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Why Private Investigator Fees are charged higher?

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Why Private Investigator Fees are charged higher?


What is private investigation and what is it for? We all know very much about it that who is private investigator and what does he works. Now, if a private investigator is going to be hired by a person, how he is going to work on the task given to him. There may be different reasons for which an investigator is going to be hired. But during conducting the investigation, what an investigator should do in order to earn a reasonable Private Investigator Fees? The investigator must discuss the particular situation with client to gain full disclosure of the case and whether it is legal, ethical and feasible. He should then find a way to solve that problem and situation and should estimate the cost of solving that problem. Next comes the implementation of the plan or way he defined first to solve that problem. He works according to the plan and gathers material and reliable proofs in such a way that they couldn’t be denied. He collects this data by using different techniques such as Questionnaires, Interviewing and using surveillance techniques.  He using his logical reasoning, experience and the facts found conducts an analysis of the data and situation to find the solid results.
The results found by the investigator are then presented to the client in the form of a report with final conclusion or situation of the case. The Private Investigator Fees charged by investigator depends greatly on the procedure and time spent by the investigator. We take an example here of information and data gathered by the investigator. Investigator collects data from different sources which may be interviewing people, information received by the informer, using different database. People don’t have so much time to interview the investigator as well as are sometimes reluctant to tell the truth, so investigator has to pay them for their time and information provided. Same is the case of informer; investigator pays him for his information provided. In some cases the investigator uses different database sources to get information such as records of taxes, record about public births and deaths, court records, real estate transactions records and business licenses etc. which all are time consuming and need extra amount to be conducted. Hence it is proved that only the process of information gathering also contributes a lot to the private investigator fees. The next paragraph will deal with the contribution of process of analysis to the fees of private investigator.
Now, come to the role played by the process of investigation in the Private Investigator Fees. For analysis investigator use different techniques such as tracing, tracking, computer labs for forensic reports, polygraph testing and finger printing etc. An investigator has to perform all these jobs and has to be available with all of the apparatus to complete the whole job. For all these reasons, he must be compensated with a high amount of Private Investigator Fees. An investigator has to give a lot of time to all these functions and he demands the compensation as per his efforts. His fees charges also depends upon other factors like distance between the locations where the target is present and where the private investigator resides actually, the dimensions on which he has to focus while performing investigation, the time he has to consume and any other additional costs incurred during the work of processing or data collection phase. The person hiring an investigator must submit his limitations whether in the form of costs are in the form of maximum time limits, but these will just direct an investigator in a general way. There should not be any intervention by that person in the investigator’s work because the investigator is an experienced and specialized person and he must be left free and independent to perform his job as well as to make a conclusion which might be helpful for the person hiring him.


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