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What Questions Should be Asked When Looking to Hire a Private Detective in Singapore?

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What Questions Should be Asked When Looking to Hire a Private Detective in Singapore?



If you find yourself asking the aforementioned question, there is one vital, additional question that you should be asking yourself before you progress any further: do you need to hire a private detective in Singapore OR do you need to hire a private investigator in Singapore. More often than not, the professional that you are probably looking for is a private investigator, the investigative professional that is more likely to deal with customers from the private sector rather than the government. In Singapore, the difference between detectives and investigators is firmly drawn. Detectives are hired by or work with the government to some capacity and possess some of the same abilities as police, such as the power to arrest and legally perform other duties necessary to solve criminal investigations. Investigators, on the other hand, are citizens just like the people that employ them; they only have a license that gives them the ability to perform the duties (Ex: surveillance, tracking, investigation, research, interviews etc.) that are asked of them and are bound by the same laws, regulations and ethics of the people that choose to employ them. Once you decide what type of investigator you are looking for, there are a few more questions that you should ask before deciding to hire a private detective in Singapore.


Next, you need to decide from what source you would like to hire your professional. Basically: would you like to hire a single private investigator or a single private detective in Singapore or do you want to go to an agency. Though going to an agency leads to more trust and less guessing, there is still a slew of questions you should be prepared to ask before making any final decisions. How many investigators are going to be put on the case? What types of specialists are at the agency’s disposal? What type of credentials do investigators need to have in order to be employed by the agency? Every agency is different. Even though there are multiple people and investigators employed at every different agency, there are still agencies that tend to specialize in a specific service. Make sure to ask about the experience of any investigator that is put on your case and make sure to ask if there are any other professionals the agency could put on the case to ensure the finding of information and a solution. Asking about the credentials of every employee is important too—even though an employee may have been able to meet the requirements and preferences of the agency, they may not be able to meet your own standards.


If you decide a more “do-it-yourself” approach and go without the help of an agency, there are even more specific questions that you can address to the investigators themselves. Where did they receive their education? When did they receive their certification? Can they provide proof of their investigative license? Where is their office? How many people work at the office? What types of skills can they provide? Are they insured? Are any parts of the job going to be outsourced to other professionals? You get a little less assurance as to the truthfulness of answers, but working with a single private investigator or private detective in Singapore allows you a greater degree of autonomy. You have more control over the questions asked and a greater ability to ask questions about specifics because you are working with the single individual in a one-on-one environment. Asking for proof is one of the best ways to ensure reliability and legality. Any and all private investigators should be able to show proof of their degrees, certifications, and licensure. Questions concerning payment and fees are also a must when it comes to working with a single private investigator. Because of the lack of a third-party business to mediate prices and fees, you should go to lengths to research average fees and make sure to ask potential investigators extensive questions about how much they charge per hour and how much they charge based on the case they are working on.


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