but she was able to prove to her husband that she can stand on her own feet.

When the husband knew that a Singapore detective was hired by his wife to follow him around and get pictures of him, he was tempestuous. He threatened the detective that he would sue him for violating his rights to privacy. There is no such prohibition in Singapore jurisdiction. The least he could have done was to secure an order from the court to stop the private detective from tailing him. But he would have to prove to the court that such act of tailing him is endangering his life. After all, the job of the detective allows him to follow and spy on persons to get true, confidential information which is the main reason why the client employed his services. This is not against law or public policy.

The wife already suspected the infidelity of her husband long before she resorted to engaging the services of a Singapore detective. But she was hoping he would eventually stop lying. But he did not. This is a classic example on how marriages easily get broken. It is as fragile as china; when you do not hold it tight, it slips and it breaks. The detective only played a supplemental role here. All the wife needs is proof of infidelity. It could have gone well if the husband admitted his sin and asked for forgiveness. A woman’s heart can be touched even by the slightest attempt at admitting and apologizing. But he denied altogether that he was the guy in the photograph. Now there’s nothing left to do for the wife but to use the bits of evidence for the court to approve her petition for divorce. It is hard to hold on to a relationship when trust is no longer present as everything else seems to be a lie.

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