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SK INVESTIGATION PRIVATE LIMITED Is A Proud International Member Of World Association of Detectives (WAD).

The World Association of Detectives is an international body that was formed in the year 1925. It had a steady growth in the numbers of members. In the year 1950, it entered into a partnership with the International Secret Service Association and the name World Secret Service Association Inc was coined for it. In 1966, at an annual conference in Texas, the present name was unanimously adopted; hence the body reverted to the old name of one of the entities in the partnership. By the year 1997, it was already represented in at least 40 countries. It has a number of principles that guide its activities. First of all, the body seeks to promote the highest levels of ethical uprightness in members. Therefore, those who wish to be members are assessed based on their forthrightness in terms of truthfulness and modesty.

They also seek to institute cooperation with those who work in law enforcement. This is a strategy that aims at building on the reputation of this international entity. The goal of having a well-respected body that people feel a sense of friendliness towards is also emphasised.

The World Association of Detectives aims at promoting the capacity of members in handling their duties through enlightening them on the best approaches to go about issues of the profession. With its headquarters primarily in Maryland, U.S.A, the body seeks to have its imprint felt internationally. It organizes annual events where members from various places meet and learn new things.

The organisation also makes available all the news that people in this profession may desire to know so that they are kept up to date on issues that have an impact in their careers. Often, there are legislations that come into effect that have an impact on detective work across the globe. Such information is passed on to members who benefit profusely from it. There are documents meant to certify membership and these are distributed to members who have complied with all registration requirements.
The benefit of having a wide network is also realized with membership to the association. Indeed, in every profession, one needs substantial networking to be able to progress effectively. As of now, the body has its wings in 60 countries and this is a resource that members can explore for personal growth.

To boost the morale of the members, there are awards that are given to them. These are based on the achievements of each. It involves a nomination process where the members themselves identify colleagues who have stood out in their work and deserve recognition for their efforts.  There are four awards.

The Norman J. Sloan Memorial Award is for those who have shown the greatest commitment and loyalty to the body through their services. It rewards the effort that has been put forth to better the body. Investigator of the Year is basically given to the one who has had the greatest accomplishment in the field of investigation.

Neal Holmes Sr. Memorial Security Professional of the Year Award is given to those who have proven their prowess in leadership and entrepreneurship.

Hal Lipset Truth in Action Award rewards acts of giving back to the community by kind deeds that may not be part of the detective job description. 

These awards are named after personalities that greatly influenced the course of this body. The benefits of joining this body are numerous; both in terms of exposure and exchange. To register, one gets direction from their website which has proper security. Being a body of crime preventers, they value the privacy of members so one really does not have to worry about internet scams that occasion such registrations.