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  Hiring a private detective is the most important step anyone should take when he’s suspecting someone and when the issue is really very serious. The basic difference between a good and bad investigator is that the good investigator knows how to link his evidences and clues even when the situation or the probability to solve the case is almost impossible. Whereas the bad investigator finds him stuck in the middle of the chain and he goes on in his evidence finding job and wastes more time. Linking the clues is just like solving a really difficult riddle. You might think that linking the clues if much easier than obtaining them. But the real deal is actually finding a link in the clues. You need to have a chronological order well established in your mind right before taking the job. Then you can use this chronological knowledge of yours to form a chain of the clues according to the time of their occurrence. If at all you miss one component of the chain, it will be almost impossible for you to get to the end of the case or obtain a logical result. Therefore, you must give you private detective some good time to do his job.

              Having a proper and exact knowledge of all the living components of the case is necessary to solve a case completely. The ‘living components’ include everyone who belongs to the case. The suspect, his family, his friends and office colleagues, the victim’s family, friends and the victim himself and the mutual friends of the victim and the suspect are all the part of the living components. Here’s another difference between good and bad private investigator is that the good investigator acknowledges himself about all the living components properly and knows all the past records of everyone related to the case; even the ones with the least probability of being the suspect. Whereas the bad investigator studies the primary list of people only and eventually fails to end up the case properly. When you do not consider every point to be a serious clue, you just cannot get success in the assigned job. These are some of the most vital information you need to have on the case. Maximum of the investigators in the world are well equipped with all the intelligence and they know the probable temperament and behaviors of the suspects when they take the very first look at them.

            You might be hearing it many times about how to differentiate between good and bad private investigator; but the most important thing in pre investigation is to actually investigate about a good investigator. Just for instance, you need to find out whether your private investigator actually wanted to be an investigator right from his childhood or he just had to become an investigator because he failed his college exams. This is a serious question to ponder upon. Suppose you want to become a doctor, you study for the entrance exams but you fail. You have no good choices left and you decide to become a photographer. You actually had to become a photographer. Whereas, the person who’s been studying graphic editing and photography for years will obviously do better photography than you simply because he was prepared for the job but you were not. Exactly like that, your private investigator should have been an investigator or a policeman or a security official right from the beginning of his professional career. This ensures you that your case will be successfully and logically solved within the time limit. It is advised to prepare a list of characteristics of a detective before moving on.


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