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Ways of Catching a Cheating Spouse

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Ways of Catching a Cheating Spouse

Catching a cheating spouse can be difficult but often you already know the answers but you won’t allow yourself to believe it.  People often cheat for 2 main reasons, opportunity and unhappiness.  Everybody windows shops from time to time but most will refrain from making a purchase.   There are quite a lot it seems these days there are quite a lot of purchases being made or so to speak.  Recent studies have found around 60% percent of married men cheat and 50% of married women.   The opportunities can arise from anywhere but the majority will be at the work place as this is where we spend most of our lives when we are away from home.  The way people can tell that something is not quite right  is because their behaviour changes. Their mood will change and they may become more argumentative as they battle with the highs and lows of keeping up the deception.  It can be difficult for anybody that has identified their partner is cheating to not see everything that they say and do to not be linked to this lie.  For example your partner may normally be an outgoing friendly person and has lots of friends, but suddenly you have reason to believe they are cheating and everybody is a suspect.
There are plenty of ways of catching a cheating spouse and get the proof you need.  These days everybody has a mobile phone and almost everybody who cheats will use this device as a means to keep up the lie.  Starting with the calls and SMS is a great place to start.  If you manage to get hold of a recent phone bill, you could look out for any number you don’t recognise that appear lots of times.  You could then take down the numbers on a piece of paper and ring them and find who they are. You could pretend to be from some company and that way you could find out if it is a man or a women, maybe even get their name.  You can find dozens of gadgets and gizmos out there today on the internet and high street. Semen testing kits can be bought and use to test the underwear of your spouse.  Hidden cameras can be quit handy if you suspect the spouse may be cheating in a particular place.  The spy industry has given us plenty of choice here as you can buy a pre-concealed camera in lots of usable everyday items such as, alarm clocks, pens, web cams ornaments and much more
A lot of thought can be put into catching a cheating spouse but often many people are ill prepared for what may happen if their suspicions are correct.  How do you deal with the fact that somebody you love had betrayed you and possibly your family?  How do you cope when everything around you could be destroyed by the selfish behaviour of another?  Having an idea of how to you may do this could be the first step to dealing with the outcome. If you are sure that they have been having sex with somebody else you may want to get yourself checked for STDs.  Not knowing if you have could lead to a lot of stress  If they have cheated on you then you need to decide whether or not you will be able to forgive them, will there be any conditions if you do.  If you do choose to forgive them you must do so completely. There may always be a little doubt but you should use it as a way to get back at them during any differences you may have from time to time.  Some people who are willing to work on the marriage find counselling a useful tool to help deal with the underlying reasons for cheating.  If you have been hurt very badly then you should probably walk away.

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