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What is Within the Jurisdiction of Private Investigators and Private Detectives in Singapore?

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What is Within the Jurisdiction of Private Investigators and Private Detectives in Singapore?


People around the world require the same services: investigations into infidelity, divorce, child custody, missing persons, financial troubles, fraud, and the ability to gain a piece of mind  through pre-marital investigations, and surveillance and tracking of individuals and companies that they want to learn more about, contact, or simply find. The growing necessity for the services of private investigators and detectives has led to the creation of agencies and the growth of the population of those entering the profession of investigation around the world. Of course, even across country borders, professions retain the same basic functions—but there are, of course, some things that change due to the fact that every country has a different form of government and, consequently, a different set of laws. What effects do different country’s laws have on the abilities of investigators? What restrictions are created? And, most importantly, what should you be able to expect of the professional that you are planning on hiring? Will they be able to get the job done? Will they be able to provide all of the services that are necessary for the case(s) to be solved? In this particular article, we will be dealing with the jurisdiction of private investigators and private detectives in Singapore

To begin with, if you are a citizen that is seeking help with a civil or domestic case (which includes—but is not limited too—finding an individual, address, surveillance or tracking of an individual, or investigations into marital affairs, divorce etc.), then you are not going to be seeking the services of a private detective in Singapore. Private detectives are employed by the government; they do not deal with cases of the private sector, thereby rendering it impossible for you to seek their services. Then again, why would you want to employ a private detective if they do not specialize in the area in which you require help? Private detectives are not familiar with or knowledgeable of the laws and regulations governing civil issues. Private detectives are federal officials, licensed to deal with the government’s problems—not directly with the problems of the people. They two categories of work are often blurred and cross often, but if you are a citizen seeking help for a domestic or civil problem in Singapore, your best bet is to find a private investigation agency that is able to offer you reputable and certified professionals that you can trust to help you with your problem.

So what is within the jurisdiction of private investigators in Singapore? Unlike private detectives in Singapore, who are employed by the government as federal officials and thus awarded some of the same abilities as federal police officers, private investigators do not have the power of the law on their side to the same capacity. They cannot perform arrests and they are not allowed to use the law to conduct property searches without warrants (although, they are capable of obtaining warrants). Private investigators MUST obey the law. There are no exceptions for private investigators because they are still citizens despite their licensure, experience, and professionalism, and they are still bound by the same laws that govern the actions of those who employ them. In Singapore, it is within the jurisdiction of private investigators to provide services like surveillance, background checks (usually conducted in pre-marital investigations or on potential employees during an interview process, and processing of servers (being hired to notify defendants of court dates). It is NOT within the jurisdiction of private investigators to perform wire taps, attempt to trace calls, engage in “stalking” of an individual (something that is easily confused with surveillance, unfortunately), or perform any otherwise illegal or highly immoral and unethical behavior. 


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