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Winning Your Child Back – Custody of Children Investigations

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Winning Your Child Back – Custody of Children Investigations

In today’s world, a very high rate of divorces means creates a situation when a lot of parents have to fight for the right to raise or even see their own child. In many divorced families that go through the court, only one parent is given a right to be a primary residential custodian. The court decides who will get custody of children rights. The court’s decision is based on a judgment which parent – in court’s view – will be the best primary guardian. However, sometimes courts make mistakes while appointing custody of children rights.

Most common mistakes courts make when awarding custody of children rights:

• Giving custody of children rights to a parent who isn’t really the best to care for the child. That can happen because the court often doesn’t posses all the facts about both parents, and therefore does not give the custody of children rights to the best parent, but to a parent that just looks like he’s able to take care of the child.

• Giving custody of children rights to a parent dating someone who is a bad influence. Sometimes a divorcee awarded with custody of children rights might be dating someone new – and that someone might be abusing your child or jeopardizing his safety.

However, unless the court is bribed – in which case you will definitely need a private investigator’s and police help – you can, in most of the cases, change the court’s decision on custody of children rights by bringing the compromising facts to light. It must be hard evidence – the court will not take your word for it.

Generally it’s not a good idea trying to gather the evidence yourself (of course, there is a small chance you are an intelligence agency operative or a superspy; then it’s okay). That is because the other parent can – and will – notice you, which will raise his suspicions and cause him to take measures against you. He might call the police and accuse you of stalking, or just will become much, much more careful from then on. Either way it’s not a good outcome and does nothing to get custody of children rights.

On top of that, showing the court a single photo of your child being abused might not be enough to influence the judge’s decision. If you want to actually convince the court that the other parent doesn’t deserve custody of children rights, you must produce a documented pattern of misbehavior as an evidence – and that takes considerable time investments.

That is why you should use help of a private investigation agency while fighting for custody of children rights.

Most private investigation agencies worth their salt will use multiple investigators for custody of children cases. This means two things:

• There will be a constant surveillance: you will get documented proof much faster than if you tried spying on the other parent yourself, in turn meaning you will get custody of children rights faster.
• The chances that different professional investigators will attract attention of the other parent are much lower. If it’s you – or even your friends trying to help you get custody of children rights back – doing the surveillance, the chances to slip are much higher. Not only do you need special skills, familiar faces will attract much more attention. And attention is a bad thing – if the other parent realizes he is being watched, it will make gathering proof for your custody of children case much more difficult.

These two factors alone mean that private investigators do a much, much better job at gathering facts for custody of children cases than you alone can.

Summing up, you should never try to document proof that the other parent is unsuitable for custody of children yourself or with your friends’ assistance. Instead you should always go to the professional custody of children investigators to win your son or daughter back.

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