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SK INVESTIGATION PRIVATE LIMITED Is A Proud International Member Of The Council of International Investigators.

There are those investigators who practise privately. The Council of International Investigators is a body that is comprised of these kinds of investigators from almost every corner of the world. To join this body, one has to meet standard requirements; the integrity of the association is highly regarded and every member is expected to uphold it. Every individual who wishes to join the body goes through a thorough vetting process to determine their conduct.

To be able to be considered for membership, there are some minimum requirements that one has to meet. The individual needs to have been in practise for at least some period of time before. This requirement depends upon the membership plan that one seeks to apply for. They also have to prove that they will uphold the principles of the association by adhering to all the code of ethics in place.

Becoming a member of this body has many advantages for investigators in private practise. There are those who strictly look for the competence and reputation of investigators from these bodies before they make a hire.

The Council of International Investigators was established 50 years ago. Its membership has been growing steadily with new private investigators realizing the opportunities that the body holds for them. As of now, the body enjoys a population of more than 300 members from several countries who all do different kinds of investigations

The opportunities that one stands to benefit on joining this body are many. The ability to network with professionals in the same kind of practise is ever so important for people in every career. You also get to learn more skills through interaction with those who have viewed the profession through different eyes. In addition, you stay relevant to the profession. This is because you consistently get up to date information as concerns the work of private investigation. Ultimately, no man is an island and there are immense benefits in interacting with people of similar interests and career.

Depending on the standing of someone in his career, there are membership plans to choose from; affiliate, associate, qualified and certified membership. The requirements in these plans are variant. The affiliate member is usually one who works in the firm of the certified member. He is sponsored by the certified member and his membership ceases should the certified member lose his. They are not allowed to vote or hold elective office. The associate member joins as a result of his/her spouse being an associate member or a sponsorship by a certified member. This position does not hold a vote as well.

The qualified member should have been in practise for at least five years and needs to have a firm running. From this, he can apply for certified membership after running the firm for more than three years. There is a maximum number of memberships allowed for every firm. There is the condition of being financially stable that applies to each membership plan. Any applicant also ought not to be one who has had charges brought against them before and need to be of moral standing.

It is important for those who wish to join the body to study the code of ethics so that once their request is granted, they will conform to the rules. There are yearly conferences convened to bring all the members together and thereby also teach all the members new things in the detective career. Application is primarily done online and attracts a fee of $110. There is an annual membership fee that differs from one membership plan to another. It may take quite a bit of time for the application to be reviewed to establish that you meet all the requirements. However, once you are approved, you start to enjoy the benefits of being part of a reputable body.