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Who is a private detective?

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Who is a private detective?

Private detectives and investigators are people who offer special services to individuals or companies by virtue of their tremendous skills to obtain valuable information that is hard to obtain. If you are an unfortunate parent of a teenager who has run away with her boyfriend, it should not take a good private detective agency more than a couple of days at most to give you the exact location of your ward provided that your teenagers are not on their way to become rocket-scientists. Similarly, when a lawyer is handling a civil or a criminal case, it is a common practice to hire a private detective who is good at finding pertinent witnesses that could just decide the outcome of the case.
These days, couples who are on a war path are increasingly using the services of private detective agencies in a bid to support their divorce cases. Private detectives do not take much time to find out about infidelity issues which is against the institution of marriage. It is easy to dissolve a marriage and claim monetary compensation in favor of the aggrieved party if the other engaged in infidel behavior.

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