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Detectives whose are hired for investigation by individual or a company, generally known as private detective and investigator. In modern world, private detectives have huge demand. They work for individual to enquiry data or to find someone or to investigate their cheating partner. Private investigators are also work for company such as insurance company to investigate their suspicious claim. Now a days, young people are attract by this job moreover, young early retired military, police or law enforcement officer enter this job as their new career. Private detectives must have Govt. permission to do their job. If any detectives have arms fire, it has also govt. clearance. A good private detective must be intellectual, have power to take decision instantly, have power to connect with different mentality’s people. This job is more dangerous than any other jobs. Detectives do their job to investigate the truth. So, someone does not like that. So, most of the cases, detectives face horrible situation. Sometimes they can be attacked by armed hostiles. So they must be prepared for this type of situation. Generally, there is no highly educational qualification need to be a detective. Most of the detective agencies want attractive, sound body and skillful person for this job.
Private detectives and investigator uses many ways & tactics for their investigation. They first determined that what they have enquired. Then they list what people they have met for their investigation. Then they list what kind of data they have to check. They may list which people’s background should be checked. Then analyzing situation they marked what tasks are got more priority. Then they should work maintained the sequence. Sometimes, two or more investigators work together in same investigation. This case they or agencies should make one investigator as their leader. Because, in this job when more detectives works together they should follow one’s leadership otherwise situation may be awful due to their poor combination. Sometimes, they may investigate against armed hostiles. This case they should keep backup likes inform police station, law enforcement division etc. in practical field, a good investigator do not want to be a James bond. It’s not dream world. A good investigator must have courage but that no means that he works like a foolish person. At last, an investigator must be honest to his job. A detective can find some confidential evidence against his client or any people what is not related to his investigation. This case he can easily blackmail that people. But this is not professionalism and it is not good for his career.
There are many related jobs for private detectives and investigator. Now days they not only do investigation, they also do bodyguard jobs or security guard jobs or insurance company’s inspector jobs. For detective and investigator, there is no fixed working hour.  Sometimes, they may work more than eight hours. Sometimes, they have to nothing in a day, probably waiting someone or phone calls only. Now days, in the modern world the demand of this job increasing as more detective or investigation agency formed. In this century, people’s relation are being complicated and they became felling unsecured in this modernized world. Terrorist are also being modernized and they also change their tactics to do crime. So, a good detective must have knowledge about surrounding’s happening. Detective agencies are look for talented, fit body, talkative person for their clients investigation. Private detectives may have also some skill such as zoo do, karate etc for their own safety. They should fast and well in fire arms handling. Young people who love adventurous occupation they can choice this profession. In this profession salary is good for investigator. Extra cost what are made for an investigation is charged to the client.

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