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Private Detective Singapore in YouTube: Positioning yourself as a Private Detective

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Private Detective Singapore in YouTube: Positioning yourself as a Private Detective

Positioning yourself as a private detective in Singapore is very important as it creates a market niche for your investigative services and increases your prominence and professional presence not only with potential clients but also with your peers. The traditional methods of advertising such as use of local and national media or on the classified section, and posting flyers all around the vicinity of your business premises, among many other conventional methods may not be effective in this times and age of internet marketing. The world has gone digital and most people are living their lives online. Interacting with people face to face is a concept that is fast fading and you will need to catch up real fast or get left behind by the train. I have a solution that will make you more present and much talked about in Singapore in regards to your work as a private detective. The solution is YouTube! Some of you may think am now writing Greek, but to let you in on the loop, let me define and explain YouTube. It is a video-sharing website on which users can upload, view and share videos. And I will give you a few pointers on how to use it to your advantage as a private detective Singapore in YouTube.

As a private detective Singapore in YouTube, you should understand your brand and how to market your brand. The first thing you should do is create your branded YouTube channel. The channel will help you house all your videos and contents under one roof as well as put up your brand colours and logo as well as relevant information on your website links, links to your blog and other social media pages like your twitter handle, Facebook page and other necessary web links. The beauty of creating your branded channel is that people will search for only your content using the channel you have given them and will be able to subscribe to your YouTube posts by just clicking a button. The second step is finding content that will help you promote your brand as a private detective. Post relevant information like how to catch a cheating spouse, how to find a private detective and all other content that will drive traffic to your YouTube channel. Make it simple, fun and easily accessible using keywords that will boost your visibility on YouTube. Remember there are thousands of videos out there on private detective work, so make yours one of the videos that will be viewed by many and gain loyal followers and subscribers. The content should play to your strengths and show the viewers your expertise in private detective work as well as sell and market your private detective services. The content should not only educate but also pull in more clients for your private detective enterprise.

Another point to keep in mind to help you position yourself a private detective Singapore in YouTube is optimization of your videos that you post.  Optimization is simply making your YouTube videos to be easily found. You will have to use tags and keywords that will make your video appear on the first pages of a video search for example: catch a cheating spouse, tricks, tips, private investigation, detective, snoop, and infidelity among other catch phrases. Choose a thumbnail that will allure someone to click on the video and watch it and create an enticing title for your video. Ask your marketing department and your graphic designer and video editor to keep it simple but interesting. You have to remember there may be deaf and hearing impaired people in your audience. Make sure you add subtitles and use sign language and teaching aids whenever necessary so that your audience will feel cared for and catered to. Private detective work is offering a service to your clients and a multitude of people. So you should consider doing a video that will answer your viewers question on a weekly basis. Consider other customer service packages that you may include in your videos to draw in more viewers and keep the old ones coming back for more. Make sure to interact with other people in YouTube and join discussion forums so as to increase your YouTube presence. Remember to post your videos on your other sites so as to drive traffic to your YouTube profile. Be creative, interactive and educative and you will be on your way to becoming a YouTube sensation.


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