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What may the reasons be of a cheating spouse in Singapore?

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What may the reasons be of a cheating spouse in Singapore?


As we know that the human is a social animal. It’s the basic necessity of human to be in touch and depend on one another in his life. Because he can’t live alone without any relation with people around him and this makes him to develop some sincere relations in his life, on which he can trust and depend without any hesitation when he needs them, when he want them to be around him and when he feels this life tough he lives for them. He has the appetite for love and to be loved and he satisfies this need by building different relationships. These relationships make him to feel proud of them and also satisfy his necessities. One of these relations is a spiritual relation of husband and wife which they build by marrying each other. This relationship is that which is necessary for couple as well as for the human generation. But this relationship is ruined when the trust is lost, when there is lack of that sincerity for which this was build. At that time this relation comes to an unpleasant end which was not the theme of this relationship. When one of the couple, starts to cheat the other one, the spirituality of this relationship is lost. And here we are going to discuss all the reasons which can ruin this spiritual relationship with specific interest to the reasons of a cheating spouse in Singapore.

Why people feel the need of cheating others? Why people cheat their spouses? Why people ruin the spirituality of the relationship of husband and wife by cheating each other? We are here to find the reasons behind this sort of cheating of spouse. There may be many reasons which may make a spouse, cheating spouse in Singapore. We discuss some of them. The 1st and basic reason may be the attention. A couple after a few days of marriage and honey moon, returns back to normal routine of life, where they may be very busy in their daily working and business lives. They as compared to the 1st few days of marriage can’t give so much care and attention to each other especially when both are job holders. They spend a lot of time in their offices and after getting back to home, they are so tired that they can’t pay the required attention to other partner. This when continues for a long time causes them to peeve and boring and in that situation they want something adventurous which ultimately makes them to cheat each other. But this is not the reason for all cases. There may be some other reasons.

Other reasons behind a cheating spouse in Singapore may include sexual dissatisfaction from the partner. This may be due to age difference, due to stress, due to more intercourses but with old and same ways which make the other partner to feel boring during the intercourse which causes him/her to look for something adventurous by cheating his/her spouse. Similarly, the cause of sexual dissatisfaction may be during the pregnancy periods of wife which causes the husband to look somewhere else. Another thing  which has been proven scientifically that a normal young female has the desire of sex about a week total in a month while the case is different in males and she can’t respond in the way, she should do which also cause the dissatisfaction of males and ultimately urges them to cheat their spouses. The other reasons can be, one of the couple often confronts an opportunity to cheat the spouse as he/she normally spends very much time with other people such as in offices or somewhere else as clubs etc. Situation in which drugs or alcohol is used where a human can’t control himself/herself. Any one of them has an affair. There may also be a cause of cheating when they live far away from each other and they look around to satisfy their desires. These and many other may be the situations where a spouse can cheat the other one, but whatever the reason is, it is an unethical situation and against the promises which they made at the time of their marriage.



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