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Since a private detective or an investigator doesn’t need any recognized qualification, you need to be really vigilante while choosing one. You can easily take the advantage of some articles on good and bad private detective over the internet and accordingly shortlist the minimum qualification or experience you need you private investigator to have in order to work for you. We are usually not acknowledged about the working of these detectives and their techniques. So it is better to check over the internet or some magazines and make a list of all things you find useful. But before you start evaluating the qualifications, experience and feedbacks of detectives, you should first choose one. It is always better to ask your friends and relatives about a good private detective as the close people are always the relevant source. And if you chose to find the detectives using your internet and computer, it is advised to go to a licensing organization for private investigators in your locality and shortlist a couple or a few more investigators. If your case is a matrimonial case, then it is pretty sure that you will need an attorney to handle you case after the evidences are out.

The most important thing that you should know is that the famous and well experienced private detectives are a part of top investigation groups. It is always advised and perhaps, it is good to contact this kind of detectives as they have the best qualification needed. So while choosing a detective, if you want to know the difference between a good and bad detective, it is better if you know all the types of qualifications. For instance, if a person tells you that he is a mechanical engineer and he owns a garage, it might turn out that he is just a college drop-out and not any engineer. You can also check the complaints filed against him by his past customers as it will help you to know the short-comes of that detective and then take decisions accordingly. Also, some of the private detectives in the world have college drop-outs working under them. They assign work to these people and this makes your case move faster. If you are dealing with a case of cell phone stalking, then it is better to hire a detective with a computer degree as he will be having the relevant knowledge to use the evidences.

  Some detectives also charge you for their cell phone bills and travel costs along with their usual bills. You cannot avoid the calling charges for sure but you can possibly avoid the travel expenses charged by your private investigator. You can choose a private detective residing within a radius of 5 km from your area of residence. This will reduce a large amount of travel cost in form of train travel and taxi expenses for sure. If the investigator asks you to pre-pay him for the work, get a guarantee letter signed by him. If he asks you to pay some part of the fees as pre-payment then you can do that without getting any guarantee documents signed. The greatest difference between a good and bad detective is that the good detective, or say, the better detective has contacts with a couple of attorneys while the bad one doesn’t have the contacts. If your case is a household issue, you’ll need to hire a lawyer by your own. But if you have a detective with an attorney working with him, you can surely choose him as it is always better. It is better to read all these instructions before hiring a detective.


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