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Working Conditions of private detectives Singapore

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Working Conditions of private detectives Singapore


Private detectives like any other employees undergo strenuous working conditions. Private investigation being not the most forthright of careers, industry standards are not enforced leading to mistreatment. When one hears of a private detective it conjures up an image of a fictional character such as Sherlock Holmes, hence the government is not that serious when it comes to listening to the qualms of those working in the industry. Case in point private detectives Singapore usually work in odd work shifts. One such odd shift may range even from twenty four hours to seventy two hours! Work for private detectives is usually time sensitive so no time is usually wasted, this results in fatigued individuals with most retiring early from the industry. Lack of enough time for social relationships impacts heavily on the individual, as man is a social being. Such individuals usually develop some antisocial behavior preferring to work more with machines than humans. This proves costly in the long run as the individual’s state of mind may become unstable.   The odd hour shifts also result from the fact that surveillance work is usually carried out at odd hours such as late in the night, during weekends or even during social gatherings.

Poor or no work schedule is the order of the day if you are a private eye. Most days are spent at the office receiving phone calls and following up on paperwork for legal matters. Abruptly, the private detectives are called to the field for surveillance work and investigations. The field investigations may range from a few days to even months depending on the complexity of the case being investigated. The private eye may need to become covert assuming a new identity in order to extract information thus he/she may even forget his/her family members! The shift from one job environment with no stability may prove strenuous on the body and mind. If one is not careful he/she may suffer from stress. In fact study has shown that most beginners and old timers fail to accomplish their due task because of these drawbacks. The biggest problem with private detectives Singapore is that there is no psychological counseling services provided, after they come from field assignments or deep cover works. The mental condition of the private eye is not ascertained before they are committed to other jobs. The end result is that most people carry the burden of the work home, resulting in failed relationships.

Private detectives work is also risky, as it involves confronting people who may be armed to the teeth. Private investigation may involve investigating scams before investment opportunities can be ascertained. Most scams involve gangsters who are not too eager for their money making schemes to be foiled by a person snooping around. Moreover, private detectives Singapore are not licensed to carry firearms unless in special circumstances where the private eye is acting in the capacity of a body guard. Confrontations not withstanding death or even injury may occur to the private eye. In the case of death or injury the person is not compensated as per the terms of the agreement, as the contract only specifies payment after delivery of services. Government legislature does not protect private eye as it does law enforcement officers. Private investigation involves some crime investigation like in insurance claims fraud. Any evidence recovered is forwarded to the police and/or lawyers. The private investigator may become a prime witness in a case, with little or no witness protection the life of the private eye may be in danger. The family members may also be held at ransom in order to keep the person from talking, which usually compounds the problem. Workers unions should be formed for private detectives to fight good working conditions. 


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