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Why hire a Singapore private Investigator

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Why hire a Singapore private Investigator

You could be wondering either what the essence of a detective is or even why would anyone hire one. Actually, there are several reasons why anyone would hire these professionals because they have several importances that can be useful to almost everyone in the society. Certain landlords, a wife and husband, were found dead in their home. They were of age and their death did not seem natural at all. A broken lamp stand was found near their dead bodies but the cause of their death remained a mystery. A Singapore private investigator was hired to dig into the root cause of the death of these elderly landlords. The first thing to be established was the fact that the doors were not broken to mean that the killer was an insider; someone who was close to the landlords and knew them very well. There was a certain jewellery that was determined to be missing but everything else remained intact and nothing was stolen; not even money that was found in the house during investigations. The necklace that was missing was a present that the female landlord was given by her parents when she was still young; it was made from pure gold.

A piece of paper was found stained with blood on top of the dressing table. When a DNA test was carried out, the number one suspect was the care taker whose DNA matched the specimen from the crime scene. Though he denied being the murderer, another evidence of blood stain was found on the broken lamp stand that was used to hit one of the culprits as a pattern on the stand was found on the part of the body that was hit with it. Evidence that the detectives worked on was the missing jewellery. Photos of the necklace were published in all the newspapers around Singapore and anybody who saw or knew where the jewellery could be found would be rewarded big time. Several years down the line, a certain lady who purchases newspapers on a daily basis was going through the old papers when she came across the issue on the missing necklace. It was one of a kind and she immediately recognized it. She owns a jewellery shop and a man had sold her the expensive accessory at only $20. She contacted the Singapore private investigator whose contacts were provided in the paper and the man who sold it was tracked down. It happened to be the same suspect, the caretaker, who denied having anything to do with the murder.

By then, he was already in prison serving a life sentence for another crime. He was found guilty and sentenced to be hanged as he was a threat not just to the society but all to those who were in prison with him. At least the murderer was brought to book and thanks to the service offered by the detectives. This is just how essential a detective can be. Apart from helping solve criminal cases, there are several importances of detectives. They can help determine if a spouse is cheating or not, perform background checks and even participate in mystery shopping to catch thieves among others. If you need any kind of information that is not easily accessible, you can consult a detective for assistance. They have the expertise as well as tools that can aid in researching for the information you need. Their services are affordable and as shown above, a case can take as long as several years before the truth or evidence is unveiled though there are some that involve simple searches hence needs less time to be accomplished. Whatever your case is, a Singapore private investigator will always be at your service as long as you can pay for it.

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