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Warning Signs of a Cheating Spouse

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Warning Signs of a Cheating Spouse

 It is really hard to digest this painful suspicious feeling that one’s partner has an affair with someone else. But, it becomes tougher to tolerate when, he/she comes to know that your doubt is right. No one wants to live a deceptive life with a cheating spouse. So, to escape from this deception, here are few signs of deceitful spouse that would be helpful to know. The first and most common sign of cheating partners is that they start to come late at home. They frequently give stupid excuses for their late arrival as they pretend to have a lot of work load and responsibilities. Often, they give reasons for their absence such as they had an unplanned meeting in office or had been caught by traffic for a long time etc. They get a source of long absence from home by taking a business tour without spouse.
Sexual act makes a bond of association between husband and wife. A major change towards sexual relationship with spouse is also another warning sign of a cheater. Either he does not want to do anything regarding sex or he wants more in that. It depends that how much tie a cheating spouse has with lover. If cheater is getting enough sex from lover then, he will not ask it more from his own spouse. One thing can be noticed during sex that sexual relationship is only to fulfill the drive and has no emotional sensation. If your spouse starts giving more attention towards his/her individual appearance than usual, it means there may be something wrong. Cheater becomes extra conscious about the outlook. He/she wants a frequent change in haircut and keen to have an impressive look. For that purpose, he/she spends most of the time in grooming their personality and in maintaining ideal figure.
The cheaters have a distinct alteration in attitude towards everyone in home setting but exclusively for the mate. He/she always try to raise disputes. Do not ignore even small things that can be settled down by minor discussion. They create conflicts over money, commitments and responsibilities around the house etc. they change their mood repeatedly and become frustrated. Sometimes, cheating spouse shows very courteous and kind behavior but, some other time, he/she becomes hostile and critical. They may cancel the plans which they made for family. Suddenly, they begins to have a need for space so that, they can contact to their lovers. Often, they try to produce a reason for going out of the house to make a date with lovers. They modify their habits and interests because; they want to set them according to their lover’s likeness. They show reluctance to make any kind of future commitments with their mates.
Cheaters start taking help from lie to defend their disappearance and other mistakes. While telling a lie, avoid making an eye contact. The excessive use of cell phone is another additional warning bell of a cheating spouse. He/she have more than one contact numbers or own more mobile phones. They receive calls from unknown numbers and do busy in talking with them. Cheaters usually remain guilty and distracted. They find faults in you so that, they can justify their affair and guilt. They cannot concentrate on work and household tasks. Their attention easily divert from concerning issue. Because, they like to remain with day dreaming in which they can find their lovers. So, all significant concerns seem less important. If you find most of the above mentioned signs in your partner then, you can suppose that there may be something, which is not right and need some investigation.

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